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Change Your Drives Icons And Background Image

Drive IconsDrives Background Image 2.0 is a nice little free utility to set custom Windows Drives Icons and Windows explorer Background image, the software lets you easily select and set your favorite image as background image and Drives Icon at your will.

Drive Wallpaper

You can have different backgrounds and icons for each drive and get relived from the same old plain explorer white background and default Windows drive icons.

Change Drive Icons

Features List

* Autodetect Available Drives
* Set Background To Multiple Drives
* Remove Background From Multiple Drives
* Set Icons To Multiple Drives
* Remove Icon From Multiple Drives
* Auto Recover Default Icons
* Events Log
* Drive Preview
* Icon Preview
* Easy Clean GUI

Download >>


well,here is the fact-before u post something,try to also post the link to get the thing too,goddamnit!

The link is at the end of the post, read before your comment.


i really appreciate mubshar for this awesome work, now we are working on its upcoming new version. and thank you for posting such comments to your website



thanks u

link went to, only search, no link to download program

Not bad

You have reached the download limit for free-users. Would you like more?

plz upload another link tnx!...

you're the best!

Thanks a lot

Will this work with Windows Vista?

Will this work with Windows 7

Drives Background Image Version 3.0

gud software no errors

hi dear
i have tried this software in windows 7 but its not working....could you please me in this regard.


i was searching a util like this
thanks a lot
i will work with it and give my feedback

I think it's not yet too late for me to get a copy of this software. I must have a copy of it and implement it to my Drive. Thanks for sharing.

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