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[Giveaway] - WinSysClean X3 - Windows Cleanup and maintenance utility with more then 84 utilities

WinSysClean X3 is a professional quality Windows maintenance and optimization utility suite, with 84 Windows repair and cleaning modules like Windows Registry repair, junk file cleaner, disk utilities, uninstaller etc. the system suite features Intelligent SafeClean(tm) Technology for safe and sure Windows PC optimization.

WinSysClean X3 retails for $29.95 but under a limited period promo is given away for free, the developer claims the utility suite to be :

"the most effective registry cleaner, there is no other registry cleaning tool which is easier to use or more effective than WinSysClean with just a single mouse click.

WinSysClean is safe, it uses complex analysis to skip important data from removal. Other tools are dumb, they ask you what to delete and what not, which takes you time and sometimes they make your demolish your Windows. WinSysClean is different from any other System Cleaning Tool, it uses advanced registry and file analysis in order to detect invalid entries, so you don't need to make critical decisions to confirm which entries/files to be removed, because WinSysClean does this for you safely. You can also view a complete log of the operations executed by WinSysClean, after a cleaning process.

WinSysClean automatically optimizes your Windows System by optionally removing temporary/unused space wasting files, unused and invalid registry locations, invalid shortcut links, and many more, works with Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server, 2008 Server, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Uses the most complex registry analysis algorithm in order to repair the Windows Registry. This version includes 78 cleaning & repairing operations."

WinSysClean X3
WinSysClean X3

To get your free copy of WinSysClean X3, visit and register at promo-page -

UPDATE : The provided installer does not seem to have any registration option, here is alternate installer (Via third-party, unverified source).


Very Nice.

Is WinSysClean X3 Giveaway a bad Joke?
Yes I got the regestration.
But I cannot find a download for the file.
And what I can find on internet (CNET) are only try version who you cannot change to a registated version.

Yes, there seems to be some issue in this promo installer. Here is the real installer where users can enter an registration number : (link from third-party and untested, pls. verify at

mediafire link has been removed

I have never even received an email from them... I can't even get the registration number,,,I have the real software version where it allows you to enter a number... I don't have one...??? Yeah, I think they want everyone's email addresses, etc...

Does anyone know where I can get a registration number? I have entered my info on the website 3 times, still no email or number from them.... Thanks!

Where can the Winsysclean X3 software (that will work with the giveaway serial #)be downloaded.
I can't find a place to enter the serial number in the trial version,I find on the internet.

I've obtained the serial number for winSysClean X3, but there is no place on the link that allows me to download. I went to the sites main page and downloaded it, but there is no place to enter the serial # (at least I can't see it).

Please let me know what I need to do.


Please installer link.

No es claro sobre donde descargar, solo permite la descarga del trial y no se deja integrar el serial.

I got the free copy of the software and the registration number. How the hell do I register it? For the life of me, I can't find a way.

how to enter serial number in trial ver?

what is the ser#? Got program but can not fine the ser#

no more in mediafire.

i just uninstalled it after failing to register with the given serial. i really hate software that takes me from pillar to post for a simple thing.

i just uninstalled it after failing to register with the given serial. i really hate software that takes me from pillar to post for a simple thing.

Where is the Installer for it ????
I can not Dam find it ..... send us the link thru email if its FREE if Not then keep it with you and thanks for the awareness as its FREE

Thanks to admin above, the mediafire file seems clean and works well.

File Blocked for Violation.

MediaFire link what?

I have applied for registration code 3 times and have never received it.
Why is it not being sent to me.

I just register at and imediately get serial number, enter the serial number when you first install the program.
I download the program from both and, all work well.
So please try and thank to Ultimate Systems.

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