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SkyDrive Explorer - Lets User's Add 25 GB Of Secure Online Storage To Windows Explorer

SkyDrive StorageMicrosoft SkyDrive offers a generous 25 GB of free online-storage but lacks the simplicity of having the online-storage mounted as an local disk-drive for easier access like the one offered by ZumoDrive and LiveDrive, however, the same can now be achieved by using free Windows utility - SkyDrive Explorer.

SkyDrive Explorer Extension

SkyDrive Explorer enables users to use SkyDrive online-storage like a local disk-drive attached to the computer, user's can perform all the actions as they are working on a local disk-drive including full drag-n-drop support and multi-operations like renaming objects or deleting a group of files/folders.

SkyDrive Explorer >>

Via : Download Squad

TIP : If you looking for a free file-synchronization service give Windows Live FolderShare a try.


This is a very useful utilitiy. Although it is a beta version, it seems solid and is full of features. Thank you for sharing it.

where could we download?

Read the whole post :

I don't know what to think but looks like i'm the only one with this issue...I've install it on 2 computers i've login but when i'm trying to create a folder it doesn't show it when i'm trying to copy something it gives me "An error occurred while copying the file"...Any ideas about what could cause this? Thank you for your time.

Some people just talk without thinking!

The problem I'm facing is with copying or downloading if you will, multiple files... on the local disk it copies them as a whole single file, which is not supposed to.

That was the only reason I even tried it... for uploading I just use IE and its upload tool, doing multiple upload sessions manages to max out my uploading bandwidth, where as the skydumpexplorer uses barely half of it.

The problem is downloading the files... I'm going to the next solution and dumping skydrive explorer since by now it should have been properly done! This app doesn't even deserve the stage alpha, let alone beta!

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