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In the high-tech society of modern day, internet is something that more and more people throughout the world utilize to get information and connect to other people across the globe. Life today is practically unimaginable without an internet connection. Internet has gone from it's dial-up beginnings to the complete wireless network coverages of today. Smartphones, PC's, laptops, IPads etc no longer require a cable to log into the magical world of the internet.The introduction of Wi-Fi networks has made practically any info available for people at the palm of their hand with a simple click. Almost every modern household today has a Wi-Fi network. As we all know, due to a simple matter of security, each Wi-Fi network has a password that potential users have to enter in order to log into it. Now, it is generally known that the more complicated the password is, the harder it is for someone to crack it.That is why people have gone from using the birthdates of themselves or loved ones, addresses of living, license plates numbers and etc to a more complicated solution that often involves more characters and some combination of letters, numbers, symbols and capital/lower case typing. This has made it much harder for potential intruders to hack the password and use the Wi-Fi network for free, but it logically also affects remembering such a complicated entry. And if you're one of the hundreds if not thousands of people that don't write their password down somewhere, then you have eventually forgotten your own Wi-Fi password at least once until this point. This is where a simple and easy-to-use software tool comes very handy.

WiFi Password Cracker

The SterJo Wireless Passwords is a great solution if you ever encounter such a problem. First of all, it is free for downloading, therefore you don't have to pay anything for this excellent solution. Secondly, it is very efficient in doing it's job, most similar tools that are available online (and for a good part of which you have to pay in order to get them) can only envy this great piece of software. Also, it is very easy to use – a simple click solves the problem in a matter of seconds. And last but not the least, it doesn't use up practically any space on the PC at all, so you can say that this tool has the full package.

So how does it work? By downloading SterJo Wireless Passwords for free, it immediately scans the Wi-Fi network. Once this is done, it will display previous info of any other Wi-Fi network your device was connected to before, as well as the one you’re currently using. This info includes password, encryption method, authentication type, service set identifier and etc. It also gives you the option of copying the password or even saving it as a text file wherever you choose to. And that's it. Fast, easy and simple.

When it comes to Windows XP users, please note that if the Wi-Fi network has a WPA encryption the password that has been recovered will be in 64 HEX digits. However, these digits can be used to connect to the network instead of the password. This is only a limitation of the Windows XP, users of Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 are not affected. All in all, this is a great piece of software that will end your forgotten Wi-Fi network password problem for good. Thumbs up SterJo Software, for another excellent tool.


Malwarebytes plus Windows Defender does not like this download...

Yes, so does NOD32. While this utility can be used to recall own forgotten wifi passwords, it can also be misused to unmask somebody else's password to which you have physical access.

Hi there,

I will try to answer all questions here.
Most antiviruses don't like this kind of software because it might be used for unauthorized activities. Like Kaspersky says: "(legal) software that can be used for getting personal data." In the Antiviruses terms, this file is classified as "false-positive".
Each software even with Microsoft Word if you open a document file without someone's permission that has a personal information could be classified as the same. This software is not intended to be used on someone's else's computer without permission, but to help you recover all your forgotten wireless passwords over the years.

Why would anyone in their right mind give away software like this for free? There must be an angle and something in it for app developer. Is this another way to spy on you or steal your information.

Now I am gonna answer this question :)
Do you really think that if I spy or steal someone's information, my products and website would be still active over the last 6 years?
All of my .exe files have digital certificate containing my personal information, and if I've done that then probably I would replying your comment from my cellblock in prison :)

Now the question about why its FREE. Please read my where it says that in some occations my software could bundle with some sponsors or ads to cover my expenses.

I hope this information helps.

In other words don't install the third party software if you don't want it on your systems you do have a choice!

Does this work on Mac???

Sorry, this doesn't work on Mac. It's only compatible with Windows OS starting from XP to the latest Windows 10.

Given that the software looks exactly like this one ( which has been available for almost 15 years, I don't trust it.

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