Reliance BIG TV DTH Launched

BIG TV DTHAfter a long wait Reliance Big TV DTH is finally launched providing another good choice to Indian TV subscribers, BIG TV is the first DTH service to offer MPEG–4 technology in India, offering the best digital viewing experience with crystal clear sound quality.

Big TV is offering more then 200+ channels now and can support upto 250 channels due to MPEG-4 technology which is substantially more than any current DTH operator in India.

Simple Tricks To Copy Windows Error Messages For Troubleshooting

Searching internet is one of the most easiest way to troubleshoot error messages, Microsoft Windows allows you to neatly copy text from any Error/Warning/Information/Confirmation message box to clipboard by simply using the standard copy Ctrl + C key combination on the active message box, the copied text can then be pasted on notepad and can be searched for on internet.

Error Message
Copy Error Message

But not all application error dialogs allow users to copy text this easy, this is where GrabTxt comes in, GarbTxt is a free tool to capture text from any window with ease, simply drag the 'X' button to the desired window and the text gets captured, the captured text can then be copied to the clipboard or selected text used to search for details on Google or with the provided shortcut buttons.

QuickPwn - Free Tool From iPhone Dev Team To JailBreak iPhone Quickly And Easily

The famous iPhone Dev Team have released another iPhone Jailbreaking utility - "QuickPwn", as the name suggest the Windows only batch files let users jailbreak iPhone more quickly and easily without requiring a full restore, the software is labeled as pre-release developmental snapshot so better handle with care.

QuickPwn iPhone Jailbreaking

FosiX Lite - Free Software For Analyzing And Visualizing Disk Space Usage

FosiX Lite is a free tool designed to let users analyze their disk space usage graphically, We have written about a similar free disk usage charting tool Space Monger earlier.

FosiX Disk Analyzer

provides a simple and easy to diagnose graphical view of the disk-drive with detailed space usage statistics and graphs letting your easily pinpoint the space occupiers, The software lets you easily navigate through those visualized folders by clicking on the chart elements or by using keyboard shortcuts, The handy utility also provides options to easily eliminate temporary files, clean up shortcuts, delete empty folders and clean up internet traces from your hard-disk to free up some space.

reCAPTCHA Mail Hide - Stop Spam Bots Harvesting Your Email Address from Webpages

Stop SpamPosting emails addresses on public forums and webpages is a sure shot way to get your email address picked by Spam Bots and get listed on spam lists, the most common hack used to prevent SPAM BOTS is to post email address in malformed state for example can be posted as xyz [AT] but as spam harvesters get smart with ever evolving algorithms this is not a fool proof method, similarly Javascript email encoders can also be decoded and e-mail captured.

reCAPTCHA Mail Hide is a simple, fast, fool-proof and free solution to the problem, reCAPTCHA Mail Hide brings proven CAPTCHA based spam protection to prevent your email address from automated email harvesters, using reCAPTCHA Mailhide is very simple just visit this page and submit the email address you wish to protect and post on internet, the service will then give you a simple copy and paste HTML code and a unique URL which you can post on webpages, blogs, comments and forums, the html code snippet will display your partial email address and revealing the full e-mail address requires users to solve a CAPTCHA.

Protected Email Address
Encrypted Email

Change Your Drives Icons And Background Image

Drive IconsDrives Background Image 2.0 is a nice little free utility to set custom Windows Drives Icons and Windows explorer Background image, the software lets you easily select and set your favorite image as background image and Drives Icon at your will.

Drive Wallpaper

You can have different backgrounds and icons for each drive and get relived from the same old plain explorer white background and default Windows drive icons.

Free Activation Keys For Kaspersky AntiVirus 7.0

UPDATE : 100% working trick to activate your copy of Kaspersky to genuine version.

Kaspersky 7 LogoKaspersky provides some of the best security software solutions available today, always topping the anti-virus test charts with best detection rates, Now you can also enjoy the benefits of there world-class anti-virus for free, in a promotional offer similar to the McAfee Free Anti-Virus offer shared earlier you can grab a 6 month genuine license key for Kaspersky Antivirus 7 absolutely free.

Kaspersky AntiVirus 7

Simply follow the following steps to get your own personal genuine KAV 7.0 activation key which won't get blacklisted.

DropBoks - Simple, Free & Secure Online File Storage

DropBoks LogoThere exist quite a few well-known free online storage service providers and we have reviewed them earlier on the blog, DropBoks is a similar free secure online storage service but much simpler to use, DropBoks allows users to create personal account and store upto 1 GB of data, allowing upload/download of files upto 50 MB in size, the simple interface is very user friendly and allows uploading multiple files at once.

Free Online File Storage

Timul Trojan Downloader Giving Tough Time To System Admin's

Trojan-Downloader.Js.Timul.CV is one of the most annoying trojan I have ever came across, giving me a tough time removing it since past two days, I had tried every single popular Antivirus and AntiSpyware removal tool out there, Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 detects the exploit being executed denying the trojan download but can't remove the download trigger bombarding me with numerous notifications each time a webpage is accessed.


Further investigation revealed similar problems being reported at computer help forums with NO SOLUTION, collecting all the facts from the different sources I found that the cause of the problem is not your computer

Pimp Gmail and Google Calender With New Google ReDesigned Firefox Extension

Better GmailGoogle Redesigned is a Mozilla Firefox extension allowing users to change the look and feel of Gmail and Google Calender, Also, known as Better Gmail and Better Gcal the extension achieves the look via custom Cascading StyleSheet(CSS) files which are loaded on the client's browser, The extension simplifies the use of these styles by providing auto-updates, easy management and notifications of changes. You can also download and use the styles individually by going to their respective pages.

Gmail Skin


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