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Free Prank Phone Calls Anywhere In The World Without Revealing Your Phone Number

call2friendsEverybody loves freebies, and we have shared quite alot of "free phone calls around the globe" services here on this blog. Today, we have something even more interesting then that, a service which not only allows you to make free phone calls "to-and-from" anywhere in the world but also hides you caller id when doing so - making it a perfect free method to play some prank with your friends anonymously without installing anything from your web-browser.

Usually, we need to purchase online VOIP minutes for free calling or spoofing our caller identification, but online service Call2Friends allows you both of these for free and with ease, all you require is a web-browser with "Adobe Flash Player" support to get started. Call2Friends is a modern telecommunication service that uses the latest technologies and offers a free and high quality communications to people all over the world. Not only can you call your online friends for free, it also offers free calls to any regular landline in various destinations. Users can also make use of there free SIP gateway facility to make free Internet calls from mobile phones, tablets or hardware VOIP phones from anywhere saving money in situations like international roaming.

Online Phone Dialer

To make calls, simply visit fill-in the number you want to call, provide access to flash-player for your Microphone and speakers and you are ready to go. Destinations across the globe have different maximum allowed duration for free calls, you can check your free limit at - The service also offers very cheap calling rates to all these destinations, if you intend to use it for more then freely allowed limits.

Calling using VOIP flash dialer
VOIP call connected


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I like this software

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