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PUMP - Free Utility To Search, Download, Manage, Share And Sync Videos

PUMPThe company behind hybrid online file-storage service VIPeers is ready with their brand new all-in-one video downloading and management application PUMP, the free utility allows users to search, download, manage, share and sync videos from various streaming and torrent sites via an easy to use integrated interface.

PUMP Flowchart

PUMP can be described as an fusion of BitTorrent client, a browser, an RSS client, a download manager and a meta-search engine providing you an complete solution to search, download and share video content easily, the utility is currently under private beta and requires an invitation code to download, luckily we have been provided 1000 invite-codes for our blog readers to try things out.

How To Change Your MAC Address On Windows, Mac And Linux

Network IdentificationAll network adapters have an unique identifier assigned by the manufacturer known as Media Access Control address (MAC address), this MAC address is used to identify a particular device on a network and was intended as a globally unique identification numbering system to trace network activity and implement restrictions and security, MAC address are used by many ISP's worldover for binding network access to a particular modem, however this MAC number can be changed easily via readily available noob friendly MAC spoofing tools, here are few tricks and tools to spoof your MAC address on Windows, Linux and Apple Mac.

Changing the MAC address on Windows is very easy, all you have to do is to use free MAC spoofing utilities like "Technitium MAC Address Changer", "SMAC" or "EtherChange".

Technitium MAC Address Changer In Action

Grab A Free Licensed Copy Of TechSmith SnagIt 7.2.5

SnagItIf you missed the earlier free SnagIt promotion here is another chance to grab a fully licensed copy of popular screen capturing utility SnagIt 7.2.5 for free, add to that if you upgrade to the latest version SnagIt 9.1 you get a 50% super-discount.

SnagIt Promotion

Cool Futuristic Windows UI Concept

Microsoft has done a pretty decent job with upcoming Windows 7 user interface, but here is something more futuristic named Copenhagen User Experience concept by its developer, the GUI concept seems very practical and is definitely worth giving a consideration by developers.

World Of Warcraft Free 10 Day Trial Account

If you are willing to try highly popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) World of Warcraft, here is a chance to grab a fully-functional 10 days trial account for getting the feel of the popular game title without paying anything, to benefit simply follow the link provided at the end of the post for grabbing the demo account.

Free World of Warcraft Account

Fixing Firmware File Could Not Be Found Error In iTunes

iTunes can sometimes get on your nerves displaying confusing error messages without providing proper explanation even when help button is clicked, something similar occurred when my iPod firmware got corrupted and I used the Restore function in iTunes but to my surprise iTunes displayed error - "The iPod BNB could not be restored because the firmware file could not be found." , I allowed iTunes to check internet for firmware download but the error persisted.

iTunes Displaying iPod Firmware Error

This issue is caused when you have firmware files already downloaded in iTunes cache location but it gets corrupted, instead of allowing you to download a fresh copy of the firmware our not so smart iTunes keeps showing this error, to fix the error simply follow the solution next.

VSuite Ramdisk - Free Advanced RamDisk Software For Windows XP, 2003 And Vista

VSuite RamdiskRamdisk's can come in handy for claiming unused RAM and improving system throughput, While we have shared free Gavotte Ramdisk utility for Windows its very basic and lacks support for much needed features like auto-save at shutdown and auto-load at boot similar to paid application Superspeed Ramdisk, frequently updated free utility VSuite Ramdisk solves this by providing advanced Ramdisk features only available in paid applications like Autosave to disk, compression, multiple-ramdisk support, OS invisible physical memory access with support for Ramdisk sizing upto 2048TB.

Free Ramdisk Suite Interface

While VSuite Ramdisk currently support 32/64-bit versions of Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows 2003, support for Windows Vista is on the radar.

Downloading BitTorrent Files Anonymously

BittorrentYour IP address can reveal a lot about you, and if you are concerned about privacy while downloading torrent files and surfing the web or are getting blocked because of internet censorship, using proxy servers and VPN services is an solution to the problem but both require paid services for fast access and bandwidth intensive usage, but not anymore as all new free internet anonymity service BitBlinder promises to protect your identity by hiding your IP address and allowing private web-browsing and torrent downloading at fast speeds.

The multi-platform, open-source application BitBlinder is currently in Beta and makes use of TOR network for creating encrypted anonymous connections between peers, every user is required to contribute by relaying data for others making the network fast and efficient.

Private Torrent Downloading

Manage and Sync iPod Music Via Winamp

iPod SyncMany iTunes alternatives have been shared on this blog but what else can be better then managing and syncing music on your portable devices from popular multimedia player Winamp, the good news is that the latest version of Winamp comes with built-in support for importing iTunes database and playlists with full featured portable device management and synchronization functionality offering seamless integration with iPod (Shuffle, Video, Nano & Classic), Creative Nomad/Zen/MuVo, PlaysForSure (P4S), USB Thumbdrive and ActiveSync devices, for enabling iTunes support simply check the Import iTunes Tool option while installing Winamp and follow the guide ahead to work with iTunes and iPod from within Winamp.

Winamp iTunes Import Function

Using Winamp to sync your iPod devices ensures that you don't need to worry about losing songs when syncing on different computers.

Best Free Online Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Services

Free OCR ServiceThere are two well-known OCR software available for free namely - SimpleOCR and JOCR but both utilities require user to download and use them from desktop, however there is a better way to get images/documents converted in editable formats using free web-based OCR services, these free services allows users to upload documents in various formats and download editable version in format of their choice.

Free Online OCR Service

I tested some of these free online OCR services and here is a list of best ones which will get the job done easily and accurately.

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