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Blocking Advertisements In Internet Explorer 8

Internet Explorer 8If you have not tried Internet Explorer 8 Final yet I strongly urge you to do so, the new feature packed browser is considerably faster then earlier versions rendering pages perfectly, while every IE8 user knows about new features like InPrivate browsing, webslices etc. very few know about InPrivate Filters a smart content blocking functionality which can be used to block advertisements in Internet Explorer 8, Once activated from statusbar or shortcut key - CTRL+SHIFT+F smart InPrivate Filter automatically learns, detects and blocks common repeated-content from ad-servers appearing on websites you visit.

Content Filtering

The best thing about InPrivate Filter is that you can easily manage the block list and even import filtering patterns similar to ad-blocker.

Unfinished Upcoming Movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine Leaked Months Before Release

X-Men Origins: WolverineIn somewhat shocking news eagerly awaited upcoming sci-fi movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine got leaked on bitorrent portals months before the official release date of 1st May 2009, the leaked version of the movie is an unfinished work-in-progress version also known as a WORKPRINT, the leak lacks finished special effects but audio and video is quite good comparable to standard DVD-Rips, after being downloaded by an estimated 75000+ users the torrent was forced removed from popular bittorrent portals, but in reality once out nobody can contain it and the leaked movie will should get uploaded by hundreds of users on file-sharing services like Rapidshare, Mediafire and Megaupload to name a few.

X-Men Origins Wolverine Movie

Confirming the leak X-Men Origins: Wolverine producing company 20th Century Fox issued an statement stating that legal authorities have been informed and leakers will be chased and prosecuted.

Control Web-Browser With Face Gestures

Opera Labs is doing some extra-ordinary research in terms of new web-browser features and after introducing Opera Turbo they seem to have gone too far with experimenting introducing face gestures in the latest snapshot builds of Opera 10, the concept of controlling your web-browser with facial expressions sounds pretty cool but after seeing the video demo with man making funny faces to control the web-browser, I decided to stick with keyboard and mouse combination for a while, jokes apart the technology seems promising considering the evolution of touch devices where such functionality can be handy, I am very much sure that Opera will tweak this facial-gesture technology further to create something useful.

SpyDLLRemover - Free Utility To Uncover And Kill Malware Dll Files

SpyDLLRemoverMalware's are getting smarter by the day making use of advanced techniques like Dll injection to hide their tracks and making removal harder, I had shared tips on how to detect and remove unknown malwares using utilities like ARSwp and SREng, SpyDLLRemover is yet another handy utility which can be included in your anti-malware toolkit to diagnose and get rid of these malicious dll's files injected into legitimate software processes.

Remove Spyware DLL

SpyDLLRemover makes use of multiple advanced techniques such as direct syscall implementation, CSRSS process handle detection, PIDB method etc. to find out user-land rootkit processes efficiently.

Paragon Total Defrag 2009 - Free Download And License Key

Paragon Total Defrag 2009With time computer file-system becomes fragmented and defragmentation is required to achieve optimal computer performance, Windows provides basic disk-defragmentation utility and suggest running it as a part of regular scheduled system maintenance routine, the built-in Windows defragmentation utility has some limitations and specialized software utilities exist to fill these gaps offering better defragmentation for maximum system performance.

One such professional utility is Paragon Total Defrag 2009 offering total file system defragmentation and optimization using low-level defragmentation to achieve almost zero fragmentation level, the utility costs $29.95 to buy but you can get a free legal copy under a special promotion as discussed at the end of the post.

Total Defrag 2009

Download Unlimited Bollywood Music, Videos And Games Legally Just For Rs. 149/- Per Month

Hungama LogoNow this seems too good to be true but India's leading telecom service provider BSNL in association with leading entertainment portal Hungama is offering unlimited music, videos and games download for just Rs. 149/- ($3) per month, the flat-fee legal unlimited download service is accessible to all BSNL Broadband customers and can be activated instantly using existing broadband username and password.

Free Bollywood Music Downloads

Almost all the latest bollywood music releases are available for instant download and the music-on-demand library is growing daily with new offerings, the service currently offers more then 50,000+ legal music downloads ranging from bollywood movies, albums, gazals and devotional categories to name a few.

Skype For iPhone Announced Officially

Skype LogoIt's official now Skype for iPhone is now announced at CTIA 2009 and will be available for download in iTunes App Store from tomorrow, Skype for iPhone will let users call other Skype users for free while landlines calls will be charged as per existing Skype rates, unluckily you won't be able to use 3G or cellular data channel for VOIP and will need an active Wi-Fi signal to make use of the service, however chatting will remain functional without the need of Wi-fi over your cellular network.

Skype For iPhone

This is some very good news for iPod Touch users as they can now make calls using an earphone with embedded microphone bridging the phone functionality gap between the iPhone and iPod Touch to some extent.

Skype For Apple iPhone Coming Soon

Skype LogoMuch awaited iPhone client of popular P2P VOIP service Skype is expected to soon hit the Apple iTunes store in coming week for public download, once available the client application will let Apple iPhone and iPod touch users use cost-effective Skype VOIP telephony service over Wi-Fi and 3G networks, the Skype client application is expected to be made available for free but as usual will need paid account upgrade for full

Free Online PDF To Microsoft Word File Conversion

PDF To WordWe have shared tips on how to convert Microsoft Word files to PDF and other formats using free utilities, PDF To Word is another handy free online service letting users convert PDF files to easily editable Microsoft Word format accurately.

Online PDF To Word Conversion

Using the service is very simply, just click browse to upload your PDF file, select output format (.DOC or .RTF) and enter your email address where you would like to receive the converted document, Unlike many other online PDF To Word converters this service re-creates editable tables, handles multi-language fonts, reproduce vector graphics, and retain paragraph alignments providing an accurate format conversion.

iSafeCopy - Utility To Backup And Restore iPhone Data Including Cydia Applications

iSafeCopy LogoApple iTunes provides iPhone and iPod Touch backup and restore facility, but if you have jailbroken your device you must be having lots of stuff that iTunes won't backup, in such a situation restoring your device will result in loss of such data, thanks to brand new software iSafeCopy you can now backup and restore that data savings lots of time re-installing everything from scratch.

iSafeCopy User Interface

iSafeCopy is currently in beta and allows iPhone and iPod Touch users to backup and restore Cydia sources, installed applications, Winterboard Themes, Cycorder Videos, Camera Roll Images, Wallpapers, MxTube saves, Ringtones, Address book, SMS, Notes, iBlacklist Database, Full Call History and Calender data with ease.

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