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Google Sting Operation Busts Bing Of Copying It's Search Results

Google ran a sting operation busting Bing copying it's results, the covert operation involved artificially ranking a page for a certain term (hiybbprqag) which nobody was searching for and returned no matches on both Google and Bing, Google then created “synthetic” searches asking few Google Engineers to use Bing Toolbar and Internet Explorer Suggested Sites features to click the artificially ranked page in Google which "Bing" copied proving there case.



I thought Bing was too close to google when it came to searches.

nimd4's picture


I was never a bing fan really. to my knowledge google is, was and will be the best search engine out there.

Way to Go Google!!!

Well, whats more to say? Google is the top and most efficient powerful search engine in the world
and i am proud to use Google as my default search engine.

Best of luck to all
Especially to Google
The Anonymous Man

Never mess with Google.....

I like google. It's the most powerful search engine compare to Yahoo, Bing...

What is your Creativity ؟؟؟
Just copy from Google!!!

Damm microsoft!!!! always messing with the ones who really know!!! they should be ashame having a lousy search engine!!!! and on the top of that they get the results from the Big Guy!!!

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