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Bypass Instant Message Blocking At Office, School Or University

I Love IMInstant messengers are blocked at most work places, school's and universities using sophisticated firewalls and internet censorship applications, however such restrictions can be easily bypassed using web-based messenger services, allowing you to chat using your preferred IM service like Yahoo Messenger, GTalk, AIM or MSN without installing anything on your computer.

I Love IM

There exist several such online messenger services, here is a short list of best ones:

UPDATE: Try GPass for bypassing any type of internet restriction with ease, you can even watch streaming audio/video using the software - Gpass.


all above web based messengers are blocked in my office

OK try this, add to the existing service url for example instead of typing in address bar try, do post back your results. Does not work

Cannot log into Gmail. Site is blocked in work. this one also blocked meebo iloveim or soo much try new guyzz login in there with ur ph number and u can login in gtalk or yahoo its worked still try it

thanks for the information I really need it.... and it works !!!!


All the above web messengers are blocked from the office. Even when i add nothing seems to be working. The office uses websense. Please help...

try these:

all are blocked in my office

All the above web messengers are blocked from the office. Please help...

Use indiatimes messenger..if it is not blocked

Dear Sir Kase ho

try this...
instead of typing in
type in
works at my school...

ooh, that works, nothing else has yet, yay!

thank you man, it really works at office.

to knw more how to break any security call me on 09810660897 Varun Singh Noida Uttar pradesh India$

All the above web messengers are blocked from the office. Please help

i can use YM but cannot go to chat room because it was block...pls help :)

i cant use ym n meebo..its was block..please help

My internet provider is either blocking Myspace IM or it is changes my ip address every couple hour.
Neverthless I cannot log into myspace from my IM. my Im says error #8 I checked it and it says I have to change the port, I tried several port numbers from 1863, 6660-6669, 7000,5222,5050,0080,5101,8002,8001
nothing works.
I tried changing the connection settings.
I am wondering what setting I should use to get access to my Instant messaging from myspace, when its clearly my internet provider blocking this.
Or I am on Bell, I was told they change their IP address every couple of hours by their customer service.

seriouly, at my school every website works, witch is kind of b.s to you guys.

But honestly, why do you need it so bad?
Just go buy a laptop and download MSN.
Try vtunnel?
And if you need music that bad, go to
It works at my school also...

By the way, try this.
It might work =] <3

You add an s, so that most firewalls allow it to pass through.

None of these work for me. I'll even get a websense proxy avoidance message. Maybe i'm just ubber blocked :-(

its help me temporary.. muackss

If other free messengers are blocked, you can use Live2support's instant messenger and Organizer.

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