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Handy Firefox Addon To Bypass Rapidshare Ban And Automate Downloading

If your institution or ISP blocks access to Rapidshare, free Firefox addon "Download Rapidshare @ Office" can be the solution you are looking for, the handy little addon changes Rapidshare links (rs* to IP's fooling the proxy server into allowing the access, you just need to paste all your Rapidshare links into the addon toolbar and it takes care of everything else including managing the wait-times restrictions, the whole process is fully automatic and very easy, you can also use this to download multiple files as a Rapidshare free user easily.

Rapidshare Automated Downloading

The addon is intelligent enough to process multiple Rapidshare links one after another making user-interaction minimal, The addon is still in beta and a lot can be expected from it in future, addition of automatic Rapidshare link parsing inside a webpage similar to RSFind and removal of download prompt and option to specify default download folder can further enhance the utility and ease of this addon.

Download :


yah this is a real good stuff.

I have used it..

and it is awesome..

as i developer of this addon, i feel really honored to found it in this blog.
i got some reviews & ideas here & also to my blog (, i'll be working on those issues soon. removal of download prompt is discussed on the addon's review page.
thnks to the blogger, i also like the idea of giving a ready user/pass here to download the addon. i hope i should also add it to the addon page too.
many thanks.

this a great post =)

when i download it it is in .xpi format how does it work
Please help

drag and drop the file from the desktop into the Firefox window and it will give you a prompt screen to add it.

hey buddy, Thanx 4 ur reply it worked. it was very simple i dont know y it did not come to my mind. Anyways cheers

u need to download it from FireFox, because its a FireFox (FF) addon.
if u download it from any other browser then u can drag & drop it on FF window & then there will be a prompt to install it, then u need to restart the FF.
hope it will help.
many thanks.

thanx man it worked. Cheers!!!!!!!!!

i have a problem, there says wrong user and wrong password.

Have you heard about that one?

i can't login alywas wrong user and password!!!
please help, can you help???

just create account in Firefox addons's free, & it's Easy.

Always shows "all url must be rapid share url"...

plz make sure that the URL you are copying is a URL & each line MUST contain this. no blank line allowed.

many thanks.

thanks brother.. ^_^

Nothing happens when link is pasted into rapidshare url window.

thanks my friend

thanks man!
looks great!

when i hit the rapid IT after pasting the url

javascript error showing: " all url must be rapid share url"

plz help!!!

I tried to download with this addon, as a free RapidShare user, and it didn't work. For the free user, still needed to wait the 15 minutes time limit before I could download again.

well, this addon just emulates the whole RS download process for free users so tht u dont need to do it manually. thts why the 15 min wait time cant be overcome. hope u understand wht i'm saying.

...that at least the wait time indicator worked for me. Can't wait for the release version of this plugin. :)

thanks for ur nice review. release version will be uploaded soon, meanwhile check the latest version.

many thanks.

i,ll downlad it and give a try bit it has a same time limit issue as Rapidshare.

i,ll first try to download a file from rapidshare and it has that i have to wait or 20 minutes and then i past the link into that RS bar and it say the same msg please waite for 20 minutes.... soo its totally uselles for me why its happenings if theres something that i miss so please help me out.

How is it possible to download more than one file at a time without operating a premium account

Grreat Job!!!


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