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Windows 9 Codename Threshold Technical Preview Expected To Release Next Month

After some convincing internal builds leaks of Windows 9, we are now hearing rumors that Microsoft is working feverishly towards a release of "Windows Threshold Technical Preview" next month following the earlier announced rapid-release cycle schedule for Windows OS. The newest feature to make it's way into current builds of "Windows 9" would be the ability to upgrade "Windows builds" with a single-click without requiring a complete re-installation of the OS as needed with older Windows OS's.

Windows 9 Codename Threshold


I'm not expecting anything worthwhile on Desktop. Microsoft pretty much abandoned their core user base, everyone on a desktop PC, in favor for the mobile market with touchscreen.

Window 9 , it looks like NOKIA Window phone, so 2 out of 10 for win9.
win-7 is much better then win 9

I personally love that new idea of start menu. Also windows 8.1 is much much better than windows 7, windows 7 just ruins battery of my laptop. Windows 8.1 is faster as well.

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