LastPass - Secure Multi-Platform, Multi-Browser Free Password Manager

LastPass LogoManaging online passwords across different computers, browsers and operating systems can be very tricky, the developers at LastPass Corportation seems to have heard our prayers and developed LastPass - a free cross-browser, multi-platform secure password manager, currently in BETA the service is simply amazing, far better then any free password manager out there.

LastPass Password Manager

Lastpass is pretty easy to install and provides plugins for Firefox (All platforms) and Internet Explorer (Safari support coming soon), LastPass allows importing from all major password managers including Firefox, Internet Explorer, RoboForm, Keepass, Password Safe, and MyPasswordSafe, Once imported all data is encrypted locally using one way salted hashes making using of strong AES encryption, this encrypted file is then stored on Lastpass servers allowing you to sync your password data on different computers using Windows, Mac, or Linux.

How To Get ‘No to All’ Functionality While Copying Files in Windows XP

Windows provides an very handy "Yes To All" option to overwrite all files without prompting for each while copying a bunch of files from one location to another, but there exist no "No To All" option allowing copying of only the files that don’t already exist there, you will have to manually press “No” for every file to skip overwriting, However if you Hold SHIFT and click the No button it will act as "No To All" functionality and windows will not overwrite any file and won't bother you ask

BurnAware - The Best Free Nero CD/DVD Burner Alternative

BurnAware LogoThe most popular CD/DVD writing software - Nero Burning ROM has evolved a lot from being a simple CD/DVD burner application to a full-fledged all-in-one optical media authoring solution, resulting in adding a lot of bloat and lots of other applications and features that you’ll never really use, so if you are looking to get rid of Nero bloatware and looking for a free, fast and simple alternative to Nero - BurnAware Free is your answer, the free CD/DVD/Blu-ray burning application is pretty much similar to Nero and comes in three versions - Free, Home & Professional, the free version allows you to burn data, audio, and video CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs pretty much sufficing everything you’d ever need.

Free DC/DVD/Blu-Ray Burner

Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 Released With InPrivate Browsing

Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 is now available for public downloading, the most notable change being addition of a "Private Browsing" feature, dubbed "InPrivate™ Browsing" the feature when activated let users browse website off the record, not saving any browsing history, cookies, and any other browsing related data.

IE8 Privacy

Simple And Portable Free Graphical Disk Size Explorer

FosiX and SpaceMonger are pretty good free windows disk space usage analyzer's, but if you are looking for a simple and fast pie-chart of your disk usage, Give open-source utility "Scanner"a try.

Download FlashGet-Mini v1.2 - Free Futuristic Download Manager

Flashget LogoFlashget has always been my download accelerator of choice, but recent inclusion of Adware like components and stat collection modules in latest versions forced me to stick with the older builds, But here we have a brand new version of their upcoming product Flashget-Mini directly from their private VIP forums translated to English and all adware and spying components removed.

FlashGet Mini

This nice, fast and compact free download manager from FlashGet comes with a brand new eye-catchy interface, the new product is optimized for smaller system resources use, faster downloading and better use of desktop real-state, The new version also lets you download videos directly from more then 56 video sites including YouTube.

Nokia N96 Vs iPhone 3G

Nokia's much hyped, feature packed upcoming model "Nokia N96" is launching soon and could become a iPhone killer.

Here is a video comparison of Nokia N96 vs iPhone :

Get Paragon Drive Backup 9.0 Express For Free

BackupPeriodic data backups are crucial for anyone using computer on regular basis, Backing up your data is like an insurance, you never have to worry if data corruption disaster strikes. Norton Ghost have been an all time favorite amongst PC users for making backup clone images of their Hard-Disks or partitions for restoring at a later time when disaster strikes, but if you can't afford Norton Ghost here is a little gift from "Paragon" - a well-known software company, Paragon is giving away "Paragon Drive Backup 9.0 Express" free for personal use.

Paragon Drive Backup 9.0

The simple and easy to use software lets you backup and recover entire hard disk or separate partitions with ease without asking bewildering questions, Drive Backup Express make use of Paragon’s Hot Backup ® technology - allowing you to be productive and use your PC during backups. The software supports a wide variety of storage devices including Parallel ATA (IDE), Serial ATA (SATA), SCSI HDD, USB 1.x/2.0, IEEE 1394 (FireWire) and even PC card storage devices, the wide-variety of file-system support includes FAT16, FAT32, NTFS (v1.2, v3.0, v3.1), Linux Ext2FS, Linux Ext3FS, Linux Swap and HPFS.

Free AddOn To Automatically Backup Your Firefox Environment To

FeBeFew days ago my Firefox profile got corrupted and resulted in loss of essential data, Loosing your browser's saved passwords, bookmarks, settings and customizations can be very frustrating if a lot depends on it, While searching for Firefox profile backup solutions, I came across FEBE - A simple to use, highly customizable Firefox Environment Backup Extension, unlike other Firefox backup and restore solutions FEBE lets you automatically backup your browser data of choice to Box.Net free online storage service, allowing you to easily synchronize your office and home browsers.

Firefox Backup

Airtel Dares Hackers To Crack Their Version Of iPhone

Airtel iPhoneIn an interview given to Indiatimes, Airtel's IT director Jai Menon claimed that the Airtel version of the iPhone 3G is hacker-proof and even the most talented hackers on the planet won’t be able to crack the iPhone’s Airtel applications with other SIMs.

Airtel claimed that even if a hacker manages to get another provider's SIM card to work with on Airtel iPhone 3G, they would still be locked out of Airtel-specific applications like Airtel Live and mCheck, With no access to Airtel Live they wont be able to access any text, audio, video, static images, music or gaming options available on the preloaded Airtel Live portal.

It's very surprising to see Airtel locking their iPhone's even when Indian customers are paying Rs. 31,000/- (~ US$715) and a fully working unlocked iPhone (non 3G for now) from grey market is easily available under Rs. 24000/-, being a Airtel customer myself, I would suggest Airtel and their tech team to invest more efforts in improving the quality of their service instead of making such non-worthy statements as nobody is going to put efforts in cracking this pricey iPhone just for using Airtel Live.


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