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Working Solution For Bypassing YouTube Country Restrictions And Watch Videos In Any Country

The Youtube geographical video viewing restrictions were easily bypassed using a simply URL trick shared earlier, however the hack is no longer working so here we have a new working solution to view videos without the regional/geographic block anywhere in world.

Youtube Error Message

As Google has clearly explained why a particular video is being blocked in your country you can easily bypass this limitation by accessing the video from any other countries proxy or vpn.

Youtube Block Explained
The problem with this solution is that due to high-bandwidth costs not all free proxies/vpn services support video streaming, luckily one such free service gets the job done works well and all you need to do is to access the video from proxy.


If it works, then it is awesome, no difficulties in viewing any you-tube videos, thanks to

Finaly something that makes my case.Thank you ! works in Italy

not tried yet

This is an exmple of web content censorship. It only allows certain audiences for a specific web media which contains some trivial information or display. Many nations are already requesting to screen content generated by consumers or users.. It is part of a continuous effort by the country to restrict Internet information. This brand new policy could impact anything on the internet such as smartphone and webpage applications.

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