Redeem Rapidshare Points To Get Cool Rewards

Rapidshare LogoHere is some good news for Rapidshare premium and collectors account users having lots of RapidPoints, Rapidshare has now started "RapidPoints Rewards" program allowing redemption of Rapidshare points for physical product gifts besides the option of converting them for premium account, the gifts include USB Missile thrower, Star Wars R2-D2 pepper mill, the Dalek helmet that deforms your voice a

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2009 - Free Nine Month Genuine Subscription Key

We have shared quite a few tips to get free subscription for various anti-virus products including Kaspersky, here is yet another simple method to get full nine months of genuine non-blacklisted subscription keys for Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2009.

Follow the simple process:

  1. Visit Kaspersky promotional page here.
  2. Complete the required details, don't fill-in garbage and use a six digit pincode as the process seems to be validated manually.
  3. KAV 2009 Subscription
  4. Wait for few dates and the free subscription key will get emailed to you.

Simple Hack To Download Windows Vista Service Pack 2 From Windows Update Before Official Release

Few days ago I posted about early beta build of Windows Vista SP2 being released to private beta testers, and as usual we now have a simple hack which allows users to get their hands on this pre-build of Windows Vista Service Pack 2 before everybody else directly from Windows Update servers.

Windows Vista SP2

To enable the early download access hack simply follow the procedure as described:

Gmail For Mobile Version 2.0

Gmail for mobile version 2.0 is now available for downloading on phones with J2ME support, Google claims the application to be much faster, robust and easier to use from its previous versions, available in a total of 35 different languages the free application lets users access their Gmail accounts from any J2ME supported mobile phone.

Gmail Mobile

Google Mobile team rearchitected the entire application pushing all the processing to the background, coupled with removal of bottleneck code resulted in a much faster and more robust application with smoother scrolling without freezing. Application Now Available On iPhone

Online storage service provider Box.Net has got some solid third-party application integration support thanks to its open developer extension API's, Now Box.Net has made their services more accessible by launching their free iPhone application, allowing users to access their Box.Net accounts from the device.

iPhone Storage Application

How To Control Mouse Pointer Using Keyboard

If one fine day your mouse stops working and to add insult to the injury the application you want to use does not support keyboard navigation, in such a situation you are left with no choice but to make use of Micrsoft Windows built-in MouseKeys utility to control mouse pointer using your keyboard and get important work done.


To launch MouseKeys :

  1. Goto Start Menu -> Settings -> Control Panel.
  2. From Control Panel, Start “Accessibility Options“.
  3. Goto Mouse Tab.
  4. Check the “Use Mouse Keys” as shown above.

Convert RSS Feeds To Mobile Optimized Format With SMS Alerts

RSS2MOBILEThe mobile web is a pretty hot niche with ever growing user base, it seems that the next internet revolution (Web 3.0) is going to happen over hand-held devices, biggies like Google and Mozilla have already geared up for the next web-revolution by offering their products on the mobile platform like Google Adsense for Mobile and Firefox Mobile (Fennec) web-browser.

FeedM8 is a free service offering mobile optimized RSS feeds for bloggers and readers, with a few clicks website publishers can create and offer mobile enabled version of their website with SMS alert facility (Only for US and Canada) when new content is added, individual users can also create and access mobile feeds of their favorite sites, social networks, and weather updates getting alerted by SMS on mobile devices anywhere, anytime.

RSS To Mobile

FeedM8 makes use of patent pending technology to create phone-model specific website versions using RSS technology, FeedM8 also offers easy integration options with ability to monetize mobile feeds for publishers.

Embedding Flickr Photos With Cool Effects In Your Webpages And Blogs is one of the most easiest and fastest way to embed flickr images inside webpages and blogs, the easy to use single-page web-based interface lets users create flash flickr widgets with cool effects, all you need to do is to select tags or username with the number of rows required and you will be provided with embeddable HTML or Javascript codes, the whole process takes less then a minute for creating the Flickr embed code for your webpages.

Flickr Widget

Watch India's Moon Mission Chandrayaan Launch Live On Internet

ISROIndia's first unmanned lunar mission Chandrayaan I (Meaning LunarCraft) is scheduled to be launched on 22 October 2008 at 00:50 UTC by India's own Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle-XL from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota.

With the successful launch of this remote sensing satellite weighing 1304 kg India will become the sixth country to send any type of lunar mission in space, Chandrayaan-1 will take approximately eight days to complete its nearly 3,86,000 km long journey for reaching into its final orbit 100 km from the moon, Chandrayaan-1 will carry a high resolution remote sensing equipment for visible, near infrared, soft and hard X-ray frequencies. Over a two-year period, it is intended to survey the lunar surface to produce a complete map of its chemical characteristics and 3-dimensional topography. The polar regions are of special interest, as they might contain water ice.

ISRO Chandrayaan I

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) will be broadcasting the CHANDRAYAAN-1 launch event live webcast from 0550 - 0650 Hrs (IST) on 22nd Oct 2008.

Free PDF Tools To Extract Images And Covert PDF Files To Word, HTML And Text Formats

Some PDF provides simple to use free utilities for converting PDF documents to various file-formats like Word, HTML, and Text, their PDF Image Extractor utility lets you extract images from pdf files and save them to JPEG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, PNG, TGA, PBM, or PPM image formats.

PDF Image Extractor

The PDF image extractor utility supports encrypted PDF files and allows batch operations, you simply select the files and output folder and you are ready for the image extraction.


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