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Apple iPhone 6 Concept Runs iOS and OSX Hybrid iOSX

Microsoft Windows 8 and Ubuntu has already started to blur the line between desktop and mobile computing, it's now Apple's turn to do the convergence.

While not official here is an designer created concept of Apple iPhone 6 running iOSX - an hybrid of OSX and iOS. Do watch the video posted below.

iPhone 6 Concept


I love this telephone and want to have it

the concept looks great but the phone design will never fly. First of all no round edges. Second not 6 inch tall screen and third no one is getting sued yet :/ Apple will not fly with that

Ilove you

Really good and hope to own it (as soon as possible) even thru the release date expected July next year. Hope apple can release it earlier. Whhhhhhhhhhhhhhoooooooooooooooooo

Apple is gone mad making iphones.. Hence this phone has worst style and looks like Nokia model battery. It don't even worth 30K cost ! Good luck apple...

copy of nokia lumnia 920

Great article about the iphone6 i appreciate the way you thoroughly wrote about this.

That design is so crappy. It actually looks like a Nokia Lumia phone. Doesn't even meet the rumored flattened iOS design.

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