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Free Utility For Creating Mass File Mirror's Across 70 Free Hosting Servers With Ease

File-UploaderFree mass file-mirroring service's like RapidSpread and UploadJockey are quite popular these days, but here is something which beats these services hands down - Zoom’s File & Image Uploader is a free utility which takes the pain out of creating mass file and image mirror's to more then 70 file and image hosting services including mass-mirror services like RapidSpread and UploadJockey.

z_o_o_m's File & Image Uploader

The portable utility features a fully functional drag-n-drop interface with ability to use premium accounts with parallel uploading support, the only thing missing is the handy Windows context-menu integration for fast access, this should be expected in upcoming releases.

Free Genuine License For Premier Screen Capture Utility SNAGIT 7

If your work involves screen-capture then you must have heard about the leading screencasting software SnagIT, The software is available as a shareware download and requires users to pay $49.95 for the latest v 9.1, However, under a special Christmas giveaway by Avanquest software portal you can grab a fully-functional free license key for older SnagIT 7, no doubt the latest version does include lots of new features and enhancements but version 7 does everything you would ever require to perform common screen-capture activities, you can compare the two versions here, you can also use the trick to first get the free license for SnagIT 7 and then benefit from 50% discount on the upgrade price of only $24.95 compared to $49.95.

Snag IT Screen Capture

To benefit simply follow the steps below:

Free Genuine Eset NOD32 Anti-virus Serial Number, Username and Password Valid For 90 Days

ESET LogoEset NOD32 is one of the best anti-virus software available today, by providing effective, light and fast anti-virus protection Eset has paved its way to become popular in a very short period of time, popularity of Eset forced other security software providers to remove bloat from there products and results are visible now, new versions of Norton Anti-Virus 2009 and McAfee Virus Scan Plus are much lighter on system resources then their previous versions.

ESET provides the standard 30 days free trial for NOD32 and Smart Security, but here is a special promotion which will let you use NOD32 for an additional 90 days via your very own genuine username and password providing you with regular fresh updates.

Eset NOD32 Free License Key Registration

Enable Blocked Image Saving Funtionality On Website Like Orkut

Social-networking websites like Orkut disable browser's right-click menu to block users from saving images in order to maintain other users privacy, However, if you have found something really interesting in Orkut Albums and want to save it you can bypass the block easily using the following tricks.

If you are using Firefox web-browser you can bypass this kind of annoyance once-for-all by simply following our guide posted earlier, and if you are using any web-browser other then Firefox you simply need to left click the displayed image and drag-n-drop it on the browser's address bar as shown below.

Orkut Hacking

Merry Christmas !!!

One Year Free Registration Key For McAfee VirusScan Plus

McAfee VirusScan Plus is one of the leading security software's available today, We have shared two promotions earlier for grabbing a full-functional genuine serial key for latest version of McAfee Virus Plus anti-malware security suite, here is another free coupon allowing you to enjoy one year access to McAfee® VirusScan Plus.

McAfee VirusScan Plus

How To Spoof BitTorrent Upload And Cheat Your Share Ratio

All private torrent trackers require account registration which mostly needs an hard-to-get invitation to join the system, even if you are lucky enough to get an membership you are required to maintain a minimum upload-to-download ratio also known as share ratio which is usually 1:1 meaning that if you download a 100 MB file from the tracker you must upload 100 MB to maintain the ratio, this give and take restriction let all users enjoy better availability and speed for their downloads preventing users from leeching, if you are unable to meet the minimum share ratio you risk loosing your account, there could be many reasons for having a bad ratio unintentionally like bad upload speed support by ISP or block by security software/ISP, if you are stuck in such a situation today I am sharing simple to use fully automatic utilities to spoof your upload/download rates and manipulate the torrent share ratio.

Bad Sharing Ratio Reported By Tracker Before Spoof

Low Torrent Share Ration Before Spoof

Healthy Share Ratio Reported By Tracker After Spoof

Prefect Torrent Share Ration After Spoof

There exist quite a few utilities to spoof your torrent ratio but I will be sharing the best two, all the torrent ratio-spoof applications or hacks works on similar pattern, these applications connect to the tracker behaving like a normal BitTorrent client but instead of actually downloading or uploading any data it fakes the reporting protocol updating tracker with fake data to artificially increase user's overall ratio.

JavaRa - Free Utility To Clean Older Java Versions And Update To Latest Version

Java is a versatile powerful programing language allowing users to enjoy interactive web-content, powerful multi-platform applications and much more on their computers, Java Runtime Environment (JRE) allows users to run applications and applets written in Java on their computers, being a powerful and widely used programming language Java is often a primary target for Malware authors who use vulnerabilities in JRE to spread the infection, Java advises users to always have the most updated version of Java Runtime Environment (JRE) on their computers to enjoy latest feature additions, better performance and fixed security vulnerabilities, however at the same time Java updater retains older versions for backward compatibility, and if you don't want this, open-source utility JavaRa is the solution, the portable utility lets you automatically remove all the older Java Runtime Environment (JRE) versions and update to the latest with ease.

Java Remover

Free TCP/IP Half Open Connection Monitor And Patcher For Windows XP, Vista And Windows 7

Increasing Windows Half Open connection limit is known to boost overall internet speed specially while using Peer-2-Peer applications like BitTorrent and Skype, We have shared Windows XP SP3 TCP/IP Patcher earlier offering the most basic TCPIP.sys patching for Windows XP, today I am sharing the mother of all TCP/IP patcher's - TCP-Z, the free universal Windows TCP/IP tweaker let users monitor and patch half-open connection limit on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 computers supporting both 32 Bit (x86) and 64 Bit (X64) OS versions.

Windows TCP/IP Connection Limit Patcher

TCP-Z would be the most advanced utility of its kind offering statistics like number of established connection, half-open connection, download/upload speed and number of warnings events per-minute all in real-time, the software makes use of advanced in-memory patching of Tcpip.sys for immediate effect without restarting the computer.

Backdoor To Get Experts-Exchange.Com Account For Free Without Credit-Card

Experts ExchangeIf you Google technical problems you must have encountered Experts-Exchange.Com page as a possible solution to your problem only to find that you need to buy a paid-subscription and upgrade to Premium Membership to view the solution, However, you can simply scroll to the bottom of the page to see all the answers including the solution.

Answer Not Visible

Paid Subscription

The best way to get full-access to site with the ability to ask questions from experts is to signup for an Experts-Exchange account, but using the Signup link provided on the website requires credit-card to purchase the premium membership as shown below.

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