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Windows 7 Theme for Windows XP

We are not going to get our hands on much anticipated Microsoft Windows 7 anytime soon, but we can enjoy the look and feel now on our Windows XP & Vista system's using the "Windows 7 Desktop Theme", Since not much details about the upcoming OS is available, the theme looks very similar to Windows Vista but provide some nice refreshing changes to the same old look.

To install:

  1. Download Windows 7 Theme here >>
  2. Install "UXTheme Multi-Patcher 6.0.exe" from "UX Theme Patcher" folder.
  3. Double-click "Windows 7 M1 VS.msstyles" in "Theme\Windows 7 M1 VS" folder to install.

VirusTotal Report [Result: 1/35 (2.86%)] >>
(With one finding by Prevx1 as "Must Read Before USE.txt" - is undecided)


looks good keep it coming

windows 7 is closing by reality

Dear multumesc,

All that you have say is wrong.The truth is window 7 is your wife.

Myterious boy

igot it working.....not the icons....anyone help!!!!

use icon packager for that ;)



thank you

Gives me an error saying " UXTheme Multi-patcher v6.0 has detected that there's any Windows NT Setup file in C:\Windows\i386. It's not recomended you to continue with this. Please eject your Windows NT CD or move that folder to somewhere else. Press OK to exit UXTheme Multi-patcher v6.0.

Please help

rename your C:\Windows\i386 to C:\Windows\i386old or such.

not receiving the ux file

me 2

i have a same problem as you how to solve it?????

just click cancel

Gives me an error saying " UXTheme Multi-patcher v6.0 has detected that there's any Windows NT Setup file in C:\Windows\i386. It's not recomended you to continue with this. Please eject your Windows NT CD or move that folder to somewhere else. Press OK to exit UXTheme Multi-patcher v6.0.

Please help

download UXTheme Multi-Patcher 7.1

Good, thanks.

after install of the patcher windows goes back to Classic style. it asks to reboot and then I get back to my usual style (Royal Noir). When I click the msstyle file I do get the setup window, but I cannot select any style beyond the ones I normally have.

i' ve got the same problem too!!!!!PLEASE someone help!!!!!

i too have the same problem. my theme didnt change. It show my old theme only. so please help me..

just wondering how you uninstall this theme since it changed some windows files when i patched

i have a problem that i have many time download window vista and window 7 theme on my computer but it still not change kindly help me and please either send me any regarding file or tell me related website so that i can change my icon of the wallpaper on my computer.thanks
Imtiaz Ali Sandhu


does it have viruses because i don 't know

i cant do this

its not working
how can i back in my XP Style

nice theme. i tried it bout three times of patching and rebooting then success. it makes my desktop themes in VISTA... good

Thanks for this theme dude...i really works my theme looks like vista...not exactly,but its great..i don't have to buy and install windows vista...thanks again....

Thanks for this theme really works my theme looks like vista...not exactly,but its great..i don't have to buy and install windows vista...thanks again....


its not working in winxpsp3beta version any idea how to make it work

ye you need to download the key

I do a lot of development work and because of that has stuck to Xp due to the performance advantage. Now I have the best of both world...xp's performance and stability together with vista's smooth looks...thanks a lot made my day

eu cred ca pe o scara de la unu la zece el merita 11 e cea mai tare tema

tang ina niyo anong nangyari sa theme ko
naging lumang style amfuta
nawala pa yung windows modern na theme ko

i dont understand what is you r talking about...!!!
for me , , that is an animal language

It's a Filipino language--my beloved language. Only that the sender used in a fishy manner just like your stinking English!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Please sign me up

like it!

Its work...
I don`t have any problem enough...
^_^ asyem

I get an over lap in the border of the second level of the start menu.
Any ideas on how to adjust?
Screen dump link here...


da f sgf fsg fg

thx anyway


Mga juebos de enyo, loko loko

Sa nag overlap ung start menu

what the hell are u talking about???
ass hole


just to change my desktop appearance

now forget about "UXTheme".. i dont trust this thing..
download and install StyleXP 3.19 and this theme's .msstyles .. u doubleclick it and u can then apply it..


What about Tune-Up Utilities? It's got a styler.

I had been using the UXTheme. I dont know how bt I also got an option of XBOX theme in the same package and now after fomating my C drive I cant get the same XBOX theme back through the UXTheme.

Maybe now you are using Windows XP Service Pack 3 and need to use the newer UXTheme patcher.

No good it keeps rebooting my pc and nothings happen..

It's perfect.. thanks for sharing.

I want english language for the start menu...pls tell me where is the multi-language setting...tnx anyway!

Worked perfect. Vista look without Vista performance.


I don't mean to offend, but this doesn't look anything like Windows 7. THIS is Windows 7:

Take a look for yourself between that, Windows Vista, and the Windows 7 theme.

You can also use tune up utilities to apply this theme to windows xp or vista

thank you

it work, but icon packagers still hasnt changed at all..
does anyone know why this happen?

Nice theme..hope it will work .

looks good keep it cominglooks good keep it cominglooks good keep it cominglooks good keep it cominglooks good keep it cominglooks good keep it cominglooks good keep it cominglooks good keep it cominglooks good keep it cominglooks good keep it cominglooks good keep it cominglooks good keep it cominglooks good keep it cominglooks good keep it cominglooks good keep it cominglooks good keep it cominglooks good keep it cominglooks good keep it cominglooks good keep it cominglooks good keep it cominglooks good keep it cominglooks good keep it cominglooks good keep it cominglooks good keep it cominglooks good keep it cominglooks good keep it cominglooks good keep it cominglooks good keep it cominglooks good keep it cominglooks good keep it cominglooks good keep it cominglooks good keep it cominglooks good keep it cominglooks good keep it cominglooks good keep it cominglooks good keep it cominglooks good keep it coming

where would i get windows 7 full for free

For x32:
For x64:

These are for the latest build (6801).

PS: If you DO manage to install it, remember to tell me how, since I've only got the files from an ISO image.

PPS: I want to install Windows 7 through a CD-ROM boot. Please tell me how.

What you can do is something different: try writing down the image on a 4 GB USB flash disk: like oppening up the ISO image that you have downloaded and extract all the data from it into the flash disk, and then set your computer's BIOS to boot up from the flash disk, if it has that function, then you can install the OS with absolutely no problem. Or find a way to modify the ISO image, and create a safety COPY of the original, after that, you can modify the image by copying the file Install.WIM (you can find this file in the image in the Sources folder), copy this file outside the folder into your HDD (the file has a size about 2GB, or 2000MB, or even more), after that you can delete it from the image. After you have deleted the Install.Wim file from the image only, keep it on the Hard Disk. and write the image onto a CD (all that's left of it is about 400MB). Next: -Restart the PC
-Verify the disk if it is bootable,
-If the CD is bootable eject it, you still have some work to do.
-Open the Install.Wim File with 7ZIP (an archiving program)
-After opening the file, Disect it into more archives that can fit on CDs (3 would be enough, each being no larger than 570MB)
-Write down the archive sections on CDs
-Restart the PC and begin the installation.
PS]]>> The PC MUST have the same hardware that is required for Vista, or windows 7 will not be installed. PS]]>> You have to detain Hardware drivers (like for the video card's drivers) to be Vista Compatible, or at least Ready, to work with windows 7. Plus: I am not responsable for any PC Defections you might encounter while you're attempting OS installations under my instruction.

You can download windows 7 via torrent, I downloaded Windows 7, but it's still under construction and testing, because it's a BETA version, and nobody knows what modifications it needs to get to be perfectly stable...The Windows 7 has the same hardware requirements as Vista (the earlier version; 512 MB RAM, 12GB HDD space) but it's way better than vista, and has way cooler things, and the greatest thing about it is that it looks way cooler than XP or Vista wil ever look. For more details, here's my e-mail: Good luck!

you can get it from free but your computer should have it's requirements

Nice good

Dude This has trojan horse! My Mcafee antivirus caught it

I checked the file using VirusTotal multi-scanner and 16 engines found a possible virus, earlier I had personally scanned the file before uploading using Eset Smart Security with latest definition updated but it did not found anything, to remove all possibilities of malicious file and to be on the safe side I had removed the suspicious file "Vista Orb.exe" from the archive and re-uploaded it, see post above for VirusToal report for the new upload.

Thanks for pointing out.

This worked great - until I re-booted and then Windows came up exactly as it did before I installed this theme....?


AGUS ~ AGUS..........


Masih idup toh si agus teh?

thanh you

this is great but the language is not in english how do you change and my taskbar hasen't changed only my start menu. Somebody help please please please.

I have service pack 3 installed and it's not working, can some one tell me how to fix it?

amazing theme and work nice for me!!!

In the description there is a shot of a desktop without ViOrb and with ViOrb.

Also, this theme is crap. Doesn't look anything like Windows 7 M1. You should make a Windows 7 6801 theme for XP. That would kick butt!

mine works fine after following the simple instruction! :) thanx

Hello, bro, I m using Windows XP Sp3 .., I tried this Windows 7 theme, he UX theme patcher says uxthemepatch.dll is not supported wid ur system, now how can I do it ? Please help., and reply me on

aii! yawa!

nganung nahimo man ug na windows 98 ang theme ning ako windows xp

sp2 ako gamit!

yawa kaw!

wai klaro ning imo windows 7 na theme uii

My Start Menu undesirably became non-English! I need to uninstall this damn thing!




mao na tawag ani amew mong dagko

sana mamatay na lahat ng pilipino. tangina ninyong mga asian nigger kyo. paksyet kyong lahat mga squatter kyo. tagnina nyo

after i run the oatch my computer became to classic.Then I click Windows 7 M1 VS.but i doesn.t work.

The theme you have at your possession is not the real windows 7 theme,it's only the vista theme with custom icons

the vistart is not in english?

this theme looks great something different,followed instructions rebooted ,all good.

I like it
Thank you *3*

it made me feel like i hav a vista already......nice thnx

i love it
just like i love DJARUM BLACK

The real windows 7 Theme Preview!

All this is is a modified version of a Vista Theme and looks nothing like Windows 7

Plus the damn Vista Orb.exe is packed with

Trojan-Spy.Win32.Agent.ehl was found in C:\Documents and Settings\xxxxx\My Documents\windows seven\7\Theme\Blaero Start Orb\Vista Orb.exe on 1/6/2009 16:16:48

I checked the file using VirusTotal and it came out clean.

Themes are Excellent

all the text is in spanish!!! why????

how do i fix this?!

i just followed the instruction above.. and my desktop become like a vista now ^_^

that's no good the windows seven is very very ... better of that that's no change the taskbar

Thank you

Its nice, but its not windows 7. this is vista. not windows 7. have any of you been to the windows 7 site?

The theme works though it's not like windows 7.
But I love it!
If I get too bored with one color scheme , I can change it too!

scheme lng pla 2 eh..rapidpoints tae

this 1 just a scheme trying to earn rapidpoints only aw

How to uninstall the Uxtheme multi-patcher 6.0 exe.

Thanks please email me to

mucx :p

thats a nice theme,,
but in start menu ,,, why not with english???


thx i appreciate it homie

Very good thx


Can u tell me How to do it to get it work without error? i want to used windows 7 Theme stlye. i saw it so good. so i wanna use it.

mga bobo kasi kayo, mga di marunong.
mag practice pa nga kayo. mga bobo!!!!

good one. r u indian?

I installed as per the instructions. But only the taskbar, side bar have changed. The desktop and icons are as they were previously.

Please help me.

thank you

Mag iyot nalang mo tanan

thanks for the mod it looks good in my system it really looks like that i am running windows 7 in my system instead of windows xp pro

thanks again

I set this theme on my brother's machine, but there were a few problems (some of which, I'm still trying to fix).
Firstly, the start bar items were in a different language. This wasn't such a biggie seeing as I was able to change the settings.xml file that contained almost all the start menu items. The only thing it doesn't have is the Run button. Does anyone know how to include this function in an XML file?

Secondly, and this the more crucial part I think, the theme looks more like Vista to me than Win7. I dunno if I did something wrong, but the windows on my brother's pc look the same as XP, there is no vista/win7 type modifications to them at all. Was there a .dll or something that I was supposed to replace that I probably didn't?

Most importantly though, there's the false expecation on this theme that I have a very big problem with. The name of the article implies that this theme will make your Windows XP look as close to Windows 7 possible, but it doesn't. Has the author of this skin actually seen Windows 7? I have my doubts to be honest. I won't deny that there was effor there, but to be realistic, there's no way you can make a true Windows 7 theme for XP purely because XP doesn't support transarency on the windows. There are also things like the side bar and clickable thumbnail previews on the windows that 7 has that XP doesn't.

Good effort on the Windows Vista theme for XP though.

On the other hand, it's likely my problems might come from the fact that I wasn't able to download the theme with the link on this article because I don't use Rapidshare.

Instead, I downloaded the theme direct from the author's page on DeviantArt. I know it's the same thing because the filenames are the same, and so are the screenshots. Did anyone add something to the file on Rapidshare that maybe isn't on the download from DeviantArt?

with all these errors, caught virus by McAfee, not working replys and 'keep rebooting' issues... I'm not even going to try it!

lapa,lapa, lapa.. sobrang kalapaan..

66690 ijtrhrh fjohkjh kuf ,mfmlmf bzcknzkhnz, mlmf,;dfml vj;dv ffkkfjmnb'k;l;bk b';

brisik pisan kang.. rokoknya rokoknya djarum super,a mild, samsu.. diketeng mas mba akang2... diketeng murah2....
btw ngh themes windows 7 atau windows vista..
[~~] rokoknya rokoknyaaaa

woi brisik aja lu...fiesta nya mang...inget

UXTheme Multi-Patcher 6.0.exe can't download!!!

Computer lifted its rear Legs and pissed all over my table

the noobs doesn't know how to use it.....hahaha

Yeah, rofl.

Realy Thanks good job

Another satisfied reader...well done...keep e'm coming...thanks dude !

Doesn't contain virus's or threats and it's 100% clean (Windows will pop up such messsage's, but just ignore them). Now I'm enjoying the look and feel of windows vista.

***And for those of you who say it doesn't work, please follow the instruction and don't rush into anything.***

Cheers !

very good

Hey all,

Check out this site Tweaking with Vishal. This guy's wicked in designing skins and appearances.

=5ive StaR=

Copy this link....


Does this download have viruses? Because i just fixed my computer up mainly because it went teribly wrong and it crashed every 3 minuites.Thats fixed now and it works perfect.Do you think i should download this? please reply:)

is this type to theme is apply only when internet is on what abt if i want to use ofline



How do i get my Xp, and Media Center themes back?
They dissaperd when i installed the UX Theme Patcher!
Please Help!

After installing the UX Theme Patcher my XP and Media Center themes dissapered!
How do i get them back?! Please Help!!

am running windows 7 right now....but my problem ...this testing purpose only...and it will gonna end within 5 days...i try to check this...but am afraid that it will create prblem if i will down load...
is there someone can recommend me ...where i could get a safer one and a real windows 7...program...
thanks !

You need to activate your copy of windows 7, follow steps shown here -

Hi. Please how to delete this program from the Windows?

Hi. Please how to delete this program from the Windows?

i have the patch installed and it has put my computer in classic style. when i double click the file the desktop box appears but only has the classic theme and standard color scheme? i have restarted my computer twice and not sure where to go form here

Nahh lo maximooo
dsd venezuela =)

Windows 7 Theme ?? xD

Thanks a lot buddy....


It is so nice to work with sp3 and good theame for looking in sp3
might be secure in registry,
so all of you doing
Modda gudisi moggalu veyandi

It sayes Due to a violation of our terms of use, the file has been removed from the server. Please help I really want this

it just dont work!
give me new link

i wana install win 7 please hel me

I am thank verymuch




Esta buenisimo este tema....

JRG, Costa Rica

Esta buenisimo este tema....

JRG, Costa Rica

Thank you

Tested on my XP Pro working good without any error, install under safe mode, thanks

The real thing is much better :)


so thanks


i want to download theme of win 7 for xp sp2. and also transformation pack win 7 for xp.

so pllll sir/mam

in previous days i can download winhdows 7 themes that theme is SiCo_for_Win7_RC_7100_x86_by_alkhan is at pc is at latest version i have graphic card and 320gb sata hard disk.but why cannot accept this please give me reply.

I didn't download it.please help me..

Thank you

I dont no about windows7. But i intrested in win7 & i like to study it.

After the downfall of windows vista windows created a newq os out of the ashes of vista and thats windows 7.the company has promised of peppy and eye catching looks of vista along with stability of xp.Burt to b true vista and windows 7 home edition is same but ultimate is way more interesting and wid many cool fetures u must try it .if u need it plz contact me

bagu banget tampilanya.... makasi ya. aku asal indonesia dan aku suka ini....
i loved i like it.....

buenissimo!! ^^

hapeuk!!! pake windows seven sakalian atuh eceu!!!

I like it, thank's

extra je...:))))

good one

good one

Very gooddddddddddddddd....

Good Themes, Very Useful


why does it always says that the patcher dosent support the os

i thing u all must use nirwadsoft windows remix

nice window

I like it very much win 7 and windows 7 color themes thanks for micro soft .


This is great, my PC isn't quick enough to run Windows 7, but the theme will suffice for now on my Windows XP computer!

Too old -.- Download link broken- Gives an error on rapid share

the theme i have gives an actual look as a real win 7 os........................

i'll update you'll on the download link 4 this

Verry good. Thanks for This themes is beautiful!! good job.

nice and so good work

for this moment let me try .

i justbout this netbook,than look at to gat inpormition i can get.

grasias es muy bueno tu aporte y esta bueno el tema

i want a windaws themes.


Thank's for share :)

please i need the user name and the password for windows7 to update my machine please help me thanks

Thanks for such a nice post.

can i get that bootskin or log on skin ?

good theme


But my icons are not changing.

its great but i cant see icon of windows 7 , its icon are like windows xp please give me solution....

Osum Man


the uxtheme can't be installed... pls help

thank you megaleecher.but i am not geting icons of windows 7

really nice theme. i have downloaded.



very nice theme for windows sp3

Hey every1! this isnt windows 7 its windows vista!

Rockingstone Heights School

hi…….. i want to download windows blind themes but here only available trail version please tell which site is best to windows blind themes (exact look windows 7)!!

true tranfer plese tray this


themes super

good skins

Icon is now showing appropriate way ! tried many times uninstalling-installing process.

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