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The GoDaddy Anti-SOPA PR Nightmare Continues, Protestors Looking To Target More Supporting Companies

While GoDaddy has officially taken a u-turn on SOPA, the PR-nightmare continues as individuals are coming with guns blazing on the company creating website like Bye Daddy and Chrome Extensions like GoDaddy Detector making efforts to crowd-source the anti-SOPA sentiment against the company urging GoDaddy users to get away from them. The protesters are also voicing their opinions on social websites like reddit, CBS You Suck and One Candle In The Dark (don't forget to watch their video "The Companies Pushing SOPA Are The Same People Who Distributed The Piracy Software" after the jump) and asking users to VETO the bill by signing the petition quoting president Obama : "the more freely information flows; the stronger that society becomes".

Watch the video "The Companies Pushing SOPA Are The Same People Who Distributed The Piracy Software" after the jump.

Why you should be caring about this bill ?


Well i can honestly agree with some of what he is saying. I often download updates to utorrent through c|net so it is odd to know that NBC who owns C|NET does give out piracy software. I honestly dont think its to controll media by give risk to people. But i do believe since US is still having money issue that some US made company are finding ways to gain finacial intrest through all means possible. If im not misstaken look at sony. None US company yet willing to cut game developer to presue security on network and also able to sue anyone suspected of hacking there game consule.

Anyways, theres always a simple solution i take from getting caught from downloading. I use 3rd party instead of P2P. And there only one main reason i choose to use 3rd party.. My MAC or ISP does not get shared to other company or personal like utorrent or limewire(frostwire). This cuts out the factor of acutally getting caught by little brother and getting sue'd.

This ofcause is never a 100% sure i wont get cought but less likely then on p2p.

Btw AT&T is working i think with 3rd party that does represent SOPA and are cutting transfer speed if they notice a spike of data transfer even on moble and on unlimited data coverage. I have had notification of reduce connection speed from 10Mbp/s to acutally close to 1Mbp/s

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