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Free International SMS

hike - free sms service with support for both on and off network cross-platform messaging

hikeThere is no doubt that users love free text messaging services, be it WhatsApp, HeyWire or jaxtrSMS as reviewed earlier. The latest addition to peer-to-peer (requires same app with internet connectivity to be installed on sending and receiving devices) SMS services "hike" goes one step ahead with offering unlimited hike-to-hike messages with 100 free SMS credits every month to message those who aren't on hike network. hike also features spam blocking support with cross-platform application access.

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jaxtrSMS - Free Local And International SMS Messaging For All Mobile Platforms

jaxtrSMS is a new service allowing users to send and receive text-messages between any mobile phone in the world for FREE. You can send text-messages to non-jaxtr users just like regular text-messages, and the biggest advantage of jaxtrSMS is it's wide mobile OS application support - with freely downlodable clients for all popular mobile-platforms like iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, J2ME or Nokia they are surely not missing on any device.


Free International SMS Messaging Service From Web, PC, Mac, iPhone, iPod And iPad

Everybody loves free stuff and for today's cellphone centric society having a free international SMS texting service would definitely come-in handy. New service Heywire does exactly this and even allots you a REAL phone number allowing users to send and receive free text messages internationally, currently supporting free SMS messages to 114 countries through 360 mobile operators with plans to expand network to 193 countries and 850 mobile operators by end of this year. Heywire is currently available for iPhone, iPod, iPad, PC, and Mac with Android, Google TV, Blackberry and Online portal support launching soon.

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Free International SMS Messaging Service Which Works

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