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Megaupload Downloader 2008 - Easily Bypass Country Slot Limits On MegaUpload.Com

MegauploadMegaupload is probably the most popular one-click file hosting service provider after Rapidshare (Alexa Comparison) and like all other similar services imposes downloading restrictions for free users, apart from the 45 second wait-timer, Megaupload also restrict users from non-english speaking countries from downloading files at peak hours with error:

All download slots assigned to your country are currently in use. Please try again in a few hours or install the Megaupload Toolbar for immediate access - with the toolbar installed, there are no more slot limitations for you!

However, megaupload's alexa toolbar is classified as SPYWARE by various security softwares and many users do not prefer to install the toolbar. Their exist several megaupload download hacks to bypass these restrictions but majority of them are outdated and do not work now.

Megaupload Spyware

Megaupload Downloader 2008 is a new free utility to bypass restrictions imposed by Megaupload allowing anyone to download unlimited files, the software is easy to use and works similar to your existing browser. You can also search for files on megaupload using the in-built file-search options.

Megaupload Download

With just 88 Kb's (without Installer, Second Link) in size this can't get better.

Download Megaupload Downloader 2008 Full Install With All Required Files [601 Kb]>>

Download Megaupload Downloader 2008 [88 Kb]>>


the megaupload downloader 2008 doesnt seems to work for me..i cant even install says some files are missing..why ?

Hi, i live on Mexico, and i install the megaupload download manager 2008, and i try to download files from megaupload, but the restriction is the same... i can download JUST 1 file, i can't download 2 or more files at same time, so where's the thing that it says this notice, i can't download more than 1 file, and if i already have the link of the file is the same i put in the navigation bar and i can't download more than 1 file at same time.

SO i guess this notice is just a fake.

I would like to mention that it does not say it allows you to download more than 1 file at a time. Its main job is to allow you to AUTOMATICALLY download files if they are in your queue so that you can be away from the computer.

megaupload 2008 installation fails: component 'comct332.ocx' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid. Whatsup with this?

megaupload 2008 installation fails: component 'comct332.ocx',. pls fix it nd re-post

See budyyou have to Search And Download these Missind dlls And Paste it Into Yr Windows Regisry the Download it will Work i just did before one Minute and Going ahed....


serch and download k

i want it

This would be the amazing thing ever encounted by mi via downloading coz if its true u must be greeat guys.

Search on the web for COMCT332.OCX & Download

Paste in the windows system or windows system32 ( i'm not shure which one is the correct)

I do in both folders Works great .. no virus spyware

ALL ok!

(excuse my english.. i'm spanish speaker)

hi guys u can get all missin files from ere hope it helps

who works this i dont know and i cannot download unlimited files likes it says

What do you mean it cant download ???

I managed to install it, but i can't download multiple files at once... anyone know if it will bypass the download limits?

Also, COMCT332.OCX goes in the C:\Windows folder -> works for me :)

yeah just 5 seconds on google :DD

i got tis program but i dont even know how to start up a download...Help Please

place COMCT332.OCX file in the same directory where the MegaUpload_Downloader.exe (filw vch u dload frm here)...

u can get COMCT332.OCX file frm the following link:

Thanks For The Dll.

Could not find symbol: DllRegisterServer
Could not load: C:\WINDOWS\system32\ieframe.dll

Does these affect the way megaupload downloader works? Cause I tried downloading with megaupload downloader and this doesnt seem to work =( Can anyone help me pls? (Btw, the file im trying to download is over 1 gig)

Try this new full setup link:

It seems to work fine the things is you cant download multiple files, right?

There is no need of downloading this, it is like a normal thing, when u click on the link of the megaupload file u wish to download, it takes 45 sec to give the link, you have to wait for 45 sec and you cannot download multiple files, so what is the difference?? does not have any US or UK restrictions so you wont notice any difference.

I tried my best. It doesn't work for me. Please help.........!

same for me 2 lol and i also need help!

it's okay i think... it's works out on me, n the instalation is very easy...
i just wanna ask... when i download some file with this prog, and it's already work out (but not finish) can i close that program?

but thx anyway... this program ROCKS!!!

You can always minimize it, so it cab finish downloading in the background.

Hey ! Why there are 2 parts to download if only one works ?

I downloaded both , but anyone works !

Can u tell us how-to in a few steps ?

Thanks !

This program is only for small time users.

If you want to LEECH hard, like me you need to download Megaupload FileBox Extract & Rapget. Get a 1 month premium account (quite cheap) and then find sites that have tv episodes in megaupload file folders.

This is the best way trust me! very simple to setup and you can download 100's of files without ever needing to open up your browser to the megaupload website!

why when after i download and i want download again it show download limit exceeded...''('')

Its really works for me.. :)

Its dosent work..!!! enyone now how to make this software work..??


hello help me i cant download a movie,it needs rapidshare. how?

the download and install was ok but...clicking the MU links nothing happens...

lol .. i still have to wait and there is still restriction on the number of simultaniously files that are to be downloaded .. lol

FAKE FAKE FAKE !!!!!!!!!!!

it never works these guys r bluffing

aren't there MAC version ,,?

This is Fake, get real!


i seems that the program itself used free account, when i test it, (download same files (200Mb); without the down loader (3hours)n once again with the down loader (1hours))..the speed fold 3 is this what it suppose to do?
FYI : i used the down loader n copy the link in IDM 5.14..that why i can see the down load estimation time..
note to administrator that it seem cannot do "download by partition" only download in one part..but faster..ZZZ

currently downloading in the background~

1.What is download?
2.What is megaupload?
3.What is 'what'?

is there any way to bypass megaupload on a mac?
all programs / ways i can find seem to be windows only

fuck it

Chat shit it dunt even work

Amazing. Now i dont have to wait countless hours to download SPORE. lol

Works great, can download unlimited and 3 times faster than with my browser (IE)

Thanks for your work guy

ps: For all the noobs that are not able to read the post and understand it right stfu and go back to your playstation little kids

Is there any way to download file simultaneously with proxy features?

Thanks again, never have to restart my router again <:-D

this software increase speed download from megaupload or make you can download unlimit times

I have a fixed proxy @ office and this program shows the same 'Download limit exceeded' crap. i am downloading a file already. How can I bypass proxy? I better try with kproxy.

didn't work for me.

I downloaded the 88kb version. Anyway, it's useless I keep getting the 'Download Exceeded' or something message. :(


Does not work

why when after i download and i want download again it show download limit exceeded...

the download speed is consistent...
this program just okay...
but if this software support download manager such as IDM, it will be greater..

download the second link
open it like browser
pasted in the mega link
wait 45 mins
download one by one but unlimited

please help me with this problem.

still get limit exceed..

It works great, thanks man!

I managed to get 500kb/s download speed with this!
Thanks so much!

Is it download faster?

- 1GB size limit
- 100% free
- Password protected folders
- Fast, No limits, No adds!

LOLS, i put COMCT332.OCX in file system and system32 and also in file directory contain megaupload_downloader.exe..but it still not working..just 1 file can be download..still have a way to fix this thing?

i still cant download file bigger than 1gb..anyone can help? thanks in advance

not working.. i think its better to use ip changer instead of this..

fuck, not working, still get the Download Limit Exceded bullshit

i dun really get on how to use it

u just paste the link on the browser?

i searched the file, it came on, typed in the letters for regular download, waited for a minute, clicked regular download, and it didn't work! why?

Lie, lie, lie,
lie to me i dont care, non of this work...
dont waste your time reading it...

Damnnnnn.... it actuallly works... it's very easyy..omg i cant believe it actually works.. been waiting for ever for something like dis

it works for me too. but u have to dl 1 file in a time. n wait for 45 sec.

This program fails miserably. Can't even open the Load or Save options without having the thing crashing. Ah well, amateur programmers FTL.

Not to mention it was a horrible to do something like a web browser-based program- Definitely a horrible idea. I though I could just copy and pasty my download links in the search bar, and then the program would get them for me, but not even that.

Failed program. Stupid waste of time. Useless.

well when i login to megaupload its does not work but when i sign out, i manage to download it by you right-clicking and save target as will work for me though

sometimes you need to try mutiple times for it to work

The program is worked to me. Thanks

I downloaded and paste links in both system and window. When I clicked on Megaupload logo on my desktop it open up to Google website. I typed the website that have the movies I want to download clicked on movies links screen come up--NO PICTURES. Please walk through the procedure step by steps since I am just a beginner still have alot to learns. Thank you very much

1. PASTE the megaupload link into the address bar and press enter (you will see the url undo again,but wait it will change to your url later)
2.type the code and press download now
3.wait for 25 or 45 seconds, and right click the download now and copy the link and paste into your downloader or download using your downloader
the webbrowser is internet explorer. so your download manager plugin must installed on IE

Amazing Job!

download limit exceed still appear

the program works for me for quite some time.
but a while ago, it stop working. download limit exceeded appeared.
is there other ways to fix this?

It really works. thank you guys.... great work.

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