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Free Genuine License Key For Advanced Uninstaller Professional Edition

Looking for a complete utility suite for uninstalling applications and keeping your computer fast and clean, Advanced Uninstaller PRO is for you. You can not only uninstall programs quickly and completely using its simple and intuitive interface, the utility also comes with an "Installation Monitor" which keeps an watch on all actions performed by an installer so later it can be completely uninstalled, making sure nothing is left behind leaving any trace.

Advanced Uninstaller Professional Edition

Apart from the uninstaller module, the utility features Services Manager, Duplicate Files Manager, Startup Manager, Registry cleaner - optimizer, defragmenter, and backup tools.

Free Registration Key Received In Email
Advanced Uninstaller Professional Edition


SN just not working.
This apps keep showing dialog box after paste SN. And not registered

This shit f**k page is completely useless......No download link,, no registered setup,, no activation code,,,,,completely this is useless f*ck

That post is 8 years old !!

But where is the Download link of the "Advanced Uninstaller Special Edition"?


I get Reg code but work not! :-((

I don't think it works for anyone.

I cannot get the AUSE to work with reg. code I received.
I would like free version of 10 not 8 which does not work with Windows 7 64x.

I Downloaded Advanced Uninstaller from the site I was given.
Code will not work.

Is this a scam??

I have today just installed uninstaller pro 8 that you informed me of, and the down loaded the free s/n and it DONT WORK. please help .


David. Holloway.

Is the reg code FOR the Advanced Uninstaller old version 8 OR the current version 10.1

Advanced Uninstaller

regcode goes into registry

BUT the app does not recognize it as the right code !

2 possibilities :
1 wrong code
2 wrong app

The key is not for pro edition but its for special edition. Megaleacher please change your title as free key will not work for pro edition.


i am downloaded advanced uninstaller but not giving me a license key, not emailed to me. so i can not operate this.

This reg code does not work

Hi i have done what it says on this page and i got the serial key emailed to me after i signed up for the Advanced Uninstaller Professional Special Edition serial key but for some reason i keep getting the same message (if the Registration code you just entered is correct, the next time you will restart Advance uninstaller Pro, the application will be registered Thankyou !) but once it restarts it still says its unregistered please help thanks

this is bollock there no download for special edition and it doesn't work with other links

Maybe test these things before you post. Just sayin.

The got my info and I got nothing. Good advertising for a piece of c**p company, and I will exercise word of mouth. Megaleecher should vet these offers before offering them as valid.

I paste the code received by email, says next time i start program should be registered. Open program again even after rebooting...says not registered!!!! What do i do now????

I would like the key please.
Thank you!

Please send the information to get this product free ....Thanks for your time..

Free Genuine License Key For Advanced Uninstaller Professional Edition

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nasko7's picture

I think that they're sending us only one code...write your codes......

please provide the above subject registration code.

No different code: 46TDTTTT38XK3D5C73

This is the key I was sent: 7KT9TTTT3MX9X75BXR
Doesn't work either


I would like to apologize to all Megaleecher readers. There were several mistakes on our part. Advanced Uninstaller Special Edition is no longer available for download and the registration codes that you received are not valid. I would like to recommend you the FREE edition of Advanced Uninstaller. You can get it from here:;9



S/n active plase thankyou

by any chance you have an activation code. Thanks

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