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Flashing And Upgrading Chinese MP4 Player Firmware

MP4 PlayerIf your are not an audiophile and don't care much about audio/video quality, cheap chinese MP3/MP4 players are just for you, these devices are quite popular and just get the job done, since there is no quality control over these devices they do not last long, one of the most common problems faced with these portable players is the issue of firmware software corruption, I encountered a similar problem with my friends PMP which refused to start getting stuck at loading screen, the only solution was to flash the firmware but the problem was unavailability of any information and tools to get the job done, after long research and flashing the firmware I was able to successfully recover the MP4 player to working condition.

MP4 Player Firmware Corruption

Here is an step-by-step tutorial on how to identify your MP4 player, download its firmware and flash it using appropriate tools :

Simple Trick To Skip Megaupload Timer And Download Instantly Without Waiting

MegauploadFile-sharing service Megaupload imposes a 45 second wait-timer for free users but here is a simple hack to download files from megaupload instantly without waiting, the hack is pretty simple and you just need to install and click the bookmarklet provided at the end of the post to skip the wait-timer and auto-start the download.

After entering the CAPTCHA image-code and clicking the download file button, you can simply navigate to View -> Page Style -> No style in Firefox and the Regular download button will get visible instantly, to automate the whole process and auto-start downloading I have created a handy bookmarklet, simply right-click the bookmarklet provided at the end of the post and bookmark it, now after entering the CAPTCHA code click the bookmarklet and your download will start immediately.

Live Online Results Of Indian Lok Sabha Election 2009

Indian Elections 2009The biggest democracy of world has voted its mandate and the results are due 16 May 8:00 AM, all news channels will be airing the Indian Assembly Election 2009 results live the whole day, but if you are unable to watch TV or prefer results via internet here are the best websites you should visit for latest results with detailed analysis.

The best website having latest updates would be none other then the official website of Election Commission Of India, a dedicated portal for live results with full analysis is online now with sample data and will be providing live results from tomorrow morning.

Live Election Results 2009

Apart from the official portal you can get poll results, analysis and news from website listed next.

Microsoft Windows 7 Build 7127 Leaked

Windows 7Just few days after official public release of Windows 7 Release Candidate a brand new build of Windows 7 having version-tag 7127.0.090507-1820 is now reported to be leaked and should be available for download on torrent portals soon, this is the second leak in the RTM branch and a

Making Use Of Non-Addressable Wasted RAM On 32 Bit Systems

If you own a 32-Bit computer with more then 3 GB of RAM you must be knowing that your operating-system can only make use of roughly 3 GB RAM and rest remains unused because of memory addressing space limitation on 32 Bit systems, today I will be showing how you can make use of this wasted memory improving your computer speed significantly.

The best way to utilize this wasted memory and speed-up your computer is to use it as an RAMDISK, storing frequently accessed temporary files like system pagefile, temp-files and web-browser cache, since I/O operations to RAM is significantly faster then disk you will greatly benefit from using RAMDISK as a temporary file storage.

Windows RAMDisk

Follow the simple guide next to create a RAMDISK and use it to store temporary files.

$30,000 To Fill An iPod - Zune Ads Hitting iTunes Store

Microsoft is hitting hard on Apple product prices with its series of tv commercial targeting the high cost to own Apple products describing it as Apple Tax, the latest in series compares the cost to fill an 120 GB iPod from iTunes store to that of Zune portable media player via Zune Pass costing just $15 a month.

Palm Pre Touchstone - A New Era Of Wireless Charging

Palm PreWhile everybody is eagerly waiting for launch of expected iPhone killer Palm Pre, the phones optional wireless charger Touchstone is also an attention grabber, the puck-sized accessory will allow users to charge Palm Pre without any wires by simply placing the device on the Touchstone, the magnetic charging system even aligns your phone in the correct position automatically whether in portrait or landscape mode.

Palm Pre Touchstone Charger Docked

The technology seems very promising and will do wonders if a universal charger is developed for all devices based on the technology starting a new era of clutter-free wireless chargers.

Rapidshare Auto Downloader 3.5

Latest version of the fully automated Rapidshare Auto Downloader for free users is now available, the fresh release adds new features and fixes existing bugs.

Rapidshare Auto Downloader

This release features new functions to organize downloads in better manner with options to move a group of links up and down, ability to add comments (can be used to save archive password) and new system-tray icon feature.

How To Activate Windows 7

Windows 7 ActivationWindows 7 RC1 is now officially available for public downloading, the release candidate is set to expire on June 1, 2010 and will start to begin shutting down every two hours from March 1, 2010 you’ll need to install a non-expired version of Windows before March 1, 2010 to continue using it without expiration, after installing Windows 7 RC you have 30 days to activate your copy of Windows 7 online, you can follow the simple online activation process as detailed next for a fully functional genuine activated copy of Windows 7 till June 1, 2010.

Windows 7 Hack Tool Goes Open-Source, Now Available For Download

Windows 7 HackingFew days ago I posted the most easiest way to hack into any computer running Windows 7, Vista, XP, Gentoo, Debian, Ubuntu and Fedora bypassing the login completely, the hack allowed users to bypass the login and access operating-system with root or administrator privileges, Now, two Indian security researchers Vipin Kumar and Nitin Kumar have publicly released their Windows 7 exploit code VBootkit 2.0 as open-source under GPL license allowing hackers to exploit Windows 7 kernel undetected without modifying any files on the disk, the whole process takes place in memory exploiting trusted kernel files with hacker's code allowing them to gain control of the user computer without getting detected.

Using VBootkit To Hack Windows 7

The demonstration download includes fully compiled binary files and source-code with the remote command controlling utility which can be used to send commands to exploited Windows 7 computer.

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