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Bluetooth File-Transfers Now Possible on Apple iPhone

BlueToothDespite being a popular and sought after device Apple iPhone lacks some basic features like Bluetooth file-transfer between phones, for some strange reasons Apple included Bluetooth functionality but did not provided any means to perform file-transfers on the device, but one brilliant iPhone developer has now found a way around and released the world's first iPhone Bluetooth file-sharing application iBluetooth which is now available for downloading at the Cydia Store.


The application is capable of discovering nearby bluetooth devices with full featured file sending capability including PIN authorization.

Windows 7 Build 7057 32 Bit Leaked And Now Available For Download

Windows 7Microsoft Windows 7 Release Candidate 1 is expected to get released on April 10 this year for public downloading, but somehow one of the most current build having RC1 label got leaked on torrent portals, Windows 7 Build 7057 having build string 7057.0.x86fre.winmain.090305-2000 can be downloaded unofficially from major torrent portals and file-hosters like Rapidshare and Megaupload.

Microsoft Windows 7 Build 7057

The latest leaked build is available as a standard DVD ISO having file-name "7057.0.090305-2000_x86fre_client_en-us_Retail_Ultimate-GB1CULFRER_EN_DVD.iso" sizing 2.51 GB.

Fixing Theme Corruption Error On Symbian Phones

If you are receiving "Unable to open. Theme Corrupted." error message on your Symbian powered Nokia phones while trying to preview or apply an theme, the reason could be theme data or memory-card corruption, in such situation chances are you wont be able to uninstall the corrupted theme via Symbian Application Manager, the only solution one can think of is to format the phone or memory-card to get rid of the problem, but here is a neat solution which can get the job done by selectively removing the corrupted themes.

Instructions below are tested to be working on Nokia 6110 Navigator and should work on all Symbian S60 series devices:

  1. Connect your phone to computer in Mass Storage Mode or use an card-reader to read the memory card.
  2. Now navigate to \private\10207114\import folder in your Memory Card.
  3. Nokia Phones

Upcoming Firefox 3.1 Could Be Named Firefox 3.5

Firefox 3.5In some interesting development at Firefox 3.1 status meeting held on 5 March 2009, Mozilla is considering changing upcoming Firefox browser version from 3.1 to 3.5 indicating increased scope, upcoming BETA of the popular web-browser will be called Firefox 3.1 Beta 3 but version jump to 3.5 is under consideration and a final decision is expected soon.

Download Microsoft DirectX 11 For Windows XP And Vista !

DirectX 11 LogoIf you follow technology news you should have got surprised reading the article title because there is no official DirectX 11 for Windows XP or Vista as of now, Microsoft DirectX 11 (6.01.7000.0000) will be made available on Windows 7 and Windows Vista when officially released in coming months, but virus creators have hoped onto the opportunity and started taking advantage of gamers curiosity to install the latest version of DirectX by posting fake trojan infected DirectX 11 links on blogs and forums, these so called DirectX 11 For Windows XP and Vista installer contained Trojans created in perl scripts which got detected by only three lesser known anti-virus scanners on VirusTotal out of total 39.

Direct X 11 For Windows XP
DirectX 11 Setup Extracted

Easy To Use, Single Click eSnips File Downloader

eSnips.ComeSnips file downloading hack shared earlier still works but require manual work and can be labeled as semi-automatic, now here is a tiny (just 13 kb) utility to download files from eSnips automatically, you just require to paste the file URL and everything is taken care-of by this little utility.

Automatic eSnips File Downloader

Simple, Fast And Free MP3 Editor For Windows

MP3 LogoIf you find audio-editing softwares like Audacity overkill for you basic MP3 editing needs and want something pretty basic and fast, here are two simple to use MP3 editors for accomplishing basic cut, copy and paste tasks on MP3 audio files.

mp3DirectCut is a lightweight utility to edit MP3 files directly without decompression, you can perform basic tasks like cut, copy, paste and change of volume without the need to decode or re-encode the audio saving time.

mp3DirectCut Audio Editing Window

Simple Hack To Unlock iPod Volume Limit Without PIN Code

iPod VolumeApple iPod allows setting maximum volume limit with support for PIN code locking to prevent unauthorized changes, However, if you forgot your volume limit unlock code here is a little trick you can use to remove the lock without restoring your iPod.

Automatic Rapidshare, Megaupload and MediaFire Download Manager For Linux, FreeBSD and Windows

Tucan LogoThere are numerous automated download managers for Windows supporting major file-hosters like Rapidshare, Megaupload and Mediafire, but if you are looking for something which gets the job done on other platforms like Linux, open-source utility "Tucan Manager" would be the answer, developed in Phython the cross-platform utility lets users upload and download files on Rapidshare, Megaupload, Gigasize and Mediafire supporting both free and premium account functionality.

Tucan Download Manager

The fast and simple to use utility supports plugins making it easily extensible with other services, the application is in ALPHA stages and definitely posses a lot of potential considering its open-source multi-platform nature.

Displaying Folder Size In Windows Explorer

Windows XP does not provide any method to display folder size in file-explorer, the only method to get the folder-size is to Right-click and select Properties, Folder Size is a nice little free utility to solve this problem, the utility adds a new "Folder Size" column to Windows Explorer displaying size of every folder.

Folder Size

Folder Size works in background calculating and caching the results for faster retrieval later, the service consumes around 5MB RAM and does not slow down your machine.

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