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Create iPhone Bootable USB Disk And Use It To Install Windows XP/7/Vista, Create Rescue Disk, Run Live Distros And Much More

Having a bootable USB disk drive comes in handy, and what else can be better then to have your bootable computer rescue kit or favorite linux distro right with you on your iPhone, as my previous post shared how you can make your iPhone work as a mass storage device somebody used USB Drive creatively making it work as a bootable disk drive which lets you use iPhone as a bootable computer rescue kit, launch Windows setup, and use other bootable USB distros/live cd's.

How To Use iPhone As Removable USB Storage Drive

PC and Mac utility DiskAid allows you to make use of iPhone as a data storage device - but both uploading and downloading data require you have DiskAid installed on the computer, free (during beta) iPhone application USB Drive takes care of this by allowing you to use your iPhone as a true mass storage device which works right out-of-box on any computer without needing any third-party utility or driver.

USB Drive To Store Data On iPhone

You will need an jailbroken iPhone with Cydia installed to download USB Drive beta 2, also make sure you read all the instructions before using it.

How To Get A Google Wave Invite !

Google Wave LogoGoogle's newest offering - "Google Wave" is getting hotter then expected and everybody wants an invite, the limited supply invite-only online service provides an hybrid platform combining messaging, media-sharing and other collaboration tools via a single streamlined interface.

Google Wave
signups are in such demand that people have started selling Google Wave Invites on eBay and forums, there are currently 65 active auctions on eBay selling Google Wave invite for as much as $80.

Google Wave Invites On Sale

If you are also looking for an invite there are other ways to get them for free and even try Google Wave Platform right-now without an invite.

Grab Free SpoofCard PIN And Fake Your Caller ID Of Choice

SpoofcardSpoofCard is a well-known caller-id spoofing service letting users fake their caller id's with any number of choice, the service also offers features which let users change their voice-tone and keep records of phone conversation for future references.

Under a special promotion SpoofCard is giving away a free 5 minutes PIN for promoting their service on Twitter, grab the free PIN and enjoy faking your caller id's.

Fake Called ID Using SpoofCard

Get Paid iPhone Applications And Games For Free Legally

iPhone application DRM is cracked and users actively share cracked iPhone applications and games but now here is something which lets you get paid iPhone games and applications legally for free - the only thing asked in return is that you post a honest review of that application at iTunes store.

Free iPhone Games And Applications

How To Enable Autologin In Microsoft Windows 7

If you don't use user-accounts on your PC and want to get rid of Windows 7 logon prompt here is the simple procedure to enable auto-login feature in Windows 7, its very similar to Windows XP and Windows Vista auto-login method shared earlier with a slight variation in command syntax to launch the special user accounts configuration dialog.

Windows 7, XP and Vista Auto Logon

Blaze - Must Have Free Application Launcher With Intelligent Desktop Automation Features

BLAZEMother of all application launcher's indispensable free Windows utility Blaze takes the honor of being not only an easy to use fast application launcher but a intelligent desktop automation utility - unlike its competitors Blaze not only indexes applications and recently accessed files/folders but also allows users to perform calculations, web searches, browse the file-system, on-the-fly emailing, inserts quick texts, adaptive Macros and above all help automate repetitive tasks with its context sensitive suggestions to help you finish the task at hand faster - the great thing is you don't need to teach Blaze what to do.

Search Images Using Blaze

Blaze Application Launcher For Windows

The intelligent software has ability to bear with typos, and posses the outstanding ability to automate recurrent tasks, for example Blaze will automatically detect and offer you to complete a bulk-rename job or editing of repetitive formatting task in currently active application.

Free Beta License Key Loophole Still Exploitable In KAV 2010 And KIS 2010

Kaspersky LogoAnti-virus software need constant updating to protect users against new threats and this provides anti-virus software company's an edge for fighting piracy as they can check and block blacklisted keys whenever a pirated copy of software connects to internet for updating, leading security software vendor Kaspersky also blacklists pirated keys every few days making pirates go hunting for new non-blacklisted keys now and then, however, earlier pirates found a innovative trick to get past this limitation via a beta registry hack which allowed users to get genuine activation keys right from Kaspersky servers without any limitation bypassing the blacklisting completely letting them update Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2009 and Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 without buying, I was pretty sure that this hacktivation trick will get blocked in upcoming versions of Kaspersky products but to my surprise it still works in Kaspersky 2010 products.

Hactivated Copy Of Kaspersky Internet Security 2010

Missing XP Look In Windows 7 - Give Luna Port Theme A Try

Windows XP users who want to try the new Windows 7 look and feel have plenty of options in form of Windows 7 Themes and Transformation packs, however users who upgraded to Microsoft Windows 7 and missed the plain old Windows XP look had no choice until now - the good news is that we now have a working Windows XP's original default Luna theme port for Windows 7.

The Luna theme port support's both Aero and Basic theming in Windows 7 and comes with full-support for all new Windows 7 features.

Windows XP Theme For Windows 7

Exclusive Free USA And UK PPTP VPN Accounts For Our Blog Readers

We have reviewed many free VPN service's and most of them require installing and configuring VPN software for getting connected, new VPN service HideIP VPN takes the pain out of using anonymous VPN services by offering PPTP protocol based USA and UK VPN servers - allowing users to enjoy anonymity from PC, MAC, Linux or mobile-devices like iPhone without the need to install or use any third party utility.

It took me just five-minutes to create two separate HideIP VPN PPTP connections for USA and UK servers on my Windows 7 system, now to get connected all I need to do is to click the connection icon of desired country and enjoy fast, anonymous and unrestricted access to region specific content.

Free USA and UK VPN Connections

Apart from their premium VPN service HideIP VPN offers an limited number of free VPN accounts monthly which gets grabbed pretty quickly, the good news is that we have 75 free EXCLUSIVE invites to giveaway to our regular blog readers.

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