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Blackra1n Screenshots Released; Better One Click Jailbreaking Utility appuloha1l Launching Today

GeoHot's much awaited one tool to rule them all Blackra1n seems to be releasing soon is now released (see full post for Blackra1n direct download links) hours after GeoHot made GUI and icon screenshot's public on twitter, however, things are getting quite exciting as a better more advanced one-click jailbreaking utility for all versions and generations of iPhone/iPod Touch is coming our way today dubbed appuloha1l, the author's claim appuloha1l to be more advanced then blackra1n as its capable of jailbreaking untethered iPod Touch 3rd generation and is seven seconds faster then blackra1n for jailbreaking (blackra1n takes 30 seconds to jailbreak, while appuloha1l takes 23 seconds to jailbreak).

Blackra1n User Interface
Blackra1n On iPhone

We are not sure when blackra1n is coming blackra1n is available for download now, but appuloha1l is launching accompanied with ferociousbird software unlock today referenced as ha1lday (Sunday 8 PM PST) at the below post at appuloha1l official blog.

Let me make this short and sweet. blackra1n does NOT support untethered iPod Touch 3rd generation, and the amazing appuloha1l does. As suspected, geohot has not figured the solution but appuloha1l team has. We were expecting this really bright person to figure out, but I guess we overestimated him, he’s just one person and we are four.

blackra1n takes 30 seconds to jailbreak, while appuloha1l takes 23 seconds to jailbreak.

appuloha1l = 2, blackra1n = 0.5!

Excuse me for sounding so rude, but blackra1n is a FAIL! Maybe next time geohot can join our team. Wait for appuloha1l, it will come out on ha1lday (Sunday 8 PM PST USA). 1 click jailbreak for all iPhones and iPod Touch, along with ferociousbird (software unlock for 05.11.07 baseband).


Blackra1n Download Links - blackra1n.exe[601 KB]:

Update : appuloha1l seems to be some kind of sick joke - check this video out.


men you are the best!!!!!!! thanks))))))

if someone could prove that appuloha1l was Geohot's idea shit would be so cash

and pathetic

so if some budy can help me plz tell me what to do

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