Yahoo! Web Analytics Is Here...

Yahoo Web AnalyticsYahoo acquired web analytics company IndexTools April this year and now has re-branded the service as Yahoo! Web Analytics expanding it out to more new users, The powerful enterprise site analytics service is already available to advertisers working with Yahoo enabling them to visualize key performance indicators in an easy to use fashion.

Unlike many other similar web-analytics services which take 24-48 hours to process data and present reports after data-collection (read Google Urchin), Yahoo Web Analytic provides near real-time data-analysis of visitors experience on your website, allowing you to watch new ad-campaign performance and make quick changes to optimize your budget.

Accessing EXT2 Linux File System From Windows

EXT2 Linux File SystemIf you have an Linux Operating system using EXT2 file-system installed along with Windows and want read/write access to the EXT2 file-system from Windows give free utility "Ext2 Installable File System" a try, once installed the utility provides any Windows NT4.0/2000/XP/2003/Vista computer full read/write access to Linux Ext2 volumes, The "Ext2 Installable File System" software package installs a kernel level Windows driver Ext2fs.sys which caches file data along with file system's meta data and all the on-disk structures of the Ext2 file system for faster performance.

Linux Filesystem From Windows

How To Create And Use iPhone Ringtones For Free

Apple iPhone now officially supports ringtones but require you to pay and purchase them from iTunes Store, However, you can easily create and use custom iPhone ringtones from your existing MP3 music library for free, there exist several different tricks and utilities to create iPhone compatible ringtones with ease.

Ring Ring would be the most easy to use free utility for creating custom iPhone ringtones, to convert any MP3 file into iPhone compatible ringtone format all you need to do is to simply Drag-and-drop it into the application and choose start and stop timings, details of the full procedure are as follows:

  1. Download and Extract Ring Ring - iPhone Ringtone Maker.
  2. Double-click "RingRing.exe" to launch application.
  3. Ring-Ring iPhone Ringtone Maker
  4. Drag-and-drop or Double-click and browse desired MP3 file from the Drop-target as shown above.

Nodezilla - P2P Grid Network For Anonymous File Sharing

There could be several reasons to use anonymous P2P networks like privacy concerns or for bypassing censorship, NodZilla is one such experimental decentralized, self-organizing, fault-tolerant peer-2-peer grid network meant for anonymous file-sharing and distributed services built on top of it like chat, efficient multicast video streaming, and secured file storage.

NodeZilla Grid

Unlike other similar file-sharing service Nodezilla offers cache features allowing servers to create local replicas of any data objects for providing faster access and robustness to network partitions help reducing network congestion by localizing access traffic. Furthermore, to strengthen the infrastructure against crash, information leakage, or become compromised the network makes use of full data redundancy and encryption techniques

Downloading And Installing iPod Themes

iPWApple iPod officially does not offer any means to use skins or themes to customize its looks, but with a little bit of tweaking you can get hundreds of different user community created themes on your iPod for a refreshingly new look, and to help make things easier we will be using free iPod skinning utility - "iPodWizard", the simple to use community supported utility lets you install iPod themes on your device with minimal risks without altering its functionality.

iPod Themes

Rapidshare Future In Danger - German Court Orders File-Hoster To Remove Copyrighted Content Proactively

How To Remove Unknown or Non-Removable Viruses, Spywares, Adwares And Trojans

VirusMalware creators always try to be one-step ahead of security softwares, using increasingly professional techniques to outpace security software and improve their chances of infecting your computer, if you are stuck in a situation where your anti-virus and anti-malware software is not recognizing or is unable to remove the malware infection usually you are left with only two choices, either to format the computer and reinstall Windows or removing the infection manually.

Virus Alert

Today, I will be sharing two excellent free utilities Anti-Rougue Windows Sweep (ARSwp) and System Repair Engineer (SREng) to diagnose and remove such stubborn Virus, Spyware, Adware and Trojan infections with ease.

StumbleUpon Toolbar For Opera, Google Chrome, And Safari

StumbleUpon LogoLong awaited all browser StumbleUpon web-based toolbar is finally available for public beta testing, now anyone can use StumbleUpon and surf and vote great community recommended websites without having to register for StumbleUpon or download the StumbleUpon toolbar.

Cross Browser Web Toolbar

Only basic StumbleUpon features are currently available on the web-based toolbar including Stumble button, thumbs up and site review using the star icons, you can also Save your favorites via the new web-toolbar, to see the cool new cross-platform browser independent toolbar click this link and use the "I like this" as shown below.

VLC Media Player Updated To Version 0.9.3

VideoLanThe first bugfix release version of the 0.9 VLC Media player series is out now for public downloading, unfortunately and surprisingly no Windows version is yet released for the latest build 0.9.3 citing lack of Windows developers contribution to the project, according to the official website with such a situation new versions of VLC media player for Windows might become less frequent and severely out of sync with the Linux and Mac OS X versions.

VLC Media Player

The old Windows version 0.9.2 is quite buggy on certain configurations and may display libvlc.dll errors as shown below before playing any media file.

Symbian OS v 9.4 With Touch Input Functionality Released To Compete With Apple iPhone And Google Android

Symbian Series60 5th EditionSymbian OS v 9.4 (Developer Platform - Series60 5th Edition)is finally released and will be coming with upcoming Nokia 5800 Express touch-screen mobile phone, the new mobile operating system will have support for touch screen control, higher screen resolutions and widescreen mode of viewing, Addition of touch screen capability with support for accelerometers, latest WebKit version, Flash Lite 3 and enhanced multimedia functionality the Symbian OS is once again in race with Apple iPhone and Google Android platforms.

Symbian OS 9.4 GUI


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