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Fringe - New Fox Show's Pilot Episode Leaked Before Release On Torrent Portals

Pilot episode of the upcoming FOX TV series "Fringe" got leaked on torrent portals months ago before the official release date in September 2008.


From J.J. Abrams the creator of "Lost", Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, the team behind "Star Trek," "Mission: Impossible III" and "Alias," the show pilot is definitely getting attention with more then 60000 downloads from a single torrent at mininova, unlike earlier leaks this one seems to be doing good for the show generating a lot of hype and discussion all over.

Fringe Trailer At YouTube:

For obvious reasons there will be no links for the leak here, but it can easily be searched for at major bitorrent portals.


THAT SHOW IS SO AWESOME! :D i loved the pilot.

This got good feedback, gonna try it out (:


This is the Awesome of Pilot Fringe Series.
The latest tv shows and movies, updated daily in good quality. have all the latest episodes as soon as they come out.
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The best part about this site is that they give you the link to the original HQ version of the video.


Please stop the inside network conversation that are taking place on the bottom of the screen. It is very distracting, blocking the scenes and is causing a major loss of interest in the plot of the show. Therefore a show that we thought was cool, is no longer cool or will be viewed due to the distracting interuption of the conversation captions. Many of us would like to continue watching your show...."it's good"..... but please stop the screen captions.... please!

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