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Will Palm Pre Get Cracked And Unlocked Like Apple iPhone ?

Unlocked Palm PreExpected iPhone Killer Palm Pre is launching in USA on 6th June, the first version of the phone will be made exclusively available on CDMA network with Sprint, the European GSM version of the phone is expected to get released in coming months, despite no signs or

Easy YouTube Video Downloader - Popular Firefox Addon Updated To Version 1.2

UPDATE (11 Sept. 2013) : The addon has been updated to v 7.1 and is pending Mozilla's review to go public, you can still download the latest v 3.5 from Mozilla at -, this update features the all new instant single-click, direct high-quality (192kbps) Youtube to mp3 downloads.

UPDATE (17 Sept. 2010) : The addon has been updated to v 3.6 and is pending Mozilla's review to go public, you can still download the latest v 3.5 from Mozilla at -, this update makes it work again with newest Youtube changes which broke the video downloads.

YoutubeAn updated version of simple, fast and easy to use popular Firefox Youtube video downloader addon "Easy YouTube Video Downloader 1.2" is now available for download, the addon adds non-intrusive video download links in FLV, 3GP, MP4 and HD qualities next to video on Youtube pages.

Firefox Video Downloader Interface

The latest version features new button style, adds support for FLV download format and now displays HD download option only when available, with current release the addon is now Firefox 3.5 compatible.

PREY - Free Multi-Platform Laptop Tracking Utility

PREYWe have shared basic laptop theft tracking utilities earlier but multi-platform laptop tracking utility PREY is much more powerful and feature rich, the free software for Windows, Linux and Mac allows laptop owners to retrieve general status of the computer, list of running programs, active connections, detailed network/WiFi information, screenshot of desktop and even picture of thief (if a webcam is connected) by email if the laptop is determined stolen by periodic checking of an URL on internet.

Prey Anti-theft Utility

Laptop owners needs to configure and activate PREY once and it will run in background periodically checking internet for pre-configured URL without getting noticed, if URL is found it will send e-mail with all tracking information attached.

Simple Hack To Bypass Kaspersky Key Blacklisting And Download Updates Without Purchase

Kaspersky LogoWe have seen how hackers bypass toughest of software piracy protection by simple novice tricks as evident in case of Adobe CS4 HOSTS file based activation hack, now a similar simple overlook by leading security software vendor Kaspersky is letting pirates bypass Kaspersky key blacklist mechanism and update their pirated copies with ease without any restrictions.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 Updating After Hack

Download Google Chrome 3.0

Google ChromeYes, that's right just days after final version of Google Chrome 2.0 got released the Chrome team is ready with development release of Google Chrome 3.0, the latest development build is now available for public download via Chrome dev-update channel, the most notable change in new build is support for HTML5 VIDEO tag.

Google Chrome 3.0

Get Indian Railways Current PNR Status And Train Information On Your Mobile by SMS

PNR Status ServiceWorld's largest rail-network under a single management Indian Railways is now ready with its new mobile information system to further ease access to the existing railways inquiry system, the new all India railways information access number 139 allows passengers to access train information like PNR status, current train schedule, fare inquiry and accommodation availability anywhere, anytime through SMS on their mobile phones.

139 - Railway Information SMS Codes

Currently the service is available to Airtel, Vodafone, MTNL, Idea, Aircel, BPL and TATA customers only, surprisingly India's largest telecom service provider BSNL is not in the list of current supported providers but access from BSNL and Reliance network is coming soon, you can find the SMS codes you will need to access various information from the service at the end of the post, keep in mind this is a premium service and is charged at Rs. 3/- per SMS.

PUMP - Free Utility To Search, Download, Manage, Share And Sync Videos

PUMPThe company behind hybrid online file-storage service VIPeers is ready with their brand new all-in-one video downloading and management application PUMP, the free utility allows users to search, download, manage, share and sync videos from various streaming and torrent sites via an easy to use integrated interface.

PUMP Flowchart

PUMP can be described as an fusion of BitTorrent client, a browser, an RSS client, a download manager and a meta-search engine providing you an complete solution to search, download and share video content easily, the utility is currently under private beta and requires an invitation code to download, luckily we have been provided 1000 invite-codes for our blog readers to try things out.

How To Change Your MAC Address On Windows, Mac And Linux

Network IdentificationAll network adapters have an unique identifier assigned by the manufacturer known as Media Access Control address (MAC address), this MAC address is used to identify a particular device on a network and was intended as a globally unique identification numbering system to trace network activity and implement restrictions and security, MAC address are used by many ISP's worldover for binding network access to a particular modem, however this MAC number can be changed easily via readily available noob friendly MAC spoofing tools, here are few tricks and tools to spoof your MAC address on Windows, Linux and Apple Mac.

Changing the MAC address on Windows is very easy, all you have to do is to use free MAC spoofing utilities like "Technitium MAC Address Changer", "SMAC" or "EtherChange".

Technitium MAC Address Changer In Action

Grab A Free Licensed Copy Of TechSmith SnagIt 7.2.5

SnagItIf you missed the earlier free SnagIt promotion here is another chance to grab a fully licensed copy of popular screen capturing utility SnagIt 7.2.5 for free, add to that if you upgrade to the latest version SnagIt 9.1 you get a 50% super-discount.

SnagIt Promotion

Cool Futuristic Windows UI Concept

Microsoft has done a pretty decent job with upcoming Windows 7 user interface, but here is something more futuristic named Copenhagen User Experience concept by its developer, the GUI concept seems very practical and is definitely worth giving a consideration by developers.

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