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Microsoft Taunts Windows 8 Critics With Humorous Advertisement

We have seen Windows 8 being criticised for it's radically new user-interface, well to answer the "bashers" Microsoft has published a rather humorous advertisement, have a look yourself below.


I think Microsoft is looking down their users. Microsoft is not on the right track. If they really know what users need their Surface (tablet) might be on high volume demand. I'm going to turn away from Microsoft.

That's very funny & I agree with Microsoft. There's a saying, "Old stick can't bend" meaning how the older you are, the less you like to see change.

Not interested.
mainstream hipster stuff. no regards for the hardcore users - intolerable

From the mouths of Babes.

Haha, different and clever...

That's a very straightforward advertisement! But here in the Philippines the cost of acquiring win 7 or win 8 is very prohibitive. Specially when it's a one OS per one PC use only, please don't be surprised anymore, even most of the government and private offices here in the Philippines still uses pirated win xp's! (black edition pro is very popular, very stable copies/clones are abound). If Microsoft will take hold of all the PIRATED win os here more than half will close shop! What more of the latest OS? Though you say the latest OS is very hard to be copied and pirated to be used multiple times, (just like what you said for win 7). It's only a matter of time and that's what xp users are waiting for US to switch to the new OS! Heck they (enterprising jailbreakers, hackers, whatever you may call them) are even thinkin of using ANDROID Platform as desktop OS! For obvious reasons in this country smartphones are everywhere!

Yeah, windows 8 is relatively easy to use, with a damn touchscreen. Try using a mouse, you will feel frustrated at how many times the damn panels close on you when you are trying to access them.
Win8 belongs on tablets and touchscreen enabled notebooks, not on desktops.

i was at the store the other day, and when i started using the tablet (/w win 8) everybody started looking at me, and asking me for specs, and it was totally like that (exept i wasn't working there).

I've used a lot of Intel OS over the ages. At a few point I went ahead and dumped window for Linux and for apple. When It had to come to this swap OS point where I shake my head and ponder what cross eye trend hippy long hair and colorful prop glasses came up with this Idea. Window 8 is one of this time, I Would have thought bill gate the financial genius would be on top and in control of what comes out of window. The last time window flopped was when vista came out and when millenium came out. Of course window xp and window 7 took over as an apology for the OS mistake that scar window development. I ponder once again which 6 year old took his dad's project for window and swapped it with his crayon sketch to come up with this horrible mess of an OS. I am glad now that Linux, Ubuntu is finally getting more GUI and program support in the mainstream level.

I have window 8 professional and enterprise and have used it. It only took me 2 hour to find my way around and short cut important task to the desktop. I even found how to regain my start menu and was only pleased at how fast the boot up and shut down went. Their is no developing app as of yet that id useful even the free version app for window 8 is redundant and obviously use less. I know window wants in on the tablet trend one to which will eventually fade down like PDA and Beeper did in the early and late 90's. I will say they are great invention but are they to replace PC/Laptop? No.. Netbook replacement..Yes.... But eventually everything will come back to the true power system Desktop and to the true portable hardware Laptops.

Window is again flip flopping to catch trend. With the release of the surface which was suppose to support window 8 Now only supporting window RM a limited version of window 8 without desktop I think window should work more on hardware redo two OS one for actual tablet and one for actual PC user and regain respect with this apology OS for PC use before PC user goes Linux or better Apple.

Well dome Microsoft, where would we be without you ?

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