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Ubuntu Edge - Desktop And Smartphone Converged Into A Single Device With Super Specs Like Multi-core CPU, 4GB RAM and 128GB storage

Moving ahead with it's goal to converge the desktop and mobile computing environment, Canonical the developers behind the popular open-source, Linux distribution "Ubuntu" have now launched the crowd-funding for the first-phone to feature their Ubuntu Mobile OS announced earlier.

Named "Ubuntu Edge" the gadget is backed by some powerful hardware specifications like fastest available multi-core processor, at least 4GB of RAM, and massive 128GB of storage the phone will also feature elegantly finished textured amorphous metal casing made from a single sheet, a 4.5 inch screen with amazing dynamic range and color accuracy for maximum clarity protected by nothing else but a pure sapphire crystal glass which is so hard that only diamond could scratch it. On the software front the phone will feature dual-boot between Ubuntu Phone OS and Android, and will convert into a fully integrated Ubuntu desktop PC when attached to an external screen. Don't miss the "Ubuntu Edge" teaser and introduction videos posted below.

Ubuntu Edge
Ubuntu Edge Front View
Ubuntu Edge Crowd-funding page:


This is a very cool PDA. I wise i had one
Appel you are loosing big time
I. Want one plllllssss when is this available on the market?

I want one pllllssss.
Appel you suck big time
I want to see tablets running the pc version of ubuntu as the main display on the tablet

I wish to know more about Ubuntu edge

I want to download ubuntu for my celular Samsung Note 2

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