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Top 10 Rapidshare Search Engines

Rapidshare Search Engine

RapidShare is the world leader in one-click file hosting arena, despite being the most popular file-sharing service lacks file search feature, the only reason I can assume they lack this feature is to avoid searching of copyrighted files by their legal owners getting illegally distributed by this pirate friendly file-hosting service. Nevertheless, their exist many services which allow you to search files hosted on and other major file-sharing services like, these free file search engines can be used to search for links of software, movies, music and ebooks hosted on rapidshare and similar services.

We have also created free OpenSearch & Google Toolbar plugins for searching rapidshare files from Firefox and IE7 search box, Just click on the plugin links below to get easy access to file-search:

Rapidshare File Search Plugin For Firefox & IE7 >>

Rapidshare File Search Google Toolbar Button For Firefox & IE7 >>

Read More for a list of Top 10 Rapidshare Search Engines...

Their exist numerous services but here are the selected few top 10 services:

  1. Rapidshare Search - Note: Search Results Contains Adult Ads
  5. RapidFox.Com
  9. - Supports almost all major one click file-hosters


no commet

I find this one to be realy good

my favorite rapidshare search engines is, because it's included music & pdf files


I think this one is just awesome! No logs and freaking fast!

There are many other Search Engines for File Sharing Sites : Rapidshare Search, Megaupload and More.

I agree with the statement that there are many File Sharing Sites and have plenty to choose from. I take it very useful search engine is Usemeplz and allows you to search for Rapidshare and other popular file hosting.

i like it thanks for sharing this valuable information here :)

please ans me in my

nice list but some of them do not exist any more. me I tried and it works nice ;) (not only for uploaded but also bitshare, turobit, dvixstage, movashare, nowvideo......)

good job

i suggest ! It's best!


I might suggest checking out,, and These search engines are also free and good for megashares and megaupload searches with the correct search parameters.

That's a good list and I use a couple of them myself, already. I might suggest checking out,, and These search engines are also free and good for megashares and megaupload searches with the correct search parameters.

My favorite rapidshare search engine is it's the most powerful and easy to use.

I using to Rapid Search. Because it's included torrent & over 10 hosting search

i found this and think its fab it seems to have a very big database

Please review, Simple and fast, I never use anything else. is gives really good results which are alive

I have found two interesting sources and would like to give the benefit of my experience to you.
I am tuning my pc by the best software for free, with the file search engine and May be you have your own experience and could give some useful sites too. Because this two social sites help me much. is another one rapidshare search engine.

Great index of search engines here.
Before you can use them you'll need a Rapidshare premium account of course.



i suggest for mp3 albums. Great site!

I suggest

Please send me invitation code so that i can create account.

Send me an invitation code too!

Can you please also forward to me the invitation code to:

i tried this rapidshare search engine: it's not bad at all :)

i think is the best rapidshare search engine.. Because, it dont use google for searching (Better Usefull Results).. also no dead link and password problems.. no membership etc..

You forgot about

My favourite filez search engine: This site find everything... unbelievable!

Hello, just want to added one rapishare search engine I've found that is

Hello,anyone have rapid share premium account???Please share with me.I am very thankful to you.
my email is

great sharing, I have found a newest that has more complete servers to be explored sucah as: RapidShare, MegaUpload, MegaShares, Badongo, FileFront & SaveFile. is a search engine for other files.

Give some other links please.

Man all you fellas r livin in the stone age..All these serach engines are shit! Try It has the biggest database and has a wide search. It not only scans rapidshare but also sites that have rapidshare links on em. This way it doesnt only look for matches in links but also on threads on various sites:

I hope I knocked some sense into you file sharing noobs. Im gna go take a dump now.Bye

yey. salut bruv ;) adds over 100,000 Rapidshare files daily! Super spider technology uses the MULTILANGUAGE search: you may search English, French, Spanish, German, Danish and Italian Rapidshare files.
By August, 14 we have over 2,750,000 Rapidshare files indexed and in 2 months we plan to index over 12,000,000 files! Do you imagine this? :)

Sorry to say so, but this engine only finds crap, plus forget about the multilanguage support. does a far better job, also searches megaupload and lots of other file hosts. Happy hunting!


New files and dead links pruned every hour - NOT GOOGLE ADWORD POWERED like most of the RS search sites!

i want repid share free primium account for one month unlimited - over 4,500,000 Rapidshare links. 80,000 new links are added daily.
As cool as real.

It's a stinker.

Here is the best SE for shared files:

Here's one with less screen clutter and a short name :P

I want to reccomend new rapidshare serach engine (with polish uploads):

Saves me lots of time looking for files I want to download. I also came across this Rapidshare Search Engine called, works pretty good. is the best by far,
as far as im aware it has the largest database/
and you can choose to only search verified working links.
love it

Site is gone!

Nice list. I use RapidLibrary and

It seems that becomes #2 Rapidshare search engine in the world with over 6,100,000 Rapidshare links. Therefore will be an absolute leader in 1-2 months. is just another google clon - it uses Google custom sear ch - nothing original..

There is another one:
Fast Search. You can see file size too.

I suggest using this one as it's bigger, faster + got a toolbar for your browser for free.
take a look: Rapidshare search

try very good one has a new technology , I believe it is the best shows an outstanding Rapidshare links database capability.
Over 7,000,000 links are indexed.

i need white smoke...a speeling and grammer checking software of english....can anyone can gimme link in simple terms ...i shall be oblidged...regards is a free internet browser that has those features when you write a note. Often, when I respond like this, I will compose it on an AOL "write" field. Get it like I want it and copy / paste into the form field for my comment. You do not have to be logged onto AOL for it to work. Other than that, "msword" from Microsoft is a typical solution.

I recomend !

which one good for games search?

hi guys.... any suggestion?

Some links are already dead or are now parked domains with ads.

I usually use switching between the "sites" and "links to sites" radio button option.

But sometimes I just use google with the site: or inurl: parameters

i know use
its new and i think its better than all of the others

Hello to all:
Here is another good rapidshare search engine.
Rapidshare Hub

huge database, no spam

New Rapidshare Search Engine with a lot of links:

I tryed it, it's really nice, usful. give you the information of the file and it's source.


Very useful files search engine. is a search engine designed to search files in various file sharing and uploading sites. is good for new files searching on

I use this site all time and nearly always find what I want. is the best by far,

Huge database, always growing, can search only verified links.


found this some weeks ago and using it pretty much all the time!
fast and neat - shows links and checks them for availability.

even associated it with my FireFox website search!

It's the best!

good job

Very useful files search engine. is a search engine designed to search files in various file sharing and uploading sites.

Is There any body know about the rapidshare free account or megashare free account
and hacking software is there plz help ;

Try this search engine too:

Try new service with unique search algorimt to locate files on the internet - . Based on internal library and real time internet search. Part of project is desktop rifas client and Rifas Remote Checker, capable of checking links on remote sites.

Rapidshare Search Engine ? Megaupload Rapidshare DvD download only at

The Best i have yet found is SearchFiles.Us as it is AD-FREE ..and ....Enormously FAST ! - is new rapidshare search engine. works effective and quick

download using frostwire is the easiest and fastest!!!

Using thisRapidshare Search Engine, you could search also web directory which is direct download

Try to look for rapidshare files. I using it regularly and allways satisfied with the results
It's redesigned now and looks much more beter. More than 7 000 000 files in their database.
They offer search toolbars for FF and IE. They also offer search bar for your site.Enjoy.


check this out
Greay search engine with no pop us or adverts



I am using search engine for my Website search, videos, youtube video downloads, file search, blog search on daily basis. and it satisfy me. i recommended to all for this search engine is a pretty new and very good one with a big index and much search options

Nice List , Thank you.
But The Best I found is
it searches the net in real time.
I suggest you to add this to your list ;)

Nice List , Thank you.
But The Best I found is

New Rapid Hunter is one of the best Rapidshare search engines.

Hey Guys. I found the best one. Its free of Ads and no signup or something. Also it does not filter adult content. Moreever it has links to the most downloaded content on its homepage.

Enjoy here

torrent, FTP,

But The Best I found is
it searches the net in real time.
I suggest you to add this to your list
More than 2 000 000 files indexed.

Meta search most popular shares rapidshare, megaupload, netload and more


check this great site, over 4 million links Rapidshare Search Engine ..... Try it... Its a new good and awesome search engine of RapidShare

I am using

hi all,

do anybody is having Premium rapidshare downloader for free download. thanks a lot in advance.
plz send me link or mail me on


Don't limit yourself with rapidshare only. Search files on many file sharing websites and also on Youtube.

Try and see the difference :

Detailed information :

I found that rapidravage is one of the better search engines for finding rapidshare links its not spammy like the others

Has RARE ish!

What Software for search engine Rapidshare Link Without Browsing...???

PLease tel me....

What Software for search engine Rapidshare Link Without Browsing...???

PLease tel me....

I use filecrop & katz

Nice work! Thanks

Did you know you can easily search thru all filesharing sites at one time?

They support: Rapidshare, Megashares, Megaupload, Badongo, Filefront, UploadMirrors, Savefile, Yousendit, Easy-share,, Zippyshare, depositfiles, filefactory,, Mediafire, Mbload, Share-Online, Neload, 4shared, and many more!

I suggest you to add this to your list ;)

Unofrtunately UPLODAED.NET is no longer in their list

Try this to really great

My favourite rapidshare search site is Its fast and resultsa are great! best :)

Thank you very much...

but i dont use any of these because their research is not 100% up to the point, i used google searcing engline and mostly find my files on first click!
Simply the best

My favorite is Largest base, checked links.

Give it a try!

The most important thing is not mentioned here.
Witch ones are TOTALLY FREE, and not just say - join for free and then you need to pay.
If you want to give good links, give the ones that are free, not the biggest or fastest.
All you affiliates make me sleepy...


I would suggest:
it is a nice rapid search engine

Grz from your list.

Since they changed the site all that shows up now are pay-for-sites.

I've already deleted the bookmark. Too bad, they used to be my "go-to" rs search engine.

I have downloaded a movie searching rapidlibrary. But after I downloaded there was password needed to open it.
Does anyone knows the password of Miss Donnerbusen 2?

I like Rapidshare search engine

make a try to its searching some more websites and servers too.

Can anybody tell me where i can find CCNA Network visualizer 6.0? i would be glad if you could give a rapidshare link that actually works! i've tried numerous but nothing works! :( and original program is damn expensive!! plzzz help!

I really like

It's a really clean nice design. Try it! :)

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it.

no body has write for it's cool try it also and are pretty good.


It's clean, fast and ads free.
Also the results are without dead links!

THESE ARE ALL SHITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

goddam site advertisers putting their links up

This is the best Rapidshare Search Engine .
Easy to search

All the links are grouped

All the link are valid !!!!

What are we talking about? If you need a fast Rapidshare search engine with very relevant search results - you have to use And then you'll get a lot of needed files without any ads. Try to use this and you'll be glad.

The best way to find you files =>

What about, its one of the biggest File Search engines on the net today, I am very surprised you didn't add this to your list

I still would add Because long time used rapidshare-search-engine, but has now stopped on Usemeplz.

i'd like to add to your website also ;-) My rapidshare search engine.

Can anyway tell me how I can search/index rapidshare myself with web programming? Do they have web services available to search their files?

For me that would be
I can't remember how I discovered this but I can find there almost everything and all links so far are active! has moved to



Hi chaps,

I have tried all of the most recent recommendations, not an exhaustive test but a simple search for 'Personal Stock Monitor' (a damn useful soft that I actually own, and no I don't work for them!). Many of the sites produce little of relevance - I mean how is porn coming up on some sites? Most of these sites are pretty rubbishy! Anyway I found these were the sites to give relevant results:

As someone else said a Google search is often the best way to find a file if you know what it is you want just type the name of whatever between inverted commas
i.e. "personal stock monitor gold" and add rapidshare after the words between inverted commas and you will often get a good result.

Sites such as Avax home that used to be good RS sites are no longer as uploaders migrate to sites that make them money such as Sharingmatrix and others which are total rubbish for free downloaders. Oneddl have good single click RS links and are good for TV stuff

If you know of other good RS sites please let the rest of us know. TIA!

I want to recommend on of the biggest and the most effective rapidshare search -

Thanks for the great list. Couple of interesting entries there!

The problem with many file sharing sites seems to be:
1) malware / trojans
2) dead links
3) deceptive sponsored links

By far all the sites pale in comparison with Find That .

It scans the rapidshare ( and all other files ) for viruses before returning results to the end user. I don't think any other site does that.

cheers once again for the useful list.


I have used many services. But is best.
Its very fast and shows results from many other sites also. Try it & you'll know.

I use is the Best too, Try it!! Cheerr Best!!

Thanks for the recommendations! I'll certainly check them out.

Thanks for sharing.Some of those sites are not working anymore...

Most of the above search engines are crap. To put it mildly they just don't work! Obviously from the uneducated comments above most would not know if a search program was good or bad!

Another site is

A very good highly reputed search engine for all major share hosting

check out,
there are 16 hosts supported currently, it even lists the password!
almost 100,000 files added daily!
There's a file checker also

I really liked your article. Keep up the good work.

If you are tired of invalid rapidshare links, try, this search engine only returns websited with working links. Its unbelievable, but first useful search engine in this ocean of dead-link warehouses.

I used to use Mayoko Search, but it stopped working for some reason. is the only search engine I've seen that gets as good results as Mayoko. Thanks and thanks again. is particularly fast and straight forward, and yet it indexes the best uploading services.

search megaupload megashares rapidshare badongo filefront savefile
all in one :)

File Search:
10 file hosting search

A very good highly reputed search engine for all major share hosting

The file search engine hast indexed over 350 Million files. At great alternative!

Thanks for posting the list of Rapidshare search engines:-)
Very useful to me, however I rarely use Rapidshare, because I dont clearly get how it works...


I made site which you can use for searching.
- - Files Seek is a free file search engine with which you can find links for download on RapidShare, MegaUpload, MegaShares, Badongo, DepositFiles, FileServe, Zippyshare, 4Shared, HotFile, Mediafire, NetLoad, Uploading, FileFactory and FileSonic. From now you can search and files by type. Suported file types: avi, mp3, mpeg, mpg, wma, wmv, rar and zip.

search Rapidshare, megaupload , hotfile ... search for documents and videos, movies, mp3, games :

I think the best choice at the moment is the Very useful and user-friendly and file base more than 300 000 000 files!!! :) Unique files and fast crawling rulez.

Superb info for today world! It has become a practice to keep search every day on Google..I love using, its awesome.

The best movies search engine:

Your welcome everyone,
Help me to find popular dating sites: mens, womens, teens.

As for me represented a small list of search engines. Some of them are no longer relevant. is the best one

Here is a powerfull file search engine from files sharing sites:
A way for finding any file to download from different files share networks. Must be added to your post.

It surely has the largest file database on the web -

Hello! is also a great files search engine, you can include this into your list.

As for me represented a small list of search engines. Some of them are no longer relevant.

This is the end of the road to my search for best files-search engine, thanks for all the wonderful people for their feedback, I was able to find what i wanted, although most part of the upper portion is crowded with dead links I was able find impressive results, using filters all the dead-links and works like a charm.

RAPIDFILESHARE.NET is the latest and by far the best sharing site online

i have used most of these search engines and they are very useful. Specially File tube. is file sharing site, not a file search engine. is very good I agree but this is for file search engines!

You should also try it searches upload sites, web, ftp, usenet and emule. If you want to search only one domain, search your keyword then scroll down and enter your domain on the left box and hit 'apply'.

thanx thanx thanx.

No Comment

Personally i use : (it’s not only for uploaded)

Why have this list if you don't check the links weekly ?
Of these 10 Links the following 7 (SEVEN) don't work !!!
I'm up to date as this is a new computer, as of 2 weeks ago.
Firefox can't find the server at
Firefox can't find the server at
Firefox can't find the server at

you are redirected to
This page states you can buy this domain
Firefox can't find the server at
This page loads, but is blank.
This domain forwards you to another site - No Thanks !
This link is dead.
You are redirected to various web sites.


Thank you. I'm Invalid and hafe not enogh Money for others. THANK YOU!!!

This is a great site....... !!!!

Hey i have One more suggestion for its Upload multiple files at once and keep them forever on this site. If you're using FireFox or Chrome, you can simply drag & drop your files to begin uploading.

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