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Windows 8 : Destined To Be The New Windows XP !!!

Windows XP was without a doubt one of the best operating-system ever, it was such a hit that users still prefer it over newer versions of Windows OS. However, slowly and steadily Windows 8 is gaining acceptance with users thanks to it's stability, performance and a fresh new look.

Released just over two years ago, Windows 8 introduced a number of major changes to the operating system’s platform. Compared to previous versions, industry commentators praised its performance improvements and security enhancements.

However, the most notable difference was an updated user interface, which was developed to improve the user experience on portable devices such as Samsung laptops and Surface tablets.

Even so, Windows 8 is quite different to traditional operating systems and several consumers have struggled to get to grips with the layout. What’s more, users might not be aware of the myriad of apps available either, so here's a quick recap of how to use Windows 8.


Thankfully, there's still a familiar looking desktop, which can be customized with different backgrounds and themes. To get there, tap or click the Desktop tile on the Start screen. Alternatively, press the Windows logo key + D on your keyboard.

Start screen

This colorful, attractive interface is perfect for easily opening your favorite apps or accessing important information. Just swipe in from the right edge of the screen or move your mouse to the lower-left corner and select Start.

Apps view

This basic view enables you to see what apps are currently installed on your device. From here, you can open apps, pin them to Start or the Desktop task bar. Just slide up from the middle of the screen or click the downward arrow near the lower-left corner.

Recommended apps

Flipboard - This beautifully designed personal magazine app is perfect for tablets running Windows 8, as you can effortlessly swipe through tailor-made content from news and information sources like the BBC, Time, and National Geographic.

- With a full screen view of your video-call partner and an intuitive touch screen interface, Skype works great with this version of Windows. Never before has it been so easy to communicate with friends and family on the other side of the world.

- With a laptop or tablet, there is no need to buy an eReader as well, especially if you download the Kindle app. Change the font size, background and colors for a casual reading experience or highlight text, bookmark passages and write notes if you happen to be studying.

Box - Thanks to its hybrid nature, Windows 8 is suitable for both work and play. From a productivity perspective, it doesn’t get much better than Box, which enables you to collaborate on work files, assign tasks to colleagues or post comments for everyone to see. If you do happen to download several work documents, it is important to know that you are getting what you pay for in terms of broadband speed. So, think about visiting comparison websites to find a better deal or speak to your provider for a quicker connection.

Even though Windows 8 is a bit different to its predecessor, this particular operating system opens up a whole new world of entertainment and productivity possibilities.


I'm just wondering how much ware you paid to publish this advertisement full of lies?
If anything Win8 is Worst than WinME and Vista together, hopefully Win10 will be the new XP but only time will tell, until then I'm following my own and my colleagues (IT specialists recommendation) and staying on Win7 ...

P.S. Yes I did try the Win8 & Win8.1 and I still have to support the clients Win8.x machines but wen I have a choice it's Win7 because of it's stability and reliability.

Hahaha, what?
Are you serious?
The only reason it's gaining "acceptance" and "userbase", is because people have NO OTHER CHOICE. Microsoft ended Windows 7 sales on October 31, 2014. New PCs only come with Windows 8. Sure you could probably still find an OEM version of Windows 7 somewhere if you're lucky, but will most people do that? No. So they are stuck with Windows 8.
It will NOT be the next "windows XP", that title clearly belong to Windows 7 considering it still has over 50% of the userbase and is hardly declining.
Windows 10 will be out long before Windows 8 ever overthrow Windows 7.

Funniest thing I've read all year. Win8 came as close as a single product could to tanking MS, in addition to damaging already dismal desktop sales. Some idiot at MS thought a desktop/laptop screen should have the same OS as a handheld tablet/phone. At least the independent software makers got a boost selling products to make this steaming pos usable on a actually-used-for-something-besides-play pc. Oh, and if by 'colorful,attractive interface' you mean babboons butt ugly, well then yeah.
In case you missed it, the next version of Windows is gonna be Win 10. Not 9. Seems even MS wants to distance themselves as far as they can from this abysmal pile of fail.

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