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CaseTop - Turn Any Smartphone Into a Laptop, with 4 times the battery life, and only for $250

Users have always admired convergence of computing devices like Desktop, Laptop and Tablet like the RollTop concept shared earlier, and tech innovations are now trying to utilize the powerful computing muscle powers of your smartphone for full laptop/desktop grade computer usage. This niche is now getting more and more momentum as evident from concepts like NexPhone and realife products like Asus PadFone and Motorola Lapdock.

Unlike anyone of the above shared gadget or concept, CaseTop is a completely new way to exploit hardware of any smartphone that supports video output and Bluetooth to offer a big screen comfortable computing experience. The plan is to offer a laptop dock featuring a 11.1 inch 720p display (with future plans to have 1080p displays), a super-long 56 hr battery life, integrated stereo speakers, a USB port for charging other devices, and a 78-key keyboard for just $250 with Apple grade quality. Do watch the Kickstarter video and backup/pre-order the product using the link provided after the jump.

Pledge support and pre-order at Kickstarter:

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