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[Video] - A three year old kid can use Windows 8 like a champ, can't you ?

We have seen users bashing Windows 8 for it's Metro UI, but in reality the changes are not that drastic as propogated and can easily be learned. Here is an interesting video showing a three year old kid working with Windows 8 proficiently - and if he can, why can't you ?


Thank you for the very useful demo of Windows 8 - I will certainly become a user of this new software and will promote it to anyone. It's a fantastic effort to get beside Apple with a new interface and I love the way you can finally scroll on my PC as I do on my Samsung tablet.Especially the graphics improvement are immense, but also the clean and clear opening page when you start-up your PC, laptop or tablet.
Getting used to it takes some effort but once your brain recognizes all the App's and hidden sidebars you will enjoy it. That's why the Apple tablet became a "most wanted gadget" with a selling price that is sky high and profits that hurt your pocket. It will take a while before most of Win 7 users will switch, but i am convinced that Microsoft have taken the right highway to a worldwide hit. Without them we would probably still be working in DOS or 50 other sorts of interfaces. Tablets and smartphones are already using different operating systems! I have nothing against Apple, beautiful designs and software but you do have to pay a high price for their products. Vista flopped but win7 is a modified vista...(nr.2) !

I'm not thoroughly acquainted with Windows 8 yet but what happens when you have a significant number of programs installed. In other words, will one have to scroll through 20 damn screens just to find the program. Also, I imagine all of those damn multicolored squares makes it harder to recognize the program you are searching for. One could pass over it several times before finding it. I'm not giddy about Windows 8 at all. I prefer the Windows 7 approach. I don't like the idea of scrolling through screens upon screens of squares to find something.

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