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Easy YouTube Video Downloader - Popular Firefox Addon Updated To Version 1.2

UPDATE (13 Jue 2017) : The addon has been updated to v 9.15, get it from here -

UPDATE (11 Sept. 2013) : The addon has been updated to v 7.1 and is pending Mozilla's review to go public, you can still download the latest v 3.5 from Mozilla at -, this update features the all new instant single-click, direct high-quality (192kbps) Youtube to mp3 downloads.

UPDATE (17 Sept. 2010) : The addon has been updated to v 3.6 and is pending Mozilla's review to go public, you can still download the latest v 3.5 from Mozilla at -, this update makes it work again with newest Youtube changes which broke the video downloads.

YoutubeAn updated version of simple, fast and easy to use popular Firefox Youtube video downloader addon "Easy YouTube Video Downloader 1.2" is now available for download, the addon adds non-intrusive video download links in FLV, 3GP, MP4 and HD qualities next to video on Youtube pages.

Firefox Video Downloader Interface

The latest version features new button style, adds support for FLV download format and now displays HD download option only when available, with current release the addon is now Firefox 3.5 compatible.

Download from addon page at Mozilla >>


Thank you very much Admin. =]

Fertility Is Hereditary, Chances Are If Your Parents Didn't Have Children Neither Will You

works like a charm ty verymuch :) and lol to briansama's tag line

Not working with Firefox version 3.6

i updated firefox to version 3.6 and the youtube downloader add-on to 3.2.
and nothings working.

little help please!!!

Me too.

Downloads end right away with 0Kb, and no file visible in the destination folder.
Previous versions of Add-on also no longer working.
I am currently using Firefox 3.6.7.

Did you ever fix the problem? I'm having the same one and it's very frustrating! Download comes up as 0kb and nothing happens.

Same freaking thing here! It should be updated every time Firefox does

no video is download from you tube

same here does not work with 3.6.7

I am using firefox 3.6.6 and I only get a file which is 0 bytes

me too.

i completely agree with you..the 3.6 add on for the easy youtube downloader just won't work?? i keep trying everything i been uninstalling it then putting it back then changing it..nothing will work!! it keeps showing 0bytes too it..i think maybe you need to create a newer version..=/ if not find a way for helping us..because we can't download a single thing =(

Try to CHECK, WHERE it wants to save the FILE ... (it appears in the Failuremessage.

IF you have moved or renamed the folder ... it went stupid.
I checked it, and created the missing folder and subfolder again ... and now surprisingly it WORKED.

I am using 3.5.11 and latest plugin... works great! Didnt work with older version of pugin then I just updated it... THANKS!

uhhh, looks good. thanks

This Is a great addon, but ever since upgrading to 1.2, I can no longer see the Download links with the flashblock addon enabled using firefox 3.0.10 on a windows xp pro desktop. It would be nice if you could fix it so that it works correctly with flashblock again. That and the previous icons were a little more user friendly since they were bigger. Other than that, its an excellent addon!

Doesn't Flashblock have an options list?

It would be good if the video being downloaded had a name of what it was other than just "video.flv".

Thanks, these are much better than the big buttons you guys had before =)


Very Very usful app, using it all the time

This extension is very nice, but on a Mac/Unix-based PC there is one problem with the path. The standard path is Desktop\Videoname.extension, this might be correct for Windows, on other operatingsystems you can hope, that you can correct these filename. Thanks for an update.



on Linux based systems as well

same problem on kubuntu :-(

This issue got fixed in latest version, pls. update and report.

its too good yar.
work as it should on ff 4.0 beta version i m glad to have thanks...its totally simple yet very useful keep it up dude.


Yeah, it's really annoying. There should be an option to download HQ as well.

HQ is not HD, the MP4 download option is equivalent to HQ and when there is an HD version available the "HD" download option appears allowing you to download it in full quality.

Check this -

Checked that, doesn't work.

I tried that link and the "HD" option still does not appear. It only shows a [?] which links to this help-page. Is the download-in-HD function working for others?

The HD button only appears when the video itself has the HD button available.

so MP4 format is HQ?? ^^

how come there is no .3GP format available??

3GP is AWOL .
Agreed, I could really use the 3GP conversion. What happened?

Yeah this is the reason I use this. For this one simple convienence.

If video name is "xxx : yyy" there is a problem: ":" is an invalid character in windows file names !!!
How can I rename it before downloading?


I had the same problem.

Try this:
- In firefox, click the FLV download link
- It will start downloading, but the file will not actually contain any data
- In the download window pane, right-click, select "copy download link"
- Paste this link into a new browser window and you can download and rename the file


Hi, I'm having a problem here: there's this HQ video
but the download options are only FLV 3GP MP4 the HD option doesn't appear..
any idea if its a problem with HQ (youtube) and HD?

OK I've found the problem my self.
The video has not HD..

Looks like it doesn't like video titles that contain double quotation marks ("). Excellent software otherwise!

Video titles containing " won't save.

in my page the 3GP option does not appear what can i do?

Works great...but would like to select a download folder other than desktop!!

Agree, not just to the desktop. Cleaning up the mess takes too much time.

I've tried downloading a few titles... any that contain punctuation won't download due to an 'unknown error' :(
Also, the desktop folder destination kinda sucks, too.
Otherwise, a great addon :)

thanks for the great add on
can you add an mp3 function to it as well

mp3 needed

Is there a way to download the subtitle/ caption file in some youtube videos? I really need the subs for Home but they don't show in the downloaded files. Thanks.


Files like "The real Truth!!!" will just fail to download and there is no way to work around as the automatic filename is invalid.

By using a "trim" function you could clean up the name from any invalid characters and thus make them downloadable, too...

This bug got fixed in v 1.4 kindly update.

work fine and can play:)Thanks so much!

This is a great add-on, no questions there. The only problem is its incompatability with Flashblock. It's kind of a pain in "the behind" having to turn flashblock on and off everytime I want to download a video! That's why I'm sticking with version 1.1 until these guys can fix the problem. Maybe in the next version!?


Anyway, keep up with the good work...

Flashblock has a whitelist feature. Go to Tools > Add-ons > Flashblock.

how can I revert the version to 1.1? I have adblock + flashblock installed. can't use the latest version of the downloader

i have a problem with this program. when i click on mp4 or flv or 3 gp i dont get any thing. so i cant download any video.

Can u please help me?

thx in advanced.

i have the same problem any help?

Right-click > Save link as.

Easy Youtube Video Downloader adds '\' to filename.

In Mac OS X, '\' is not path separetor.

I want not to add '\' to file name.

as far as i can tell, right clicking flv, 3gp, mp4, copying the source url and opening it in a different tab works; and as long as you have a folder set as a save as destination it shud work...jus gotta rename!

Flashblock stops the download links showing up. I have to disable flashblock, which I don't like doing. Please do something about this.

Your plugin worked great until you updated it a few days ago. Now it doesn't work at all.

Okay people, we all know that the software has an incompatibility with Flashblock. We just have to sit, wait and pray that the problem is fixed in an upcoming version. No need to blame the software or call anyone names. That hasn't and will never lead to anything.

Until then, if you want to turn the version back to 1.1 and don't know how to do it just do this:

1) uninstall EasyYoutubeDownloader;
2) go to this link where the software is:


3) scroll down to "Works with" and click the link that says "See All Versions";
4) scroll down to version 1.1 and add it to firefox;

Note: when Firefox warns you that a new version of the add-on is available just ignore it. When there are updates for your other add-ons just uncheck the box on EasyYoutubeDownloader and proceed.

Remind yourself to keep track of the notes from the newest versions. This problem may be solved in any upcoming version!

Hope this helped ...

I clicked on all three types of format and cannot download, but it could before. Is there a max download number ? like a cap? Cus i did download liek 15 videos before it stopped working.

same problem, when clicking any of the file formats nothing happens. I found that opening the links in a new tab works, but you have to rename the file after it downloads. It's a bit inconvenient so it would be nice if the problem could be fixed.

After Updating the plug-in it stopped working!

Not a great update, is it?

Hi, could you add an option just to download an mp3 of the video. (Also the HD sound if available)

1.4 does not work

1.4 not working !!!!!!

When I try to download the HD version of a video, the only thing that I get is the audio. Or at least that's the only thing that's playable when I open it.

Any way to fix this problem?

It seems you are missing some codecs, try VLC Media player.

great addon..
but sometimes I cannot see the links (next to the vdos)..
either it takes time to load ..(more time than the vdo itself) or
it does not load at all..

the 2nd one more frequently..

pls help..

Pls. post the video url you are having problem on.

I tested it and its working fine on that video, chk the screenshot :

Mines not working, am I the only one with the problem???
It just fails to even start downloading!
Please help!!

Try to donwload this video:
You can't do it because the name of the video is "Aikido Yokomenuchi Nikyo O/U" and you will get an error message because the "/" character should be escaped...
Thank you for this great addon.

I am escaping illegal file-name characters but this seems to be slipping by, will have a look and fix in upcoming version.

Thanks for reporting.

In the next update could you support the file .AVI, I would like those better. Thnx!

Hi my Firefox show 2 rows to download videos...

What is your OS and Firefox version, I would suggest uninstalling and re-installing the addon.

My OS is windows 7 RC and Firefox version is 3.0.11
uninstall and reinstall the addon is not function..

please add more features to it as to convert video to mp3 & wav like format

this would be agreat step tiwards its popularity


This is by far the most useful add-on I have used and am currently using along with FireGestures. Is it possible to add MP3 an an option for people who want to download the audio only? Thx for this great add-on.

flv 3pg and mp4 all show up but when i try to click them, nothing happens... is it because of the video or something else?

Hmm, where do I get the newest release 1.4 with the fixed download for files with invalid characters? Can you pls post the download link here?


Great job guys, this is and excellent tool! I just love it. Easy, handy and doing just what its suposed to do...

Are there any plans to integrate this also as button into the favorites or playlists, so I can first add the video to a playlist and then download all of them at once? This would be awesome!

Maybe stupid question but where do I get version 1.4? Download on this page is pointing still to version 1.2, right?

Thank you for this great tool, it is one of my favorite tools on my computer and I could not imagine any more without it...

BTW, is there any chance you will make the tool capable of downloading multiple videos, e.g. from a youtube playlist or favorites or just all videos that are linked from a certain page? That would be really awesome!!

Any response to this from the authors?

I click on the links to download them in all the formats but it wont let me. Im confused. Anyway, check out this site to get free stuff online.

very well done

I have the full K-Lite MegaCodec Pack installed, yet when I download a MP4 file (using the text links to the right) it wont play on WMPC or any other player I have. What gives?

I have other MP4 files downloaded from elsewhere (not using the addon) and those play fine...

Oye no se si se han dado cuenta, pero al querer descargar como .flv o .mp4 me marca un error y me dice que no se pudo descargar...

Si pueden resolver ese problema, acerlo lo antes posible...

Estoy muy agradecido con su programa, y solo dejo este comentario como peticion te arreglar ese fallo...

Muchas gracias...

I tried downloading the following video

There were three options, flv, 3gp, and mp4. All of them gave me 0.0kb after download. Any workarounds?

I got the same problem

same problem

Can't get this to work with Firefox 3.5 on a Mac. Downloads don't occur. What's wrong here?

Hi am trying to download the file from Youtube site, but it not happening?

It is great that the plugin uses the name of the Youtube video in the filename that it creates (eg Youtube movie.flv). The issue is that if you watch and try to download a movie with the exact same title (and download filename), the original will get overwritten and lost! This has been happening and I did not even realize, so I am not a happy camper. This can be fixed by checking to see if the filename being downloaded already exists, and then have the plugin just add a (1), (2), etc to the end of it. Thus no more overwriting existing files. Hopefully this can be done because this is a really easy, fast plugin to use, with this rather annoying issue bringing it down.

how can i rename the video files i download cause it only sayes video !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i cant download it now.. the previous version is better than the new...

I tried clicking Mp4, Flv and 3gp but non of them worked, and it told me to try to save it in a new location and i tried that too but it didn't work either. Help please!? =(

Can you put some option to download audio track only...BIG THX for Easy YouTube Video Downloader

I would like to second the last comment, this problem bit be big time today. It should NOT silently overwrite files.

Just wondering if the mp4 could be made to play on an iPod. I know that iPods do play mp4, but some types are incompatible. I have been converting my videos to m4v, but would rather avoid this step since it is time consuming and requires twice the space. Other than that, I agree that mp3 support should be added. As one final thought, it would also be great if you could move the download buttons to a spot closer to the player controls, and some graphics would be nice too instead of just text links.I'm sure that you are not able to accommodate the requests for all the different file types requested due to space issues... maybe get around this obstacle by having a single download button with a drop down menu of all the different types.
Great add-on though. I have never had any problems with it, but there is still room to be better. Looking forward to future releases. thanks.

It doesn't work and I have no idea why. I click on the Mp4 for example and it does nothing...

siiii!!! funciona de lujo!!! es lo mejor!!! siiii me sirve muchisimo.. ahora tengo 1000 de videos en mi celular

is one of the options the same as mp3?

The latest upgrade is broken in Firefox for Mac 3.0.10.

Links to download do not work.

There is also a problem with the preference page which is set NOT to scroll which means that you cannot see, never mind choose, options.

The small preference page also appears every time you open a new window.

Needs urget attention.

Thank you.

if you try to download a video with slashes (and maybe other things) in its name such as this video: "25/25 Kaki King - Tuning + Universe Known as DUNE" it fails with an 'unknown error'.

Flashblock prevents this extension from working. It worked perfectly in the past (v1.1 IIRC) but since I updated to FF3.5 and got compatible version of this (1.6 at the time) the download links no longer appear.

Try right click, save as ...

best quality on 3gp please!!! :D

Useful and great software... Thanks...
Happy with it...

Here's an awesome addon, MP3 would perfect this :)

Thanks admin! This is a great product!

why can't Easy Video downloader download videos in mp3 format?

mp3 format?

Why it not working
when I click Mp4 button nothing happen

READ IT Foreign Dummys

it is not working
it does not download when i clicked the mp4, flv , etc..

this shit doesn't work in youtube

E:\Audio Songs\Youtube\Pa Ghappi yaan.3gp could not be saved, because an unknown error occurred.

Try saving to a different location.

To download a video is important go first to "option" of Easy YouTube Video Downloader, and select where you whish download it. This options are in
aggregates program in your firefox, find its in "tools". if you don´t do it you can´t download any video.

You definitely need to add an MP3 format option to the download options, i often need only the sound from a youtube video and have to download and convert to get mp3 audio, pls add mp3 option. Thanks, Bye.

I can't save it so it opens in itunes. in fact i can't even find the file after it's done downloading. i want it to go to mp3 so i can play the music on my itunes...

Using latest version of Easy Youtube Video Downloader (1.6) and FF 3.5.1

I go to this adress: and I try to download as mp4. It records a 0 bytes file. The same happens when trying to download as other formats. - Check your video save location in addon options, it might be wrong.

I compared frame by frame an HQ video diaplayed in the youtube box and the same video downloaded as "MP4", that should be *the exact* HQ video dislplayed on youtube, but i instantly noticed a lot of artifacts in the downloaded one, instead of very smooth edges in the youtube box.

So here i'm not understandig if the downloaded video (as "MP4") is different from the HQ displayed on the youtube box or if the youtube player includes some powerful anti-aliasing function in itself.

And, in that last case, how can that function be enabled outside youtube? Because the quality difference it's huge.


Hi, why then I want download video from Youtube, the file is saved on drive E? The drive E is my recorder DVD.
Can I change the directory?

Yes you can change the save location, open Firefox and goto
Tools -> Addons -> Easy YouTube Video Downloader -> Options and then click browse to select the video save location.

i try downloading a youtube video on any format but it doesn't do anything at all. i've even serched my comp and nothings there. help plz!

I downloaded a video on mp4 format. I put on my mp3 but there's no video just audio can any1 help?

Because mp3 is audio ONLY


Hello Admin,
Are there any plans to add a function in your application to clean up Youtube names from invalid characters so they would also be able to download?

That would be a quick thing to add and improve your application...

Great app!! Thanks!

The latest version is already filtering invalid characters, Pls. post the video url in which you are having trouble with your OS, I will check it and fix in future versions.

please create mp3 icon =)

a sweet thing is that it could download to mov file..

that is exactly what we need baby....

I'd been trying to find something that would let me download HD videos. But I have a question. Why does it not give me an HD option when the video player itself does?

i have the exact same problem...

I downloaded this file
but when i open it.. the codecs said that it cant render the file
even VLC cant start the file..

did something wrong?

This is an excellent downloading tool! It always works for me.The only thing that you should add is an option where the program can download videos that have the same titles.

I want to download a video that says
and when I try to download another video with the same exact title it will download as Videoten-1 oppose to overwriting the original video with the same exact title.

This feature is already available in latest version 1.7 pending Mozilla approval to go public, you can upgrade right now using this link :

Seriously, I don't know what the deal is...the "buttons" are there, you can click on them, but NOTHING happens. NOTHING. I downloaded this THREE times and still nothing. I am so disappointed, I used to have a great YouTube Downloading program. Guess I'll have to go back and reinstall that one. Too bad. I was really hoping this one would work.


I've encountered problems when trying download following file:

I think problem is related to the fact that file name doesn't contain any Latin character. One of the possible solution (if I'm not mistaken) would be possibility to give alternative file name.

Now when all the other "youtube downloader" program doesnt work, This addon work, awesome program and nice buttons :D

Hi there, i tried downloading certain videos by clicking on the MP4 but its not appearing in my download manager.

I even tried to right click and save as.. & transfer those videos to my PSP but when I try to play in my PSP it says data not supported.

Can anyone please help me with this ?

Nothing happens when I click to download from Youtube as MP4 (or anything else). When I tried to uninstall Easy, it continues to show "This add-on will uninstall when Firefox is restarted". Need help! Thanks.

The HD option is not available anymore...even on videos that i had downloaded.


HD option missing after some downloads

even on videos that i had downloaded

Works very well for .flv and .3gp downloading. Not yet tried the HD or mp4 yet.

It would be great if the next update allowed an mp3 download :O

looks now like this:
Download Video As : FLV 3GP MP4 [?]

Yes it's a HD-video.
Yes, I checked videos I dl in HD some weeks ago.

Issue fixed in latest update v 1.8 - upgrade here :

thank !!

Great app! Got it to work on a Mac by control+clicking on MP4 (plain clicking didn't work for me) and selecting "OK" button on resulting pop-up "You have chosen to open Video.MP4" window. Went right to the desktop, where I was able to rename it, then import it into iTunes. Thanks for sharing your brilliance!

I have two sets of youtube videos posted by the same author/organization. One set works when I try to download it, the other fails, any idea why? Both were tried using the MP4 file format since I want to throw it onto an ipod and both work when fmt=18 is added to the options

Video that works fine with downloader:

Video that does not work with downloader:

HEY! I got a problem I view any "HD" Video but it just have FLV 3GP MP4 THE HD IS GONE!!!!

Update to version 1.8 check addon page or comment above.

Version 1.8 isn't avaliable for download. I can only find 1.6 on Mozilla's addon page. No offense, I hope you understand, I prefer downloading FireFox addons from the FireFox homepage.

I cant download video en HD

Guys this may be off topic but my youtube mp3 converter is not working anymore x_X
keeps saying pg doesn't exist at all..... and i can't download videos to my mp3>.<
i don't even own an mp4 ._.
anyone help me with this?or know if this got disabled
and i would like a recommendation of where to download youtube videos on my mp3 if
there is a way x.x

1.8 still not working for HD video... youtube changed the HD links again....

when i download any video in mp4 it only downloads the audio not video, i even tried different videos.

same goes here. and it works though it workd with HD, when i view it, it plays in slow motion,, what seems to be the problem ? :((

i clicked on any hd, mp4, 3gp or even flv and nothing happen.. can't download any video

right click at fvl, mp4, 3gp --> open link in a new tab --> located and named that file

I am using mac, but couldn't see the HD link option.
any idea?

I started using Easy Youtube Video Downloader, 'coz a couple weeks ago Download Helper addon stopped working at all. So E.Y.V.D. became an awesome alternative along with his better features eg.: same file name, multiple simultaneous downloads... But I've noticed a few days back that the option HD [code 22] is not appearing anymore. In this meantime Download Helper retuned workimg with all the downloadable verisons [flv (35), mp4 (18), hd (22)]. So what has happen? Will it be fixed?

Thanks from now on.

[Sorry my bad english, I'm brazilian.]

It doesn't work for me. And the video is in HD. Here's the link


As said earlier in comment :

Issue fixed in latest update v 1.8 - upgrade here :

1.8 does not work for HD video. Why do you keep saying it does? Have you bothered to try it on Youtube recently?

I have bothered to develop this and keep this updated without getting paid for, v 1.8 is working fine with HD and here is the proof :

Check yourself after updating to v 1.8 -

Don't worry, this is very useful to most of us, including me. I guess only a few people have real problems with it.

One possibility for all the missing HD download maybe because:
Since this videos are hosted by youtube, the availability of those HD videos may depend on the condition of Youtube's servers. NOT because this add-on works or not. HD videos cost alot resources for the servers. Bandwith for one, is higher. So there may be a load balancing policy in Youtube that limits the availability for ALL High Def videos.

And for those requests for MP3, AVI or other video/file formats...
You will not see any video format that is not directly served by Youtube. This add-on is a DOWNLOAD utility, NOT a converter for Videos!

very good, but I could not download hd

Recently am not able to download HD videos. I could.ny find the 'HD' option for HD videos. Only flv, 3gp and mp4 are visible. pls check it..

For some reason I only get audio when ever I try to download a youtube video.
Never a visual.

Is there something I'm doing wrong?

many a times the HD is missing for the videos played in HD...

if have a problem with HD option disappear just go to here
when finish to update the version now i can download the HD video again..

work good for me...thnxx for shraing

Please help. I am trying to download some HD content on Youtube & downloaded your most recent update for firefox.
When I clicked the HD button I get the following error message:

/Users/jamespascale/Movies/MGM/Movie logo intros [HD].mp4 could not be saved, because an unknown error occurred.
Try saving to a different location.

Any thoughts on why the download failed or what I can do to correct the problem?
Thank you.
Jim Pascale
jimpascale [at]

What is the video url ??

TY very much for your reply.
The URL is:
But it really doesn't matter. I can't download ANY HD clip for some reason.
Should I uninstall & reinstall the whole program?
Any advice as to what I can do would be deeply appreciated.

The HD video download is working fine, I suggest you update to latest version from this url :

muy bueno el complemento pero ahora ya no da la opcion para descargar HD solo hay flv 3gp y mp4 espero k lo solucionen

I really really like this addon, but I would like to see convertion to MP3 :D

Great work im imprest best addons on firefox... my favorit.. so go on be stronger be gratest.. convert mp3

it would be so amazing if you could make a mp3 conversion..

I just downloaded this addon and it worked perfectly fine for my first download. But after that, it doesn't want to download anything else? Firefox is showing that they start downloading a clip, but then it stops abruptly and the file size is 0kb?

I'm using the latest version with Firefox 3.0.10 for Mac.

omg thats wonderful thank you my friend

Thanx for a great plugin, only used it for a couple of minutes but feels like its something that will be added to my permanent addon-list !!

However .. Cant find a report-to-bugtracker-option-thingie on this site so ill just post it here. I found some minor issues when using 1.8(b?) under Mozilla 3.5.3.
The issues are as follows:
Regular(left)click to download doesn't work while right-click on the download option and choosing the "open link in new tab" option does the job .. any suggestions for a fix ?

HD option in missing for HD enabled videos, suppose youtube changed their code? ...


I have a Mac and Firefox version 3.5
Nothing happens when I click on the links to download from You Tube.

After installing the add-on i am not able to watch the video,also there are buttons to download but when i try to download there is an error and it says contact the administrator of the site. Major problem is tht i am not able to even the watch on site

the hd button is no enabled in mine. everytime im watching a hd vid, for example this i only see options 3gp, mp4 and flv. theres no HD. i wonder why. im using a firefox 3.5.3.

i already download an Hd video but i know that i need a codec called mpeg4 encoder to see it on windows media player, so how can I make that the video works with this codec Windows Media Video 9 Professional without installing an encoder?

Hey, thanks for a amazing plugin! It would be nice to have a option to download only the audio from the video, just a thought...

cannot see hd button

Hi, my user folder contains a "é" character so I can't download to my desktop or my documents my downloads folders or anything which is in my user folder, but if I change the path to something with standard english characters like C/Users/Documents then it's fine. This is kind of annoying as I have to go looking for the file afterward.

Oh, and an mp3 functionality would be very nice.

As others have said, the HD download option used to show up on HD Videos, but doesn't anymore for some reason - at least not for me.

Is it possible to download in MP3?


it was not downloading full video of you tube for 128mb video it was downloading 104mb only


me also same problemmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Hd doesn't appear when i try downloading HD videos on youtube

Can you download in avi

Is it possible to download mp3 format

(Sound without video )

it was not downloading full video of you tube for 128mb video it was downloading 104mb only


Si señores, saludos.
Excelente, a veces nos confundimos con otros programas alternativos, pero un add-on mmmm… si mucho mejor.
Download: Radiohead. jeje.

how used hd download opcion..?

Cant download, this messege is popping out everytime I try downloading something, start happening whe I update it to Windows 7.

Any solutions? Another software that will work?

Any fixes plz? i just installed Windows 7 recently.

when i d/l it in mp4 i can put it on my ipod, but when i d/l it in HD it won't go to my ipod even though it still seems to be in mp4 format. anyone having this problem? Great program BTW, LOVE IT! would just like to figure this problem out.

FLV will download. MP4 does not download!!! Please fix MP4 to function and download!

How come there is only FLV 3GP & mp4?
Please Help. Thank you.

Please organise HQ (and not HD) download component. thanks

I downloaded from Mozilla page because you tout MP3 capability there. Where is it? Not available on downloaded version

You need to grab the latest version from here:

The mp3 search feature is currently in BETA and an online converter is also coming in few days :)

i cant download in 1080p

There are actually 2 modes for NON-HQ Videos, which one is HQ? I see the non-HQ videos are 640 by 480 with some 480 by 360? Is the flv format the one?

This addon for mozilla is (S)excellent

Which type should I download a video as, to sync to my iPod touch? flv didn't work.. mp3 showed as just audio, and some others I tried were way too big to download like 70mb

How can I download youtube videos into music files? The mp4 download option automatically assumes that I am downloading a video file. Still, no mp3 download function for chrome. Hope you get it working soon! :D Besides that, one of the best, if not the best extension for downloading youtube videos, period.

this is the error message i get Error: Host Not Accessible

The web host is not accessible.

Possible sources of this error:

* The host name is invalid
* There was a DNS error
* The web site may be unavailable
* You may not be connected to the internet

Please edit the URL, or search for it using Google. Any Help?

how come the audio for my HD video doesnt work?

example with that video , vevo either bypass's youtube or because of the extra code and shit on the page nulls it...

any ideas on how to get around this , vevo has the best qual vids :(

What is the format for the 1080p HD file?

When downloaded, it appears as a unknown file.

ya datz wad i wanna ask!!

It won't download all videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's very useful app. But the speed rate of download is quite low.

This would work great isn't here was an .avi option because RCA EasyRip doesn't support any options currently available.

- Jezuz the Juggalo

Is there anyway to use this to get an audio file to youtube, i can't figure out how, i got the movie downloaded but i only want the audio file please help

There is an MP3 download option use that.

i try clicking on mp4 download but nothing happens...please need argent help....


Yesterday the plugin has worked. Today i see in FF window "downloading is starting..." and video is downloading only to the barier about 70MB and stop with message something like "can't save because source file is not avaliable".

This problem occur since today in ANY YT downloading plugin!

Hi Guys

Maybe someone can help me.I always converted some vid.s from youtube through youtubedroid without any probs.
But in the last days i get for every video
"Error: Error parsing Youtube URL. Please enter valid Youtube URL"
Anyone else having the same probs?
Thank you in advance for your help!


It works good! In some cases the HD video disappeared 'cause YouTube removed it! So no problems at all (yet :D )!

thanks for this simple but great add on. now i can download all as roma game hilite from youtube and all my fav music. simple is beautiful

everything's right expect downloading mp3 from YT video. It aint work !!

same problem, before it worked but i dunno what happened now, it just stopped working the mp3 downloader :(

MP3 is not working! So same thing here

I have noticed the last coupe of weeks youtube has been making changes to there site. MP3 sometimes works but not always. Even mp4 isn't starting. Says download starting and then it is zero k.

I have tried several different videos but alas no go.

Current Version 2.1 Reinstalling doesnt work.

Newest Firefox update.

Keep up the good work! If you need more info please ask.

I checked and everything is working fine, pls. send an example.


i download for mp4 format but when i download it on my mp4 there's no thumbnail? can help me?

Download As: 1080p Full HD wich prog should i open it with?

Installed and working on two pcs sat side by side on same network for many months, now youtube on one PC has a 'new look' and significantly changed formatting with no downloader buttons, the other is still working fine on the old type interface.

Both PC's are running FF3.6 and v2.1 downloader

only downloads on desktop....

By default it saves to user desktop, but that can be changed by going to Tools -> Addons -> Easy Youtube Video Downloader -> Options.


Great! Thanks for that!

Hi there
Im receiving errors since past few days while trying to download,
first i assumed it was something to do with my system or internet or firewall
or mozilla firefox itself
so I tried un installing and re installing the required and the add ons + disabling firewalls etc

when i click MP3 or Any Video format it gives me errors on MP3 it says error cannot find source and similar with FLV or 3GP

Error while trying FLV or 3GP or MP4 :

"C:\Documents and Settings\User\Desktop\Filename.flv could not be saved, because the source file could not be read.

Try again later, or contact the server administrator."

hoping to hear a resolution soon for this issue thanks

previously this worked really well...

C:\Users\user\Videos\Girls Generation - Chocolate Love MV [english subs romanization hangul].mp4 could not be saved, because the source file could not be read.

Try again later, or contact the server administrator.

i got the same problem!! pls help!!!!!

I'm continually getting this message when trying to convert to .mp3. Only the odd link works.

Thanks for the ver3. The app is right know again visible in the new Youtube lay-out but it's not working, I'm clicking the MP4 button but nothing appears... :(

This video can't be downloaded with this extension:

Great extension. Just as of today I do not see, because the entire page youtube does not look the same (in my browser). everything is reversed, and these extensions are not anywhere. Can a little help, how to get back to the normal page layout?

why does some of the video in youtube i can't download it in HD format?

Thank you very much but i got a request could you put a psp option i tryed with the mp4 but its only compatible with ipod =(

a psp option or mp4 for psp please!!

The plug-in works with the new layout. It is right below the share option. It doesn't download anything right now, though

não tem em hd

MP4 frame rate is badly distorted. FLV works perfectly.
by watching a few downloaded MP4 videos it looks like it plays at 60fps+ and shortens the overall length of the video at the same time.

Firefox 3.6.
Latest Version of EYVD

hope you will fix it soon. right now it doesnt download anything!

the addon not seem to be displayed every time. tried reinstalling it which solved it for about an hour. did youtube fighting against this? firefox version 3.6.3 downloader version 3.1

This new version works very well.
I noticed one bug, this addon does not save in directories with an accent in it (à, í, è, etc.)
I wish this will be solved in newer versions

why i cannot convert with any other file??

Why can't we download Youtube Videos in Stereo Quality Sound?

On Youtube it is stereo sound but when we download it, it becomes Mono sound....any clarification why? It would have been great that we can download normal videos too in Stereo sound quality...

This software is awesome. I have been looking for something like this for a long time. The possibilities are endless. Thanks has been working until today when my Firefox got updated. Now it keeps on saying error every time I try to download anything in MP3 Standard or High Quality. Can the problem be fixed? Otherwise this is a great program for songs I cannot otherwise find or are unable to be downloaded elsewhere.

The good addon

I can't find the Download button on the new kind of youtube... help... When it works, and when I watch one video on "related video" part, download doesn't come out.


mp3 converter isn't working for me (on ubuntu)
it says Error: Error parsing Youtube URL. Please enter valid Youtube URL

iTunes will no longer accept these to play or even show up on my videos list. Any suggestions?

I have found your software a great help and really appreciate. Thanks

Easy YouTube Downloader is now blocking the "Post" button on the new YouTube layout today. I can still post though by "viewing All comments" and posting from there. But it's rather annoying. But the downloader still works like a charm!

I Need suport format Mkv and Mka.
Is possible?. Please.

I press download mp3 Highquality version, well i've done it with standard aswell. hell i've done it as all. and it goes to my itunes as a song! I don't get any video! I just want these on my ipod. WTH? help please?

Sometimes it needs the &feature=related after the link to it will convert it and today i tried to convert Maroon5 - This Love and it just says: "Adult Video Content" when i tried to convert it to mp3 :(

Here is my clip

It is not available in HD so I want to downlaod the next highest res which is 480p but I can't choose this. If I download the clip it always gets downloaded as 360p :(

Despite this I'd say this is a fantastic plugin. Good work!

(I'm running on a mac BTW)

mp3 converter isn't working for me

I have a problem, I can download FLV, 3GP, MP4, but not MP3. The same error always:

Enter the URL of the video you want to convert.

When I click on MP3, a new tab opens, then I try to convert the actual youtube link and the above error happens always!

Before it worked, but since a week not. I have now the latest version, still doesn't work.

Could you help me???


Having the same issue here. :Error parsing Youtube URL. Please enter valid Youtube URL"

mp3 converter don't work, why?

I'd just like to say with the new Youtube layout the add-on is covering half of the comment box making me unable to comment. Please fix it.

This is what I came here to point out as well.

It's an awesome add-on, functionality is great, but that part does need a small tweak as it does block part of the comment box and makes it hard/impossible to post comments on that page (given the 'post' button being behind the add-on's box)

Update to "Easy Youtube Video Downloader 3.3" and this will get fixed.

Any chance you would move things around a bit in the chrome extension, the buttons block the post comment button.

Any chance of support for teh new webM (matroska subset) format, that now can be selected on youtube.


Keep getting the following error message

Error: Error parsing Youtube URL. Please enter valid Youtube URL

the add on was great and very easy to use.

i was just wondering if i can save the file and and play it as it is on my Play Station 3?

i hope it does.

thanks again

I love the addon, but it only works maybe half the time.

It doesn't work or not work consistently, often I download mp3s quite happily with no problem, but for half or maybe even more of the videos I want to convert and download I get the message:

"Error: Error parsing Youtube URL. Please enter valid Youtube URL"

I don't understand why. An example of a video on which I get this:

Furthermore, I try clicking the mp4 link and all I can see happening is some file with 0 bytes that doesn't do anything if I double click, and which when I right click the only options I get are "Copy Download Link", "Select All" and "Remove From List".

I tried copying the link and pasting it into a new tab but I just get a completely blank white page. I also have tried right clicking and saving the link on the youtube page for mp4, that doesn't work either.

I really WANT to love this, because when it works it's compeltely effing awesome. But when the amount of times it works is half the time or less, you start to feel what's the point in even trying to convert and download these things >.<

If anyone can shed some light as to why some videos just REFUSE to be downloaded, and if there's anything I can do about it, please let me know.

Hey, i have your product, its been great so far, yet it has issues with downloading the audio (mp3) from videos, it keeps saying...Error parsing Youtube URL. Please enter valid Youtube URL....if you would please help

I click on "MP4" and the download begin, and the file have 0 octet, empty. How can i dl my files ?
It's like YouTube block download addons...

i click on diffrent videos and dosent show on any and i re installed also

Every link I try to download as MP3 brings the same message: Error: Error parsing Youtube URL. Please enter valid Youtube URL.
Sometimes when I click Convert again, the grabbing runs, but most of time not. In single cases it starts to grab, then I get the message: Error: File not found on server.
Another message was: Error: The quality you have chosen is not available for this video, no matter which quality I choose. Damn...

as said in subject , I can't see EMBED and Flag button on video pages ... will this be fixed soon ? to put the download options elsewhere where they wouldn't obstruct the view of anything . thanks , great add-on

Add on is hiding the 'post' option in the comments bar.

why cant we see the embed option anymore though? where can we get the code??

same here, the downloader is hiding embed and flag. cant see them = cant embed videos

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