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Day Job Killers New Google Nemesis Reveals $1,500/Day Google Ad Campaign

Google NemesisI don't write about internet marketing and money making products here, but I have been a fan of past Day Job Killer products and have benefited from them so this one deserves to be here for your benefit, this latest offering from Chris X - dubbed "Google Nemesis" seems to be creating a lot of buzz and seem to be one of the biggest release on the internet, Google Nemesis system allows partime internet marketers and online entrepreneurs make thousands of dollars using proven system which made the creators $1,500/Day in commissions using Google Ad Campaigns selling others products.

Google Nemesis System Income Proof
Clickbank Income Proof

According to its creator Google Nemesis is culmination of over eight months of work by him with two full-time programmers, and some of the world's top wealth-builders, the monthly subscription based membership site will enable access to bleeding edge information and tools for success in affiliate marketing arena.

According to the author:

When we released Google Assassin last November, we included over a dozen different elements, tools and training systems. It was easily the most comprehensive affiliate training system ever released.
But there was just one problem: some of the members were overwhelmed by it all. They wanted a simple, copy-and-paste tool that did it all for them,
all on one-screen.

They wanted to make job-killing income, sure. But, they cried out for *simplicity* above all else. They wanted us to take our dozen different tools, an entire package which cost us over $40,000 and took
us more than nine months to develop, and to condense it into a single stand-alone weapon of affiliate doom. In short, they wanted the impossible – a simple, yet all-powerful, “click and profit” system.

Well, it's taken me over eight months - and cost me a further $60,000... but today I can say that we have finally done it. Google Nemesis doesn't just break the secret code of the elite affiliates.
It improves on it - and then *automates* it.

In a nutshell Google Nemesis System offers:

  1. Google Nemesis Software to track and slash you Google Adwords cost by upto 75%.
  2. The Exact Google Adwords Campaign That Generated $2k A Day At Clickbank With The "Secret Indicator System!"
  3. Membership forum to get your questions answered by the industry leaders.
  4. Chris X’s latest "net-stalking" techniques to dominate any niche you go after.
  5. Access to the exact proven "Click to edit" templates that made thousands of $$ for the author.
  6. and much more...

I am pretty sure Chris X will deliver some solid stuff, as he has done in past with his record shattering products Affiliate Project X, Project Black Mask, Day Job Killer and Google Assassin.

More Information With Order Links Here >>

Google Nemesis Launch Video

More Information With Order Links Here >>


Dude, shame on you to do a referral campaign on your reputed blog. I always had an impression about this blog. A clickbank campaign ?? Bad. :(

Giving your web space over to this kind of hucksterism lowers your reputation. Your dance with this program creates doubt about your honesty and integrity.

The review is true and was not ONLY INTENDED TO MAKE MONEY promoting useless junk, I have used Chris X products in the past and was satisfied, but this time he was not upto the mark, I was thinking to remove this post and your comments have made me to do it now.


You are saying you are not recommending Google Nemesis because is not good enough. Please confirm and why ?

Google Nemesis is simply an easy to use system to track conversions, if you are a marketing newbie or wants to get things done fast and simple and don't mind spending $67/Month the system is well and good.

how to get it???

Google Nemesis is a relative new Google feature and I think many people are still not aware of what it really means so I think we could all use an informative google nemesis review before any further study.

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