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Open Microsoft Office Word 2007 .DocX Files In Firefox

Word 2007We have written about various methods to use .docx file-format without Microsoft Office Word 2007, here is another dead simple method to open and read .docx inside Firefox, all you have to do is to download and install the free OpenXML Document Viewer Firefox add-on and you can read Microsoft Word 2007 files inside your web-browser, Watch the video demo below demonstrating the plugin in action and how to install it.

Windows Vista Service Pack 2 Beta Standalone Direct Download Links

Microsoft Windows Vista Service Pack 2 Beta is officially out now for public downloading, the latest release features major Hotfixes and security Updates for the operating system, Vista SP2 adds support for new hardware devices, improves certain administration tasks and addresses reliability and performance issues.

Bypass Call Center Phone Menus And Navigate To Your Option Of Choice With A Single Click Using Fonolo

fonoloLike everybody else if you also hate to listen and navigate through those support center phone menus, free service fonolo would be the perfect solution for fast and easy navigation through frustrating call center menus, currently under BETA fonolo allows users to select the desired calling destination of a company's touch-tone navigation menus visually and automatically dial, navigate and then dial your phone connecting to the right spot in the menu when answered.

How to use

TuneUp Utilities 2007 Free Genuine Registration Key

TuneUp Utilities 2009 is now available for download but costs $49 for the full version, if you are looking for a free alternative you can grab a fully functional free genuine license for the earlier version TuneUp Utilities 2007 of this popular Windows optimization application suite.

TuneUp Utilities 2007

How To Boot From USB And CDROM Without BIOS Support

I have written about creating bootable USB disk using free software, but it is of no use if the motherboard or BIOS does not support USB booting, if you are stuck in a situation where BIOS does not support booting from USB or CD-ROM, free boot-manager PLoP would be the best solution for the problem, the easy to use boot manager can work with your existing boot-loader and even without the need to install on hard-disk.

USB Booting

PLoP Boot Manager
can launch from floppy, CD, network or existing boot manager like LILO, GRUB, Windows boot menu and DOS, once launched you can use PLoP to boot from USB and CD-ROM even if BIOS does not support these options.

Grand Theft Auto 4 PC Version Finally Cracked

No matter how hard digital content developers try to make their protection algorithms unbreakable, crackers always tend to get one step ahead breaking it, the newest example would be the highly waited crack for GTA IV PC, after a series of fake and non-working cracks and activation hacks, crack from LOBO is being reported to work fine, although having some serious bugs causing crashes during cut-scenes, which can be avoided by simply bypassing the scenes.

GTA 4 Crack

GTA IV For PC Released And Leaked On Torrent Portals

As expected GTA IV : PC version is now released, and as usual untouched CLONE-DVD images of the original game got leaked on BitTorrent portals, thousands of users are now in the leeching queue to download the game, However, no working crack or activation hack seem to exist now for using the pirated copies of the game.

Installing GTA IV On PC

Released as two massively sized DVD's totaling 13.85 GB, GTA IV for PC is protected by SecuROM DRM.

TooManyTabs - Solution To Organize Firefox Tabs And Freeing Memory

Having lots of tabs loaded in Firefox eats substantial amount of system resources and can make things pretty slow and unorganized, the guys at Visibo Limited seems to have developed a perfect solution for the problem, TooManyTabs 0.3.1 - the free Firefox add-on from Visibo allows users to save more then 50 tabs in multiple-rows as idle tabs, just above the real Firefox tabs in unloaded form saving memory and CPU cycles, furthermore the ability to color and create separate rows provides better tab-organization functionality.


Simply Click The Up Arrow For Adding To TooManyTabs Row

Adding Tabs To TooManyTabs

At first instance it seemed no better then a Bookmark Manager like Read It Later, but further digging revealed this blog post at developers website, telling how TooManyTabs will try to load the restored tab from disk cache including the tab history and scroll position.

KM-Software DirectX 10 For Windows XP With DirectX Changer Utility

We have written about unofficial Alky's DirectX 10 For XP, with no further development Alky's project is almost dead, but a new project for porting DirectX 10 on Windows XP seems to be getting momentum with frequent updates and good user-base support, developed by Russian software developer KM-Software the group is providing constant updates to the DirectX port for Windows XP ironing out bugs and glitches with every release, the port lets users play DirectX 10 only games and take advantage of latest improvements in DirectX 10 increasing the speed and quality of games and graphic applications on their Windows XP computer.

DirectX 10

The developer also provides another handy utility named "KM-Software DirectX Changer" allowing users to switch between DirectX 10 and DirectX 9 without restarting the computer, the option to change DirectX version makes it possible to use DirectX 9 with older games and DirectX10 for newer games on Windows XP providing greater compatibility as required, the utility can also be used on Windows Vista and Windows 7 to switch off DirectX 10 and use older games on these new operating systems.

DirectX 10 Changer Utility

Linux Ported On iPhone And iPod

Now this is a big news, iPhone Dev Team member planetbeing has managed to reverse engineer Apple iPhone hardware drivers and successfully ported Linux on Apple iPhone and First generation iPod devices.

The port makes use of a Busybox installation (popular Router OS) created with buildroot, the port is in its early stages and supports Framebuffer driver, Serial driver, Serial over USB driver, Interrupts, MMU, clock and other similar basic functionality, the team is looking forward to accomplish write support for the NAND, Wireless networking, Touchscreen, Sound, Accelerometer and baseband support as the development progresses.

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