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Downloading Megaupload Files As Premium User Bypassing Image Code And Timer

File-sharing service Megaupload forces free-downloader's to enter image-verification code and wait for 45 seconds to download the file, we had shared many tips, tricks and tools to bypass this limitation but all of them are obsolete now.

Megaupload Limit

Today I am going to share a wonderful, fast and simple way to bypass megaupload limitation allowing you to download files as premium users even with your download manager.

To get the direct download link all you need to do is to add mgr_dl.php before the question mark in download link as shown below.


Normal Link -
Direct Download Link -

To make things simple I have created an exclusive bookmarklet for our blog readers - simply click on the link/bookmarklet below and drag and drop to your bookmarks toolbar, while on the megaupload file download page click the bookmarklet and your download will start automatically.

Bookmarklet -> Megaupload Downloader

Now, before you get too excited I would like to clarify that this is no hack or backdoor to get direct megaupload download links but a legitimate method to get limited direct-download links provided by Megaupload for free users, usually Megaupload provides 1-3 free direct links per IP every 24 hour; to check your current remaining free direct-download link credits check page in your web-browser.


ya its works ... thanks ya.

Good share, thanks
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i like it.;,.,.,.,

it still limit to 1 download at a time :(

It said the file I wanted was temp unavail, but using this link, I was able to d/l it. thanks!

it seems it has been beaten by megaupload.

any trick again for unlimited than 1 limit ??

wow damn!! i didn't think it would, but it actually works!! thanks a lot man!!

Any proxy sites to ddownload megaupload files

It works. Thanks

Thanks for share ^^


today i found out that using 3rd party software or scripts to get instant download

will lead to 30 mins wait for your current IP address on Megaupload. by using this method is makes me feels like a hacker =P and it works

When I first saw this, I assumed it was one of those outdated tricks that MegaUpload had already fixed. But when I tried it out, I was surprised to know that it actually worked! Thanks for finding this great tip :)

Very useful info. It's working for me too. Thank you so much for sharing! :)

Thanks A lot , I tiried and it was very useful for me , but right now It doesn't work anymore :(
its not working for this link

if i do that steps and i hit enter the link is just a blank

It no longer works, it takes you to a blank page now unfortunately.

I got the blank page too unfortunately

Same, getting blank page error

------> this was the case
Not Found

The requested URL /mgr_dl.php was not found on this server.
Apache Server at Port 80

blank page to me also

Actually this trick worked for me for some time, now it has stopped working now.. and showing blank page :(

sucks it doesn't work anymore it showing blank page

Ya this is true ,
this trick is use only three times a day,
restart ur modem or router to use this trick....


not working...

It seems it is not working anymore, it shows the blank page


I remember when this worked, it was so cool

I use opera browser and test it. I can download files from MU atomatically. It's so great!!

Yep, the trick still works wiz OPERA !

thanks it's still work at my opera v10.10

For some case, you have to logout your free megaupload account. It will work. Sometime, when your ip is exceeding download limit, you can not download or a blank page is show.


Holy crap i love you. tHANKS!

dont at all for me

does not work even in opera ... gives a blank page ...

no funci, gives a blank page

blank page

I see a blank page is this method still working? Actually i got grease monkey installed and can download only AVI/DIVX files but not other format such as RMVB.

I got blank page too but when I checked direct-download link credits it 3, I will try it again next time.

This sux

i think megaupload has change the system, because many people to know, how to Hack the premium user

its not works in this link

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this does not work anymore

it doesn't work for this either...

Where do i put the link in where

please help me, how can I get free games need for speed most wanted full download..

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