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How To Remove Unknown or Non-Removable Viruses, Spywares, Adwares And Trojans

VirusMalware creators always try to be one-step ahead of security softwares, using increasingly professional techniques to outpace security software and improve their chances of infecting your computer, if you are stuck in a situation where your anti-virus and anti-malware software is not recognizing or is unable to remove the malware infection usually you are left with only two choices, either to format the computer and reinstall Windows or removing the infection manually.

Virus Alert

Today, I will be sharing two excellent free utilities Anti-Rougue Windows Sweep (ARSwp) and System Repair Engineer (SREng) to diagnose and remove such stubborn Virus, Spyware, Adware and Trojan infections with ease.

My first pick, Anti-Rougue Windows Sweep (ARSwp) is an advanced, regularly updated fully automatic malware cleaner, in my tests the software was able to Scan and Clean pretty advanced malware infection making use of process injection techniques for injecting malicious code inside every running process rendering my anti-virus software in-capable of removing the infection.

Anti-Rougue Windows Sweep

ARSwp Direct Download Links:

My second pick, System Repair Engineer (SREng) is an powerful utility for advanced users to diagnose and clean malware infection manually, SREng lets you detect and fix common system issues and damages caused by malicious softwares.

System Repair Engineer
SREng Malware Scan

Both softwares are pretty unknown but does an excellent job when popular anti-virus and anti-malware software fails to clean malicious software from your computer, Also, if you happen to know about similar softwares, do post your suggestions in the comment section and help fight the increasingly smart infection techniques used by malware creators.


Thanks a lot you saved my day.

God bless you.

Thanks a lot you saved my day.

but a pretty confuse

I have used Combofix where other antispyware utilities have failed. No need to install anything and it does a very thorough job.

Creators Web-Site:

Download Link:

Nice work! Thanks on this!

Nice work done!! Good study of both d softwares, thanks, thanks alot i'll try it out...

Nice work!!! Thx a lot.


Chinese rubbish! Stay away.

Indeed, first aid starts with Combofix. You could do a Cleanup! by Steven Gold first too! Does an excellent job removing all temp sheit on your system.

Then, run trial of Hitman Pro.

Then, your system is pretty much clean by now, install Google Pack's free Spyware Doctor (new version has auto-clean!) and Avast 5 Home Edition (free, after email registration).

Enjoy your new system : )

Happy Twenty Eleven,


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