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How to play YouTube in Background on your Android or iOS

While my prefered way to enjoy Youtube videos is to have them downloaded as mp3 format, Have you ever been so annoyed with not being able to play YouTube in the background on your smartphone, whether Android or iOS? Of course, I know the obvious answer, YES! It is actually irritating when you want to only listen to the music of the video so that you can do multiple tasks instead of just sticking to the video. But since you are not among the YouTube Red subscribers, you deal with it like it’s an obligation. Well, only unless you know how to cheat.

YouTube in the Background on your Android or iOS

You may find it absurd but yes, you can play YouTube in the background on your Android or iOS and do other things on your phone. And the trick is to use a browser instead of the YouTube app to play the video that you only want to listen to.

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How To Embed High Resolution YouTube Videos On Blog Or Website

Earlier when YouTube was testing high resolution videos, we posted a hack to view YouTube videos in high quality by simply appending a parameter to the existing url, but there is no need for such hack now as YouTube provides option to view the high quality version of the video, However, YouTube still does not provide any method to let users embed high quality version of the video on there blog or website, but using the hack below you will be able to embed high resolution Youtube videos.

Normal Quality Video
High Quality Video

For the hack to work you will need to append &ap=%2526fmt%3D18 to the end of video clip’s URL's specified in “param” and “embed” tags in the default embed code provided by YouTube. For Example:

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