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Free VPN For Anonymous Torrent Downloading

ItsHiddenAnonymous torrent downloading is one such feature that many paid and free VPN services like AceVPN often block, specialized free anonymous torrent downloading services like BitBlinder are not very fast and premium services like IPREDATOR requires paid subscription, however with new free anonymous torrent downloading VPN service "ItsHidden" everyone can enjoy secure private torrent downloads without paying anything.

VPN Configuration

The best part is that unlike other VPN services ItsHidden does not require any additional software and works by configuring your Operating system to connect via the secure encrypted VPN tunnel, the service is currently open to free signups and is under beta testing phase.

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is this one safe?



I used this VPN, It is really super ? Thanks a lot..............

I used this VPN, It is working gud speed. Thaks a lot.............

Thanks guys. It's working great.

Was great for 2 months or so but not anymore.

Now, itshidden claims that I need to pay to upgrade and use it.

Very clever marketing but in bad taste.

not cool...........


But Not working

I used this for a month or so, but now i can't connect anymore . I get 619 error .Their support won't answer back,after many emails.

Publisher does not deliver the message

This is just like the rest - you get what you pay for.

I had connection problems from the start, then managed to get only 4 hours of continuous use, after which the connection died with various fault codes. 2 hours more of non-connectability, and I deleted the connection.

Just like it says in their ToS, only their paid service has any guarantee of operability. If you're using the free service, you'll be lucky to connect. I also didn't like their take on "security", as they admit it sucks. What a surprise.

At least it doesn't require non-functional failware like UltraVPN.

IMHO, You can't beat Tor (onion routing, not a VPN). Free, secure, and very serviceable.

Tor does NOT hide your torrent activity, they even tell you that on the first page of the site.

Free service means no guarantees. It's a naturally.
I have used special designed Torrent VPN service for such purposes.
The speed on vpn a bit slowly, but service is stable.

@shiny baubles: Connection problems much? has no time or speed limits, allows P2P and is pretty fast. I don't know of many VPN's where you can just register and try the speed before you pay for it. Might be something to try.

(Supported connection types: OpenVPN / PPTP / SSH-tunnelling)

it is better to use SSH tunneling, simple and not so expensive unlike others.

Is it not a better solution to use a seedbox I mean for security. Would the torrent client not reveal your IP address if the VPN server went offline?

I want to use it with open vpn how may I use VPN services ItsHidden in open VPN.

please Help me..

watch out , they ask for a fee later... hmmmm

A VPN is a good way to ensure privacy while using BitTorrent. I use vpn which routes all your traffic through their servers, hiding your IP address from the public.

last one i used totalvpn to watch youtube, it's cool! I didn't believe there is 100% free VPN forever, but this service actually DOES!

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