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More Reports Confirming Eminent Windows 7 SP1 Release

Windows 7 SP1We have posted about indicative proofs of Microsoft doing internal Windows 7 SP1 testing and now to further support the unconfirmed news bloggers at ZDNet are now reporting that they have received several reports supporting claims of undergoing Windows 7 SP1 testing and have seen lists of post-RTM build numbers for Windows 7.

Net Guard 2010 - Private, Anonymous And Secure Internet Experience For Free

Net Guard 2010 BoxIf you missed the Astrill Beta Invite here is another option to surf the web privately and securely via an encrypted internet connection for free using Web Point Net Guard 2010, the speed-limited free version provides an anonymous internet connection letting users surf the Web invisibly with any Web browser, instant messenger or newsgroup browser without any hassle.

Net Guard 2010 Encrypted Proxy Connection For Free

Net Guard 2010 is one of the most easiest and flawless proxy solution that we have reviewed here, once installed your simply need to click the login and logoff button to start and stop the anonymity engine - this is far more easy than using a complicated VPN connection or proxy solution which requires configurations to be done manually.

iPrint - Smart Utility Saves Printing Costs

iPrintPrinter ink costs more than human blood and we can easily save money on printing costs by using smart utilities like iPrint which let users remove unwanted content from their print-jobs, think iPrint as an advanced print-preview utility which sits in-between your applications and printer allowing users to automatically detect and remove pages with no content with options to manually remove unwanted pages easily, iPrint also allows printing multiple pages on each sheet of paper further saving ink consumption.

iPrint Ink Saver

While doing its job iPrint keeps track of print-jobs measuring total savings and displaying handy reports.

Microsoft Now Allows Renting Windows And Office Software Worldwide

Microsoft Software RentalInternet cafés, hotel and airport kiosks, business service centers, and similar office equipment leasing companies were not allowed to rent Windows and Office products to others until now, but after conducting experiments Microsoft has finally decided to roll out this business model for there Windows and Office product line worldwide, here is what Microsoft Partner Network Website has to say about the new rental licensing program :

Windows desktop operating system and Microsoft Office system licenses do not permit renting, leasing, or outsourcing the software to a third party. As a result, many organizations that rent, lease, or outsource desktop PCs to third parties (such as Internet cafés, hotel and airport kiosks, business service centers, and office equipment leasing companies) are not compliant with Microsoft license requirements.
Rental Rights are a simple way for organizations to get a waiver of these licensing restrictions through a one-time license transaction valid for the term of the underlying software license or life of the PC. Solidify your role as trusted advisor by helping your customers become compliant using an additive license that fits their business model—without requiring special tools, processes, reporting, or paperwork.

How Microsoft Software Rental Program Works

Once acquired rental rights licenses permit organizations to rent, lease, loan, or outsource PCs to third parties with licensed, qualifying Windows operating systems and PCs with licensed, qualifying Microsoft Office applications.

Astrill - Unrestricted, Unlimited, Secure And Anonymous Internet Access, 100 Exclusive Beta Invites For Our Readers

AstrillWe have reviewed a wide range of free and paid anonymity services including VPN and proxy based solutions to bypass internet censorship with ease, a new anonymity service named Astrill is now here to raise the bar in already competitive internet censorship bypassing solution market - the service currently under invite only beta allows users to browse the web securely and anonymously via a private encryption algorithm so nobody (not even your ISP) can know what sites you have been watching. With Astrill users can bypasses any kind of firewall or filtering and use Wi-Fi on public places with safety as nobody will be able to snoop into the encrypted data stream.

Astrill Proxy Service

Astrill is very easy to use and all you need to do is to install the utility and signin with your registered username/password to get started, We have 100 EXCLUSIVE beta invites for our readers, to register for free limited period beta follow the instructions at the end of the post.

ChromiumOS Cherry - Carry And Use Google Chrome OS From Your USB Disk

ChromiumOS CherryWanna give Google Chrome OS a try here is a nice option to install the OS on your USB pen-drive without the hassle of compiling your own distro from source-code, thanks to ChromiumOS Cherry you can now download a pre-compiled build of Google Chrome OS ready to install on your USB pendrive and boot directly into Chrome OS on any machine capable of booting from USB.

Free Fixer - A Must Have Malware Diagnostic And Removal Utility For Advance Computer Users

Free FixerMalwareBytes and SUPERAntiSpyware are two popular and trusted free software's when it comes to cleaning of malware ridden computers, but these automated signature based scanners become useless when you are dealing with a little known malware not yet included in the anti-malware database or when the malware is smart enough to detect presence of these utilities and terminate them, in such cases advance computer users resort to manual removal of infected files by taking help from tools like ARSwp, System Repair Engineer, SpyDLLRemover and ATool to name a few - today I am going to share a pretty little known but excellent must-have utility dubbed 'FreeFixer' which provides everything you will be needing to detect and get rid of those hard-to-remove malware files manually.

FreeFixer Main Malware Scanner

FreeFixer is an simple to use utility which allows users to scan and delete potentially unwanted files belonging to adwares, spywares, trojans, viruses and worms; unlike other signature based automated malware-busters FreeFixer simply scans all the places from where these malware gets loaded white-listing trusted known genuine files allowing advanced computer users to detect and remove unwanted files from getting loaded next time you boot your computer.

redsn0w 0.9 Development For Jailbreaking iPhone OS 3.1.2 On Windows, Mac And Linux Gets Back On Track

Popular iPhone/iPod jail-breaking utility redsn0w is soon going to be updated and made available to Windows, Mac And Linux users allowing jailbreaking of iDevices running iPhone OS 3.1.2, iPhone Dev Team member musclenerd twitted that they have found the lost redsn0w source-code

Everything You Want To Know About Google Nexus One - Price, Specs, Comparison And Availability

Nexus One LogoFinally the much awaited Google Phone is here putting an end to all the rumors and speculations, the final specifications and pricing seems promising and only time can tell how Google Nexus One compete against Apple iPhone, Palm Pre or any other Android based phone.

Nexus One Dimensions

Nexus One Picture

You can find all the details like 3D phone demo, pricing, complete specifications, how to buy, demo-video and complete comparison with other smartphones including total ownership costs below.

Synaptics Scrybe - Cool And Productive Gesture Control For PC Via Touchpad

Synaptics ScrybeScrybe a new free utility from Synaptics allows users having Synaptics touchpads capable of multi-touch functionality to quickly perform common tasks using simple, easy-to-remember customizable gestures. Users simply need to draw a symbol which performs pre-configured action like browse Internet, launch applications, initiate searches with selected text, cut/copy/paste, control media-players, rotate/crop/tag images and perform common windows system tasks by simply drawing symbols on their TouchPad.

Scrybe Gestures

Once getting used to the application can be quite addictive making you do simple repetitive tasks with ease productively as shown in the video after the jump.


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