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Mass Effect 3 For PC Cracked and Posted Online For Free Downloading

After cracked copies of console versions of "Mass Effect 3", famous warez group "RELOADED" has cracked and made public the PC version of the game. Usual torrent and file-locker download links to full PC version of the game with included crack to bypass anti-piracy mechanisms are already spread all around the internet, the scene release with name "Mass.Effect.3-RELOADED" sizes 13GB and comes as two-DVD copies.

Mass Effect For PC

Free "Microsoft Flight" Game For Windows Now Available For Download

Microsoft Flight

Everybody loves free games and when the offering is a well-known popular Flight Simulator game from "Microsoft" the excitement is definitely more. The newest version of Microsoft’s popular Flight Simulator game "Microsoft Flight" is now absolutely free, the game is more of an arcade-styled now and so the simulator tag is no more.

Microsoft Flight

Mass Effect 3 Cracked And Released For Download Days Before Official Release

Digital age pirates have once again beaten the content-publishers with pre-retail release of full-version cracked game download of "Mass Effect 3", The game is currently available as a pre-order but a fully-cracked working copy of the game is now doing rounds on internet via the usual Torrents and file-locker services links.

Mass Effect 3 Pre-order

Handy work of underground scene group's named "DUPLEX" and "COMPLEX", the cracked-game is now available for XBOX 360 (Mass.Effect.3.XBOX360-COMPLEX, Size : 16.1 GB) and Playstation 3 (Mass.Effect.3.PS3-DUPLEX, Size : 13.89 GB), a cracked PC version is also expected soon.

Download Mass Effect 3 Demo For PC, XBOX 360 and PlayStation 3

Mass Effect 3 LogoScheduled to be officially unveiled on 03 March 2012, the official demo for one of the most anticipated game of this year "Mass Effect 3" is now available for downloading on PC, XBOX 360 and PS3 platforms. The DEMO features two spectacular levels from the single-player campaign, along with intense four player co-op multiplayer matches.

Max Payne 3 - Official Website Launched, Coming May 2012 - A must watch trailer for all game lovers

Rockstar games has unveiled the official website for their much awaited game title Max Payne 3. Scheduled to be released in May, 2012 the game sequel has got huge fan-following waiting eagerly for the release, and looking at the trailers and weapons demo videos as posted after the jump it seems they won't get disappointed.

Max Payne 3

Microsoft Motion Controller "Kinect" Officially Coming To Windows This February

Kinect LogoImpressed by all those Microsoft Kinect Hacks out there, good news is you can now enjoy the same platform on your Windows machine - announced officially by Microsoft the "Kinect For Windows" will be available starting February 1, 2012.

The Guinness World Record holder for the "fastest selling consumer electronics device ever", Kinect handheld motion-sensing controller for XBOX360 got sold 18 million pieces past year. The new natural user interface system enables advanced human tracking, gesture recognition, voice control and so the user becomes the controller.

Windows Kinect

Analysts Predict Rockstar Games GTA 5 To Be 2012's Biggest Game Hit

GTA V LogoLike all previous releases of this game title, Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA IV) was also a hit, and analysts are already predicting that upcoming new release of the game "GTA V" will be the 2012's biggest release. Industry analyst Jesse Divnich of EEDAR has now gone on-record (via gameranx) predicting that the upcoming Rockstar title will beat last year's popular Modern Warfare 3 or any other games in sales for year 2012.

GTA V Game

Play "Angry Anna" Free Browser Based Online Game

Anna Hazare has became the face of ongoing peaceful Indian anti-corruption movement of the people, utilizing the non-violent methods following the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi the anti-corruption movement has been greatly supported by Indian public and the movement is getting unprecedented public-support in the history of free Indian.

Just days ago, Anna Hazare ended his indefinite hunger strike after Indian government bowed down to Indian public's mass-movement to introduce anti-corruption laws (Jan Lokpal Bill) into the system. Based on the hugely popular Angry Birds game, a new Anna Hazare "variant" of the game "Angry Anna" will definitely get the word out adding more supporters to the noble cause.

Angry Anna Hazare Game

The free browser game is available for playing with any HTML5 compliant web-browser after the jump below.

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