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Free International SMS Messaging Service Which Works

There are numerous free SMS websites and hacks which advertise allowing users to send free text-messages across the globe but most of them fall short of their claims allowing free SMS's to selected operators only, but new free online SMS service KuripoTxt worked as advertised allowing absolutely free international text-messaging.

Free International Texting

KuripoTxt's ad and clutter free simple to use interface is a joy to work with allowing easy functionality on mobile devices.

Received Text-Message

Received SMS Message via Free Online Gateway

Visit KuripoTxt and enjoy international texting for free.


it realy works... thnx so musch! keep up the good work

no ad!
I received complete 159 character message.
No advertisement. no bullshit.

Thanx for sharing this info.

suresh bhardwaj

Its really supr grt work..........

kep it up............

thx frnd................... i like it.......

very neat service... thanks for sharing dear

hi, why isn't work for me....
how to use it?
would you mind me tell how to use it?

i tried it to 10 different indian numbers and 7 U.S numbers..none of them works.. im not getting any messages !! is there like a day or two TIME LAG ??


Thank you very much.. It works great.. No r3gistrati0n required either!! Really supperb..

Wow, this is awesome!

feel free to try other that those site test it by yourself

where shoud i click to download this?thx

it is not downdoadable it is just a website

the who made that is a filipino

Funca al 100%
Thanks for Share!! jejej

It really works
Thanks guys

Thank for this information bro



its grt yaar ultimate site
thanx to shayer....


how long do i recieve the SMS?!

i could send the message sweet as (thank you btw) but it shows on the picture receiving messages? i dont know how u do that.. its only got like 3 options

yes this service is working to sri lanka and Dubai also.

so why you are wasting you money for IDD sms.

rihan Mohamed +94777065025

galing mga bro..keep it up!.. :)

thanksss..diz is great!!!.ph

Thank Buddy Cool Website

Can't send SMS to Brazil (55)
What can I do?

Why should somebody give it free, There is nothing called Free Lunch.. somebody is getting a database of telephone numbers to hack them at a later date or someother me paranoid..but its better to be cautious in this cyber crime filled age of technology...Enjoy the free SMS if it is genuine but stay cautious and dont get scammed....

now this service is not working


Currently I use

they also offer world-wide free text messaging, so far I am quite happy with them.
OP may want to check this site as well

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