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Crackers Beat Adobe CS4 License Activation Using A Simple Novice Trick

There is no doubt that cracker's always tend to be one step ahead of software creators, no matter how tough the software protection is they always come up with a method to bypass it sooner or later, But, Adobe seems to be very unlucky with their CS4 product release, first it was the Photoshop CS4 leak and now Adobe Creative Suite 4 got cracked and keygened within three days of its initial release, massive sized trial version of Adobe CS4 suite with crack patches made their way on torrent portals and file-sharing websites within days after release.

Adobe CS4

Adobe CS4 makes use of a license activation system to make Keygens and shared serial-number obsolete by blacklisting them via a central activation server, Surprisingly, smart crackers defeated the whole CS4 activation system using a simple trick, blocking access to the activation server using Windows or MAC HOSTS file.

After generating the key using the keygen, users simply need to block access to Adobe Activation servers using their firewalls or Windows HOSTS file, effectively disabling the CS4 licensing system from verifying the registration serial-key.

UPDATE # 1 : My web-hosting and domain service provider have received an copyright abuse complaint for this news post which actually does not contain anything illegal, we do not support piracy in anyway and therefore I am appending our standard caution notice for such post.

CAUTION: Downloading and using any leaked build or any hack/crack is not only illegal and a crime punishable by law, but also pose great security risks and should be avoided. The information posted here is for news purpose only and any illegal links posted in comments will be deleted.

Images Via Google Image Search.


i amended my host files and replaced all the files in each program, but the one for ENCORE said it was a trail version and asked for the serial. also it didnt work for the photoshop (64bit) version.

please help, appreciate it

i cant find the steps on how to do this? can anyone help..
Thanks in Advance :)

when i use cs4 coleection i must date my computer in 2008 but makes my facebook page not to appear properly.what can i do to use cs4 master collection with 2013 license and make my facebook page to work properly?




can someone help me out with adobe cs4 master collection "License Expired" problem

I was having Illustrator CS4 shut down for no reason -- after searching high and low, I found nothing... Then I tried to install again... I mean Illustrator CS4 was successfully installed, then I ran through the setup/install again, with no errors. This fixed the problem. No random shut-downs. If this works for others, post it.

I have followed all the steps above again and again, but it shuts down immediately after start up and after loading window.

Do I need a format ?

I have download Adobe Illustrator Cs4 trial version form the licence expired i downloaded keygen &patch from your pirate bay it worked for me but its asking for me but at end i am receiving a messag.
The sofater may attenpt to contact adobe servers for licence activation process--------.

I dont know i should give access or not if not how do i block access.


You guys need to read Subject: "Amend your hosts file to" and it will work. I have cracked CS4/CS3/ and many other versions of Adobe/MacroMedia. I cant believe how many people STILL ASK how to do it after someone gives a STEP by STEP Directions and File Location for the file you need. Unbelievable that no one reads and jumps to the bottom of the page before posting.

you have to remember, for newbies, this is very overwhelming. I just got here, and am trying to sift through everything...that said, it's true, best to try reading first! :-)

Adobe's always been way behind the curve in securing their IP's, for the longest time they didn't even try, a single key was all that was needed to unlock ever copy of photoshop on the planet then they started suddenly introduced this annoying multi-key generator thing, its like after all that time they woke up and realized, "Hey! wait a second...were getting ripped off!!!"
course tht was cracked before they completed the shipping the first batch & now this...
I wonder if anyone @ Adobe is thinking "maybe we shoulda just stuck w/ the shareware thing"

I have installed this with no problems on an xp machine...used the blocked, edited hosts file, key gen, dll switchout - no problems.

But when I tried to install on my my Vista x64 - using the x64 dll file provided to switch out - I get an error when opening all applications...except Photosop...
Error below
adobe this application has failed to start because dll was not found. re-installing the application may fix this problem.

I have gone in an looked at all app files, and the dll file is there.
Photoshop will open and run fine, but the others give me this error.

I have uninstalled and tried reinstalling again with the same result.

Anyone have any tips.. I could use them.

My trail expires in just a few days. What do I do?

Hello guys,

i was working friday with photoshop. On monday the whole program asked me for the serialnumber.
I put in the one I used before. It didn´t work anymore.
So I uninstalled the whole cs4 and reinstall it. And still the serial number doesn´t work.
I installed the cs4 on another macbook., and it worked. So i think adobe has blocked my computer or whatever.
How can I solve the problem? any Idea? it is so important.

thank you so much!


Please someone correct me if I'm wrong. I THINK that as CS4 continually updates itself via the web (even though you amend your hosts file), the most recent update(s) have added exceptions to the Windows Firewall. Could that possibly invalidate the block via hosts file?
I have "unchecked" all the CS4 exceptions in Windows Firewall.
So far, it's working and it hasn't declared my serial number invalid.... yet. Time will tell.
Anyone else have thoughts on this?

I just installed the master collection today. The only difficulty I had was in not knowing to replace the amtlib.dll file. I'm using Windows Vista Premium, by the way. The whole suite works perfectly so far. I just entered the activation key when it asked for it in the installation, got the green check, finished up with the steps and replaced the .dll file. Pretty painless process, really. :o)

Anyone know if this still works if I upgrade to Windows 7 RC?

I need a new key now... my serial number is invalid o.O

pls help

and im using windows 7 rc 64-bit

wonder yes, but in some cases it's a damn.
Impossible deleting acrobat keys from registry.
How to ? I've tried also booting a linux pcregedit, but the key:
is impossible to eliminate.
Any suggestion ????'

I bought what I thought was a full version CS4 from crappy fleabay at a reasonable USD300 but I believe it may just be a copy, despite the packaging looking very convincing, when I installed it I had nothing but problems with the serial number. But thanks to the German anon post on the 22.12.08 and the American anon post on the 14.01.09 it is working perfectly. I am one of these weird people who have actually switched from Apple to PC only recently, so please excuse my ignorance but now that it is working will I need to maintain my Vista host file everytime something even remotely to do with Adobe is installed on my computer?

once you get it working on a PC that isn't connected to the internet, you should not have a problem. No?

also remember serial numbers are language specific

When installing using all the above methods, you have to install it as a trial version first. This means you are limited to the trial restrictions!!!!! like no HDV settings or capture in Premiere or no Keylight in After Effects.

Well done on the cracks & all, but kinda need all the functions of the suite.

Wrong. you are running an unregistered trial which has some functions disabled as a trial. once you crack it the functions work. I have HDV, Keylight etc working fine from cracked trial download. You did something wrong.

All of the information here was useful. The license expired was always there for me and the host file edit too. But strangely none of this happened on my old hard drive.

i have a macbook pro

i dl'ed the trial version of Photoshop CS4 & Indesign CS4 but it has expired

when i tried to put in a serial number from a keygen, I got it to work for InDesign but i got a message from Photoshop saying that the "Licensing for this product has expired"

how do i fix this? D:

detailed instructions please!

I have entered many serial codes and they all seem to expire where can i find this fix file? and what serial properly works???

Hi all,

I have installed Adobe Incopy CS4 trail version on my mac system and it got expired.
Now i got Adobe CS4 master collection with keygen through torrent...
I removed all Previous adobe products from APPLICATION folder and UTILITIES folder and tryed to install CS4 master collection, It installed well and i gave serial key generated by keygen.
The key was accepted and tryed to connect to adobe site, but i unplugged network cable before installation starts.
Now the problem is, it didn,t ask Activate key, instead it says "LICENCE EXPIRED TO THIS PRODUCT"...
Could anyone guide me!!!

Did you edit your host file as discussed above? Use a program for osx called gasmask - just google it. Then choose deactivate from menu of one of the programs renter the serial making sure that you have edited the host file first and you are away.

I don't think stealing the serials is o.k. But here's a reason why I get mad at software makers: I downloaded my OSX update many months ago. It makes my MS Office for Mac software hang. It won't open ...I paid for the license. It's not hacked or stolen. Neither Microsoft or Apple are doing anything to help fix this problem. That's not fair. So if I need to open a Word doc I'm skrewed. Not cool. I'm tired of telling them to fix it.

I have read through this whole page and have not seen the shut down problem resolved aside from reinstalling the software.

There has to be a way to make this CS4 stop shutting down automatically.

I get about 4-5 minutes of usage and then it boots me out.

Has anyone got any ideas?

I am currently running an update to see if that resolves this problem along with another problem I am having being unable to import MPG video files.


It was really a great effort from you guys, first i followed amok and then what to do. it was really easy an the effect was just AWSOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.......... Thanks a lot you two............


Ok. I had no problems loading and seems to be working. I have no problems with After effects, Photoshop, Flash or Illustrator. But Adobe Premiere always crashes when I try to open a project. Anyone else have this problem and know the fix?

I just got a new macbook pro and none of the other fixes seemed to work.

I downloaded a applescript file from the pirate bay "cs4 block activation script"

Just download the torrent and it will install the files to block the adobe activation servers automatically.

Attempted to block the activation sites but am still receiving the "license expired" error when trying to run CS4.

This is on a Windoes XP pro machine. I removed prior versions of adobe before running the install.

Is there any way to correct this issue? Thanks and great work to all you guys have done so far.

You had to stop all internet connections BEFORE installing and running any app, and reconnect AFTER you modified the hosts file. At least on Windows, I first disconnected the internet, installed CS4 master, placed a file inside the Photoshop directory within program files, then ran a disable activation.cmd (which also came with the torrent), which i think added the entries to the hosts file. I checked and it did add the following entries:


Why it placed such an insane number of tabs is beyond me, but it WORKS. I then reconnected the internet, then ran photoshop, and it works. I updated it to the latest version, the whole CS4 Master Collection. I'd say adding all the other entries would also add a margin of safety, but be advised, Adobe might switch servers in an update, in which we gotta find out which server is it, and then block it too, then be able to update fully. So far, with that single entry, no problems. I'm on my 3rd day of usage. I'm downloading the Mac version (I got a hackintosh) and I'll let you guys know if the same procedure works.

When i downloaded the adobe cs4 master collection for my mac every other program worked accept photoshop... it says that the licensing has expired and it has never allowed me to open it so i cant run to date... im not quite sure how to do all this stuff because i am a new mac user so can someone please tell me exactly what i would have to do in order to fix this problem?

it would be greatly appreciated...

Where do I start, I dont have a .exe file so how do i begin installing the software?

Got rid of the license expired problem for Photoshop CS4 now hit a new one. During the middle of my work and error message pops up. Saying Ps CS4 has encountered a problem & needs to close. Asks me to Debug, Send Error Report or Don't Send. Everything works fine except for that damn error message. How do I fix that?


I've successfully got CS4 32bit working (including PS), but what about the 64bit version of photoshop? Had some trouble, but after editing the host file, replacing all amdlit.dll files, and then running the disabler then key gen, it finally worked!


Whenever I start the 64bit version (of photoshop), it gives me the error "the application has failed to start due to the amdlit.dll.. etc etc". Any ideas on how to fix this? I've confirmed that the amdlit.dll file is indeed there, however, it does not seem to recognize it.

Also, how do you crack acrobat 9 pro? is there a serial generator for that, or do I use the one I used for the other CS4 apps?

Photoshop 64 uses a different dll (filesize is different) than the other CS4 applications. Search for the correct dll. That should fix it. The other dll files are fine for everything EXCEPT Photoshop 64.

I bought the student version of adobe CS4

Yep, bought it, in a pretty little box over the counter etc. Paid a pretty penny for it too.

Did my proof of study etc and they sent me a serial number.

However I have tried installing it and it tells me my serial number is invalid. Bugger off its invalid.

I have spent hours (literally about 3 hours total) on hold with adobe's cutomer we-don't-care-about service department who have verified that the number is valid and suggested that i reinstall and check the options etc. Yeah i have done that several times now and the stupid freaking thing still will not accept the number. i have tripple checked the options reinstalled it over 6 times i now i am bloody fed up!

Can anyone suggest a way i can use the (apparently) valid serial number that i have without having to stuff around with all the techniques above?

Adobe clearly have no interest in offering me any assistance so if i have to hack the bloody thing i will!

I bought the student version as well and have the same problem. Install is fine and I can open and run photoshop and it works, open it again and it says my serial # is invalid. I have not been able to find a solution yet.

just blocked the site with the firewall... i'll see if it works!

i am wondering, which is the exact process that makes the request to the server? the firewall could be used to block that process

I need help. When I install it, it only installs in Spanish. The area where you are suppose to be able to change the install language is grayed out and leaves no option to change languages. What can I do to change it? HELP HELP HELP!

I got the CS4 working except but then i forgot to put up my firewall. it kept asking for my serial number or if i wanted a trial version so i put trial. How can i keep it? I've already put up my firewall but that thing still always pops up. Help please, I've already been using it for 2 weeks and love it, don't want to lose it now, just bought a lot of literature on it.

Hopelessly lost

I've seen a Photoshop CS4 keygen and it only asks for name... a blank space (company?) and it generates a serial from that. IS THIS ALL THAT IS NEEDED NOW? CS3 needed a 2 step activation... the serial generated a challange code which generated a response code.

Anyway, if Adobe was smart they would have just not use DNS server names... and the host file would not block it. Right? Of course any decent firewall would block direct IPs.

I hope everyone's using a program like sandboxie when running keygens... and a decent free firewall like Outpost.

Can it be that you downloaded and installed a Spanish only version of Photoshop? That would be my guess.

OK, so I have tried EVERYTHING on this page, and still no still says Product Licensing Expired for me.


I really need help with this. I'm a newb when it comes to patches, cracks, and things like this.

I have Windows Vista, and have installed the Photoshop CS4 with a serial that had a green checkmark, I was able to use it for a few days, and then I got that messege. I've been trying to solve this problem, but still have no luck.

I still can't get it to work, and I've tried everything that I have read here. I tried replacing the


But it still says that it cannot save it, even though I opened another notepad as administrator. I tried replacing all the dll files or w/e, but still no luck. I even tried downloading some patching from EMule, and still no luck.

Please help!!! I'm a newb when it comes down to cracks and patches. I really need a walkthrough step by step in detail on how to do this! Screen shots would be helpful as well!!

your host file properties are set to "read only" be default. Before opening the file, right click on it and select properties. Uncheck the Read Only box at the bottom of the properties dialog box. Click OK..

Then try again..


For Adobe CS4 photoshop, i am getting confused by these steps:-
i replaced dll. and after that when i open any softwere of this pakage a msg displayed "license for this product has been expired" plz tell me hw can i solve this roblum ?????????????

Joseph martin

I tried to install my student copy of adobe web standered (Dreamweaver CS3)to my laptop without deactivating from the CP which it was install first. Now I have install a cheap copy of CS3 mastercollection. But Dreamweaver CS 3 doesnt load but rest is OK. What to do please....

after a disk crash, I've made a timemachine backup but got a legal CS3 which ask me now for activation again!!!! because of the terminal changes, I can't registered via the web nay more because of the changes of the different IP :


Is there a solution to put the right IP or to erase that files?
thanx for your help

guys can i just download the file from
and download the crack from torrent

the torrent downloads slower than the website

I accidentally deleted the 64 bit dll file... can someone post a link to this please. I have really been enjoying the program, but my comp tries to send everything through the 64 bit right off the bat... I have to go into the 32 bit and then open the file, rather than just double clicking the files which would be so much more convenient, considering how much I work with multiple programs.

Does anyone know where I can find a decent Keygen for Illustrator for Mac, I've looked everywhere and can only seem to find one that don't work or trojans. Thanks.

Hey Shadeyman I didn't read what to do and i accidentally activated ur CS4 Master suite with the keygen on my mac before doing the whole terminal thing. I can't go onto the windows part, its over my head what do i do?

I trashed the cache
I set back the year to 2006
I made the Terminal changes.
But......when entering a key (from the CS4 keygen), I get a RED CROSS after the entry.

I redid the same 5x and get the same RED CROSS.
I did all of the above both when on-line and when off-line.

What now?

im little lost, so when you copy amtlib.dll over, if you copy them both, doesnt one over write the other??

Unable to connect to the internet? I am on a mac and did all the steps with terminal. Now adobe says it needs an internet connection? Also does it matter what serial is used?

I bought the adobe creative suit for the mac, but can i install it on more than 1 pc and use them together?

I ve had the CS4 Middle Eastern version for the past year, is it the leaked one?

i have disk PS CS4extended just got it yesterday
when install get message this serial number has expired.
I set back the date according adobe help site to 5/31/09 rebooted click on cs4 the eula comes up I click accept nothing happens.

I uninstalled reinstalled did every thing i can think of.
OS is Vista home premium. Set up a new administrator nothing, I am not a novice but i am not anywhere near an expert. I can follow detailed instructions if step by step.
I know that's a lot to ask. Adobe can't or won't help since i did not buy from one of their distributors.
This is the second cs4 i bought the first was used eventhough it came in a sealed box. the case was damaged and the disk had scratches on it. It installed and ran for a day then i got message serial number invalid. After 2 month i finnaly got my money back, and like an idiot i went and bought another one from different company that is legit has a b rating in BBB.Long story short it installed i entered my serial that's when i got the message serial expired. its the one on the case it looked brand new. I am at a total loss. If anyone is willing to help I would bee so great full. I have the feeling that i am doomed to never have this program
thank you so much for helping.

I was first getting the "License has expired" message, so I set the date back, changed the host file, and deleted the cache file. Now I'm receiving the "Error 6" message.
I blocked Photoshop on my Windows Firewall since I can't even open CS4 to "Deactivate", but that still didn't help.

I need help! If anyone has some (real) tips on how to fix this (that isn't spam and/or trojans)


Yes, it does work perfectly. I've been using it since betas.

Guys, here's something I thought of. Blocking the registration with the host file just blocks the url to the activation servers. Can the programs still call home with a straight IP address?

Also, how should I go about blocking dreamweaver from accessing the internet with a firewall, while still allowing it to do FTP?

I have read all the posts here to find the answer, and can't seem to get this to work. I got all CS4 program working, except Acrobat Pro 9.0, which, from the reading the posts here, does not use the 'amtlib.dll' file that all the other programs do.

Problem: when opening Acrobat Pro 9.0, program opens, but then closes after a few seconds, with a message displayed "An error has been detected with a required application library or file and the product cannot continue. Please reinstall the application."

I assume this is not a keygen issue, but with the dll file. What specical steps need to be taken to enable the use of Acrobat Pro 9.0??

Hi someone gave me a cracked version of adobe cs4 and now they have gained access to my computer also. They turned on my file sharing trying to steal files. Can someone tell me how are they able to setup the software where they can gain access to your computer?

I'm able to open Photoshop cs4 32 bit version but not the 64 bit. My O.S. is Wiindows 7 Ultimate x64. Can someone please send me ininstruction what and where to download the file that i need with instruction. Please guys, hope anyone can help me

licensing for this product has stopped working

i get this error so any cs4 product doesnt work.
i use windows xp pro.

help pls.

hey can anyone help me with my following problem?

i just installed photoshop onto my windows 7 home premium x64 computer. after i installed it and then replaced the .dll file and then ran the activation blocker, photoshop opened up and asked for a key. i used a key from the keygen and then it accepted it. after i reactivated my internet and then opened photoshop to test it, a message popped up saying that i had an invalid key. my guess is that the activation blocker failed to work. how do i fix this??

someone please help me with this problem....

if you could please reply to me at

Sorry to bother!

I also have problems using cs4. I change the host file but the message saying that the license is not valid still to apear!

Now i remove all abobe software and i´m going to reinstall.

I´m a recent mac user! How do i do to add files to the firewall?

After installation, i set the the key and them.... what sould i do?


Pedro - Portugal

i need some help

Ok I've got Design Premium installed and I used a pre-crack I got off a torrent by Hacker(some number with 6 in front) and it installs fine, but once I reconnect to the internet, it tells me the serial is invalid. I'm aware that the same guy has released a newer pre-crack but no one is seeding.

So anyone here who has a working crack for Win7 64bit?

MY buddy got the real deal from school and then gave it to a few friends but they all registered them. then i got it and got shafted with only a trial of the master suite. gaaah and i need it too for indesign, illustrator, photoshop and dreamweaver. any help with how i can obtain a key?

i got confused on how to block the any help would be great thanks.

yeah im using a mac, can i still do this with it????

I started Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 and got the following message on start up "updating site cashe" then it crashed and ever since I have not been able to get Dreamweaver to work.
I know there's this file WinFileCache-[random_numbers].dat on my C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Adobe\Dreamweaver 9\Configuration. that i need to delete but i cant find it.
I have looked through the adobe files and its not there is it possible that its some where else or is there another way to get Dreamweaver to work?

Any help would be appreciated.

i juz installed the adobe photoshop cs4. after i paste the keygen, it expired aldy...wat can i do?

hmm if you have already installed the trial version and have been using it. How can you obtain a key to use before you block with the hosts file?

I have the full working version of premiere CS4 and I have blocked the program from reaching the server via my firewall. BUT I need to edit HD files that end in .mts and it does not support this file unless it downloads a patch. If I let it connect to the server it disables my copy. Is there anything I can do?
Thanks in advance

need working keygen for photoshop cs4

I am looking for a working key gen for cs4 photoshop. Can anyone help?

I have cs4 photoshop trial and want to make it fully active can you help

So, my apologies if this has been answered.
I have CS4 on my mac OS X.
I have a keygen in place
But i can only use photoshop when the internet is off, otherwise it verifies the crack code.

I THINK i understand that i need to block the hosts, and i clicked the wiki page, but i don't understand where i find this "hosts" page to block it..
Could someone please provide me with a detailed explanation, as i am technologically handicapped?
If i'm completely wrong about the host thing, will someone please explain what exactly i have to do in order to be able to use photoshop without having to turn off my internet?

raam ka naam lo san thik ho jayega

The cracked CS4 stuff has FOUR VIRUSES IN IT!!! DO NOT OPEN THE EXTRACTION EXECUTABLE! There are two trojans, a worm, and something else. (Scanned with AVG FREE)

where can i get serial number for this software?

so i copied the dll and all that stuff but after i tried opening cs4 but it still says license is expired -.-

can someone help me? email me

OK sooooooo

Have read and done EVERYTHING I have read here and im STILL getting the
Invalided Key message when I am online and start up PS

SO my question is this...

Has anyone found out EXACTLY what to do and HOW.. Step by step,
to make this CS$ Master work without killing the keys for Windows 7 Home or Ultimmate?

OK sooooooo

Have read and done EVERYTHING I have read here and im STILL getting the
Invalided Key message when I am online and start up PS

I have the full shadyman CS4

SO my question is this...

Has anyone found out EXACTLY what to do and HOW.. Step by step,
to make this CS4 Master work without killing the keys for Windows 7 Home or Ultimate?

The host file as I understand it, is part of the Windows 7 operating system.
What this means is the host file cannot be saved. The 'administrator settings'
for this host file are greyed out. Than means we are sol.

I have had a lot of trouble getting past the photoshop cs4 activation. My cousin got his to work using the same process i tried but he has windows vista, and I have windows 7. I tried the serial numbers, and it worked, or so I thought, when I re-opened it it said it was a fake number or whatever, so I guess I didn't block adobe right? can someone help me out asap??

I'm sorry if this has been asked in a previous comment, I didn't want to read all of the comments. I want to upgrade to Windows 7 but I am afraid that the Adobe crack won't work with Windows 7. Does anyone know for sure if it does or not?


Very good


I have windows 7, i downloaded the trial from, it is photoshop cs4 and comes with 64-bit, i want to crack getting the full version and be able to use it forever

can any one help me ?

Hi guys, i have a new laptop with windows 7 on it, i downloaded the photoshop cs4 trial and i want the full version, how do i crack it or get the full version for FREE :)

Try erasing this file too in Mac OS before running aplication:
Library/Preferences/FLEXnet Publisher

This works like a charm!

i used a stolen serial number
and that turned out to be a bust
so my photoshop wont open and it says license expired
is there anyway i can get it back without using keygens and torrents?

I downloaded cs4 twice now mind you, and tried the codes from smart serials and such, well it now keeps telling me my lic. has expired. I cannot remember how to fix it. Can someone please help me. Thanks. Jennifer

The licence on my mac show that expired. I tried to delete cache.db, but still doesnt work. Can anyone help? Please write me the steps, if someone know how. thanks

Can someone mail me the serials for Illustrator CS4 English version... many thanks in advance!

I have Several Adobe products (Flash, Dreamweaver, and Photoshop).
Every time i open a program i have to accept Adobe's License Agreement and its annoying.

Does anyone know how to stop that? thanks.

In regards to fixing the constant EULA popping up, I found this fix from another torrent, it works.

1. Go to your "C:\Programs\Adobe" directory and search for the file "adobe_eula.dll".
2. Rename each file in every directory to "adobe_eula.123.dll" and you are done.
3. Run your programs and you are done!

hey.......thanks man
I tried the way you told and it worked.... no license popup agreement window appears now
thanks again

Every time i open up any Adobe product i have to accept the License Agreement. How can i make it stop?

help! i have a problem! ok so i have photoshop and after effects cs4 fully cracked but everytime i click on it it asks me for the license agreement i have the full version no portable or trial and i used the amtlib.dll crack and the HOSTS file code and i really want the license agreement thing to go away every time i click on it asks me and its very annoying anyone know how to fix this. i really dont want to re-install and go through the whole setup again..

I have the same problem. HELP!

Hello Shadeyman,

I have got CS4 and I have installed it onto the new windows 7 Ultimate and I have got your activation file but it doesn't work and I also put the command in manually but it still comes up with use as a trial or I have a serial number for this product. Can you please help me.

Gr. Paulo

I downloaded Adobe Flash professional CS4 trail version last night,... this afternoon i tried opening it... guess what It ALREADY EXPIRED in less then 7-8 hours. Your supposed to have 30 days for Christ sakes.!!! I tried everything in the whole forum truely did.
This is a MAC user talking.
I dare someone to figure this out.
I just uninstalled Adobe and im going to try to install, but this is a last resort.

Justrocker Signing off...

Hello everyone, who can me help?
I downloaded adobe flash cs4 proffessional on my windows xp and I need to know how can I have the code to activate the software, or disable the demand of code.

best regards

are there any keygens made by paradox? i heard they r really good

where can i dwnload CS4 ad the keygn and the activation, if no need of it teach me how to disable the activation

im not a very tech person but im trying to unlock my copy of Photoshop ps4, i unlocked it ones before but after i reboot my comp the next day it said that it was invalid and requests a new key..can anyone help me with this and give me step by step and pretty simple instructions on how to get ps4 working? plz it would mean alot lol this things giving me alot of grief :)

ok i ran this damn thing. how do i remove the blok so i can install the software i bought?

i have been using a cracked version of CS3 for well over a month now without a glitch but all of a sudden whenever i try to open any program from the suite a form comes up saying - "Licensing for the program has stopped working. You cannot use this product at this time. You must repair the problem by uninstalling and then reinstalling this product or contacting your IT administrator or Adobe customer support for help."

I haven't moved any folders and I'm certain the program hasn't tried to update itself, I'm really stuffed because I'm a student animator and really really REALLY need these programs :P

I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling etc and nothing seems to work.

I'd really appreciate some help, I'm really stuck and any advice would be fantastic as this isn't really my forte :)

Last night my Illustrator CS4 was working great. Today I go to login and as soon as I open it, it shuts down. I tried doing a search for it online but all links take me to buy CS4. Any help would be appreciated.

I downloaded Illustrator CS4 30 days ago, and finally had figured out how to get it to work fine as of yesterday without trial or needing a new Serial number. Today I opened the program, and it launches then shuts down. I tried uninstalling and re-installing but it continues to do the same thing. When I did a search online with the phrase "adobe illustrator cs4 opens then closes" any link I go to takes me to links for me to purchase adobe illustrator? I hope someone can help me.

Used the suggestions here to get InDesign to work (no s/n required), but PhotoShop is asking for a s/n. How do I get Photoshop to work also? I used the editing of the hosts file and running the activation blocker to get InDesign to work; didn't have to enter a s/n. Is that how it should work?

I migrated my CS1 programs from my old PowerPC Mac G5 onto new iMac. The programs work except for not being able to save or make pdfs. I have downloaded copy of CS4 and installed, deactivating and blocking adobe pinging - and the new programs have the same problem. I'm not able to save any files on any CS programs! It seems like it must have something to do with the cracked programs as I have updated the mac os software updates?!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Any news from Mac Adobe CS4?! recent serial numbers don' just gives you a trial for 30 days! do something please

All Of hat not working on win7 x64 with adobe cs4 master collection...

When I try to open Adobe CS4, a window opens stating that I have to fix error #6.
My computer is Vista.

Any help is appreciated

Hello Shadeyman,
Could you please give me the solution for solving the problem " error # 6?
Thanks a million



Ok, have seen all the fighting to get the program installed and running, GREAT work, have it running great.
But now, how do we install updates????

Forget the updates. You open yourself up to getting your CS turned off and having all the problems you see posted above. I do not believe there are any updates that important that will affect any of your works. The only real reason there is a update button is to trap people into hooking up with the servers so they can check the validation of your software and turn it off if they think your version is hacked. Stay away from it and be happy you have what you have while it is working.

can anybody tell me how to install the suite i actually bought, it says i need to update my
windows but that's crap, its fine it has to be something up with vista

I think "Crackers Beat Adobe CS4 License Activation Using A Simple Novice Trick" is a bit overstated. You have to change your system settings, some core program files, and block all CS4 access to the internet. Not to mention everyting changes from one OS to the next. Then, you may need to run "guard programs" to monitor everything. And what if your system crashes or you need to do a system restore? What if someone else uses your system and "accidently" grants one of your adobe products access to the web. You have to do everything again. Can anyone re-do the voodoo that makes this work from memory?

Not to mention the risk with keygens and the like. I'm not saying those used hear are loaded, but I have never found a keygen that did not at least try something hinky on my systems (although I've used them and stopped their attempts). C'mon "Beat Adobe CS4" or "Simple Novice Trick" is way to strong. How about, "Field goal for 3, no touchdown" and "Doable with Caveats"?

Shadeyman, got the torrent download, however there are a couple of issues...

1. It will does NOT create all the application directory files and after some searching around managed to acquire the 'locales' folder that is missing from Photoshop.

2. It does not install Adobe Bridge in a working state.

3. Adobe Device Central complains not all application directory files are installed but no luck on finding what is missing?

I did however manage to get the kegen fully functional thanks.


i have a macbook pro and photoshop cs4
i have codes to enter into cs4 so i can use it for a few days but after that i have to find more codes.

can anyone tell me if i can permanently use my photoshop cs4

(step by step guide on what to do would be great)

cheers and much appreciated if anyone can help.

Can ne one tell me on how to update the Cracked CS4 products
dies the updates automaticlly install
can some one help PLZ!!!!

I got the software: Adobe Creative Suite 4 Master Collection. Where to get the keygenerator?? PLZ help me!!!

I have CS4 for Mac - and little snitch to block it from connecting to the internet. i don't want little snitch popping up every few minutes while online - i only want on block access to CS4 - in little snitch preferences which rules do i turn off - {Allow TCP connection)
is it all application? Safair?..
Thank you


i've tried pasting
sudo /Applications/ /etc/hosts
in terminl but no text edit came out. what do i do?

OK...So I am a mac user and I have little snitch. I have downloaded hundreds (i know i'm exaggerating haha) of torrents for Adobe CS4 and installed them, with different cracks and keygens but still it has never let me install the programs and always end up with the trial version....


I know i heard something about erasing a specific file hidden within the program files is it true?????

please help! i am becoming desperate....

Don't help morons to pirate software. They're morons! Jesus... They're computer illiterates. F*ck em. Let them buy it or figure it out themselves. This is partly why it's been such an issue the past decade. It's one thing to have it underground when a few people are doing it or leave it to the scene just for kicks but when you got f*cken *ssholes like shadeyman explaining to morons how to pirate software then they'll be connecting the shit to servers, keeping everything online and other bullshit breaching people's privacy.

I recently installed CS4 in my new laptop which uses Windows 7.
The software comes with a set of steps.
They mentioned to add some things into the Hosts file.


But I can't save it and it prompted

'You do not have permission to save in this location.
Contact the administrator to obtain permission.'

I need major help because each time i restart the CS programmes, it asks for the serial code and I have to use the keygen again and again to use the programmes.
Thank you

your first problem is that you're calling them programmes.

you have to be an admin to access the file, try opening the file as an admin

I have been reading all these instructions about file amtlib.dll and how to use it but where can I get the same file but not to have to pay for download thanks its for vista 32bit.Thanks again.

I am reading about cs4 and problem solving but I don't see where to get file amtlib.dll if someone could let me know I'd appreciate it but from somewhere where I don't have to pay for downloading it.Thanks much.

illustrator is not working.

i follow all steps. amtll, host change, crack key, firewall...

illustrator is still on tryout and disapears after loading.

can someone help please.


this crack is not workin with photoshop cs4-64...

OMG ... I thought I would never get through this!!! I kept reading and trying and Finally Got IT!!!
Thank You!!!!


Just and where did you get your adobe master suites to work??

I would love to have the issues that you guys have had! I can't even get the program to install! Adobe checks the system and then tells me that I must insert a disc in order to continue. What should I do?

will the amblit file work on illustrator and flash...and where is that file rlly supose to be placed guz pll are saying different things... someone plz help me send me a mail

the easiest way to get around the expired licensed problem is what one of the other posters above suggested. set ur clock on ur computer back but then u got to restart ur computer. I didnt think it was going to work, and all the other method for some reason im just not understanding, i am a novice and just cant seem to figure it out. but for now this method works it tripped me out. if anyone is nice enough to help me out and show me how to do it with out setting the clock back ket me know thx.
hope this helps some of the novice at least be able to use the program u downloaded.

My Windows XP install shows the target path like this:


Inside the ETC folder I have these four files:

Can anyone out there please show me how to create the needed HOST file because my Windows XP install seems to be missing the HOST file as well as the HOSTS folder.

Do I need to use Notepad to create this HOST file from scratch? My Windows XP install is a brand new install so why is my host file missing? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Help! I can't save changes to the hosts file and it keeps asking for a NEW serial number i have to generate each time for one of the adobe software programs. Please help!!

if you truly don't have a hosts file (that's hard to believe . . . perhaps you just aren't able to see it), then just make one. Be sure it's named "hosts" not "host" and not "hosts.txt" (if you save it from notepad choose "All Files" as the type and not "*.txt"

You can test it by adding something along these lines:

create the hosts file with a single line: router

where the IP above is the same as your router's IP (usually that's just your ip with a 1 on the end. Click Start > Run and enter cmd, then type ipconfig. Your router ip is the "Default Gateway" IP).

Type the following in your browser and verify that the router's admin page shows up:


If so, your host file works. Now you can have any name to point to any IP you want.

I am using some of the free trial software of adobe, and by this coming days it will going to xpired. I learned that for me to be able to continue using it i need a serial key, I already download a keygen, my prob is what's the next step will I going to do???...plz help me by giving a step by step procedure in doing this..Thanks a lot..hope for an answer..

this crack no more working !?

I've tried but it's showed me "this lisence has been expired"

If you have Nortons 360.. Its SOOO easy to just block adobe in the firewall.

Open Norton 360


Click on Program Rules tab

Then on each of the Adobe programs listed choose BLOCK from the menu to its right.


No more bad serial number messages when you are online and on adobe at same time.

I wonder why there are so many people now a days not using their heads. Just a simple instruction to get the software for free and yet its hard for them to follow.

I'd spend a lot of time and coffee just to find where is the hell problem what adobe team done to adobe stuff but sorry to them nothing is impossible to us,

Don't call us as an evil,cracker,hacker,stealer,evil or
whatever.We are just only using our big coconut shell.

To those noobs cannot follow a simple instruction, there is a one thing I must tell to all of you.


I'm using InDesign CS4 ME.
The ME edition is a bit different from the other versions.
It's deformed by WinSoft Co. and the "dll" cracking is not useful and a serial number is needed too, even after blocking Adobe by using Host solution and replacing the "dll" there is a page requesting serial number while starting InDesign. I have to use by trial way but it's suffering to reinstall windows after 30 days.
If anybody have a solution please share.

I have a legitimate copy of CS4 Standard. It would seem if you have a mind to control it in anyway, i.e. not let it run- amuck accessing the internet, it kills itself and leaves a suicide note saying it isn't licensed properly. What a PISS OFF!

Has anyone, with more time and expertise than I, tried to figure out how to KILL Flexnet Publishing by analyzing the log files and other data generated by the Adobe "LicenseRecovery109.exe" tool?

If so please post it here.

I need help please.

I fownloaded the trial version of flash cs4 it worked fine following that a few days later i entered a a serial number from the keygen after taking care of all the dll and stuff and now I get the window where it asks me to accept the license agreement and once I click accept the window closes and nothing happens when I try to open the program in just asks me again to accept the agreement and on and on
I am stuck with this license agreement window and cannot open the flash program

please help


Why you guys don't try CS4 portable nice to :)

Dreamweaver cs4 keeps asking for valid key,
I have followed the above instructions to no joy...any advice ??

Serves Adobe right for trying to charge 700$+ for a goddamned program.

I have followed the steps but everytime I start any of the programs the license agreement page opens up and I have to check accep or decline before it starts. Every Time.

What can I do now?

I am using Windows 7 by the way. Anyyone have a way to stop the license agreement page every time the programs start?

I prefer the crack group that released a modified installer WITHOUT licensing crap.

CS3 loads FIVE TIMES FASTER without all the licensing garbage

Hi, I'm from Brasil. I migrate from Windows to mac, and still quite lost, I have been looking all over for help on cracks and instructions. JUST FOUND IN HERE... so BIG Thanks!!! it all works for CS4 pack

i installed cs4 but i clicked trial i want to know how can i crack it

so... where you can download those files?

So can some one post a final method for windows 7 to crack adobe illustrator that currently works?

Thanks a lot guys. Realy.
Changing the host file manually worked like a charm


I have your version of CS4 installed on my Windows Vista laptop - was incredibly easy ... haven't had any issues with it. I am trying to install it on a pc running Windows 7, and it won't let me run keygen at all. Keeps telling me I may not have permissions. Help?


Just in case theres anybody out there still having problems adding to their host file to open up photoshop cs4....drop me a message and i'll try and help you out....its still working...

I'm new here and have tried to understand how to fix the HOST file but there seems to bee to many gaps in order to get a grip of the full work around. If possible I would like to have some help.

Make a copy of the existing hosts file and call it something else (hostsnew)and save it to the drivers folder as described below - Log In under Safe Mode with Command prompt and navigate to the hosts file. Delete the existing hosts file (del c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts then ren your hostsnew to hosts and copy the file to the location above - worked for me !!

i need a crack for adobe cs4..may i know where to download it???pls

hi, someoen helped me to crack the cs4 code. but then i got this siren like sound on my laptop. how do i remove the sound? pls email me.

Can someone send me a link to get the CS4 trial download for adobe photoshop MAC please!!


I have the following installed on my PC
I used this method (blocking in the hosts file and they have all been working fine until today when i went to open illustrator and got the product license has expired. I checked the host file and it;s still the same and i checked photoshop and that works so now what do i do??

Hi all, I have installed the CS4 suite and updated my host file ( Unfortunately I was still connected to the Internet when I proceeded to activate. CS4 Premiere immediately displayed "Trial period expired !!!" and shutdown.

I have not been able to start it up again even when not connected to the Internet. I have uninstalled and reinstalled with no luck. I tried everything short of reinstalling Windows (XP).

Obviously there is a flag somewhere on the computer which tells ADOBE that I've been busted already....

HELP anyone ??

Thanks a million,


Is there anyway of getting in touch with Shadeyman?

I am having trouble with his acrobat 9 pro extended and no one else can help me!

What to do if your software stopped working.

Google Adobe WinCS5 Cleanup Tool. Follow the instructions from Adobe website and clean your system from any traces of Adobe software.Before reinstalling your software make sure that you are blocking the Adobe from checking your license by editing the hosts file. Check previous posts how to do it. Also makes sure that you have automatic updates disabled and a firewall to prevent updater from updating your software. Install you software with proper serials, cracks and everything should work fine.

This info applies to all Adobe products.

can some one please suggest a workable keygen of cs4 for windows 7 pro platform?

HI, I just install Adobe Cs4 Master Collection for Windows. install process always complete. no error. but, after open any applicati0n come error message "LICENSING FOR THIS PRODUCT HAS EXPIRED" what can i do pls help me. . .

help me find a good crack for Prince of Persia: The forgotten


For Adobe CS4 photoshop, I am getting so confused by these step:


I have followed the steps given from the previous responses:

I clicked the Start Program, then went to Adobe CS4 Collections, then Adobe Photoshop CS4, right click on it, then went to open file location. Then from there, I do not know how and where to add dll

Many thanks.

lets roll.

hi, i have a problem with my Vaio laptop with a license Vista OS, core 2 duo, 2.4 ghz, 4gb memory, . before and after booting the system the vertical flicker appears on the lower part of the taskbar and sometimes in a long period of hour the whole screen flickers. i tried to scanned the system all over again but the flicker still there. my laptop is not more than 8 months. when i used extended monitor the only flickers appear in my laptop but not on the other one..i also used to change the refresh rate to 75 but the only option there 60...
what should i do with this...please kindly help me..thanks...

hi, can you help me give the proper configuration in creating image using acronis.



im installing adobe master colection cs5 in my mac.
when i open the terminal window and type
sudo /Applications / /etc/hosts

the window said something like de comand is invalid.
and anyway a never could save the terminal window.

now when i open any adobe application it always ask me for a serial number.
can someone tell me wath can i do with my terminal window pleaseeeee

I did all the above and on top of that, at the part where i key in the serial number, I went to the cache.db and switched it to read only.
Not sure if it can work without the host edit part.

for my case i followed all the instructions and it still didn't work so I had to try this to stop getting the serial shit.

Good day!hi. I just started learning tutorials in photoshop and illustrator, I do have Photoshop 7.0 and Adobe Illustrator CS.My problem is that every time I search for free video tutorials for the 2 versions the results always show tutorials in Photoshop CS4 or Adobe Illustrator CS3 or CS4..So now I'm thinking to download Trial version of PS CS4 or higher and AI CS3 or higher...But I'm afraid if the trial versions I'm going to download will soon be expired, will my older versions of Photoshop 7.0 and Illustrator CS be expired as well? Do expiration duration of the trial versions can affect the previous versions of Adobe Softwares that I have? Please can somebody give me advice on what to do cos as of now I really wanna try the latest version of PS and AI..Hope I can get useful and good response.. Thanks and more power! ^^


Hi, I have worked for about a year and a half with PS CS3, cracked through only the use of a KeyGen. I had to go back and install CS3 after CS4 was taken out of business because Adobe CS4 installed itself as exception on my Firewall protection because I forgot to disable my Automatic Windows Updates. It is funny that I haven't read anyone mention to disable the AUTOMATIC WINDOWS UPDATES because I am convinced that caused my problem on installing CS4
I have installed CS5 now and so far without any trouble. I have downloaded the Trial from Adobe, modified my Hostfile, installed CS5 first as TRIAL, opened the program reconfirming the TRIAL option, skipped Adobe registration of course and closed the program. Than I reopened and introduced the a serial and the program opened normally without the least problem. This whole instalation process was done without the Internet connected. When, after installation, I reconnected I got a popup at my taskbar telling me there were updates available for Adobe CS5 and proposing me to accept them. Well, If I hadn't my Auto Windows Updates cut off.....I would have been screwed right at the first time I connected to the net because the Auto Updates do NOT give you the option of not accepting. That´s why the are called AUTO and it installs and collects all kind of shit without you even knowing it.
Avoid trouble, deactivate your Auto Updates and never ever use them again. Your computer will even thank you and start up, close down and navegate much faster. If you want to do an problem, but at least it is you deciding what and when you update.

This sort of stuff is mental, easy little file moderation to bypass spending thousands on a product. Does it do Adobe any good, that people can get ahold of their application and learn it, other than their competitors? When you go to a company and ask them to purchase a software license, me thinks it does :P

Hello, sorry to both you but I need some help and this place seems to be where I can find someone to do it.
I was using a keygen and it had been going well. But then my Photoshop CS4 stopped accepting the codes. I had a friend look at it and ended up making it so when I click on my Photoshop to bring it up a License Agreement window pops up instead and when I click "accept" or anything else, nothing happens.
So, what do I do? I don't have many computer smarts, and when I fix my computer of something it's always me doing something random that happened to work. So I am hoping someone could explain what I need to do. Please and thank you.

OK, so now I've installed everything and have blocked adobe activation. One question...

Can I turn on automatic updates so I can get updates and patches?

I've deleted the CS4 Suite after doing all that was posted here, Adobe will now find out the illegal serial numbers and stop the product from running.

I've stopped fighting & giving up...going to buy a Student version licence and quit the constant fighting to keep the product working!

hi guys if anyone can help with this it´d be great.
today i tried to run the keygen on terminal for my mac BUT after pasting the code and following the steps i deleted everything by accident and now everytime i open the terminal it shows up empty when i try to run the crack, since I SAVED IT WRONG and i cant go back. HOW DO I RESET THE TERMINAL

I wanna download the CS4 softwares but I dont really know which buttons to press, as in Indesign, Photoshop, Acrobat and Freehand. can anyone here pls assist me.

Thank you...

There are 2 points i want to confirm.

1.i just newly installed adobe CS4 trial version,i just want to confirm the file named 'dll' i copy in adobe CS4 direcotry Successfully,But Registration is still coming in help??? why??? plz guide me

2.Do i need to copy this file named 'dll' at the moment when trial period will expired??????? plz explain this....!!!

Thanks & Regards

should i try to copy file named 'amtlib.dll' in adobe CS4 installed direcotry at the moment i installed adobe CS4 or should i wait for to expire the trial version????? when this file works??????????? plz guide me thanx

With thanx & Regards

I have successfully installed CS4 standard suite in multiple XP machines using the hosts file editing method.
I have used 1 single license from an authentic suite.
This had been working fine until 2 of the computers starting to "cry" with the "excuse the interruption, but" message, identifying that i have the same serial in more than 2 computers.
I don't understand why only these 2 computers have this problem since, as far as i can tell, they have the same settings as all the other computers.
I have tried to replace the amtlid.dll in these 2 computers as a second solution with no success.
I have also tried to delete the cache file which now allows me to use photoshop (despite the same message in the beggining) but indesign shuts down immediately after opening.
And of course, I have restarted and reinstalled the software.
Any ideas why only these 2 machines are complaining? any setting that i might be overlooking? Ideas for workarounds?
Many thanks in advance...

So I did this with CS4 and it worked amazing but my computer broke and I was wondering if the same procedure works for CS5 now?

Anyone knows?

That guy up a few housand comments had it right set your clock back 10 YEARS, TEN YEARS. THE CLOCK IN THE TASKBAR USUALLY ON THE BOTTOM LEFT HAND. easy lol

when i open the adobe premiere pro cs4 it appear on my screen that "Adobe Premiere was unable to communicate with the process "ImporterProcessServer," Restarting your computer may fix this problem.
I restarting my computer but still the problem occur. So please help me what to do.


can please give me some guid line how to use the version that has exspire,i'm using w7 64 bit operation system i have spend over two days home just trying to fix or find a patch or a serial number but no chance i even try (revo Uninstaller)to try to clean the pc from any registry.
i have the kegent and the amtlib.dll 1.18 MB the right onr to remplce after finishing the instalation and changing it it program file/adobe/adobe(64) please can you try to give me some idea of how to get ride of the exspire message he is asking either to enter a key of buy the copy.

your help is really appreciated.......thanks for your time

Please give me a valid serial Number for cs4 product

Adobe sucks big time.

Sifting through this post took some concentration and it seems the advice is really very plain and straight forward........ IF it's read correctly.

Followed all the procedures.... CS4 Master Suite all fully functional with current dates!!

Small issue though.... Acrobat now pops up wanting a Key... the key used in the rest of CS4 does not seem to work... tried 2 different Keygens - no luck..........any advice?

What the hell - CS4 asks me for the code every time. I have the ad police on and it says it is blocked. Why doe it keep on asking me. Does anyone have team viewer which they can help me from. I dont know what im doing wrong

i made eveything right and was ready, but stayed connected whilst installing. now i lanuched it somehow by dating my system back because of an error "Activation Expired" or something.

I tried to download your torrent but can not. Please seed those orr tell me another option.

To everyone out there here is how it's done. First you need to get a firewall called zone alarm pro from, you know where.
Then search internet for program you want from megaupload. Type in program name then megaupload right after and you will see all listings. You should be using firefox and have an addon called WOT installed as this will alert you to dangerous web sites. When you find a site that has the program you want but it's in say 5 parts, download last part only. Use 7zip to open it and you should find the keygen here.
Next, or say before all this you could install the trial from manufacture on your computer. Then get program called deep freeze and freeze computer then go online looking for keygens etc. Then you can try different keygens and when you find right one that works, unfreeze computer and run keygen and use it to patch host file. Next run program after putting in serial # with internet off, find and block it with zonealarm,from phoning home. Windows update has nothing to do with this unless you are using one of their products. Better than ZoneAlarm Pro is Comodo firewall, but it's difficult for beginners,hope this helps.

THANK YOU for sharing this information

many many thanks. so simple and works. xx

I'm installing Illustrator CS4 for the 2nd time now. The first time I used the classic keygen with that annoying background music and when I opened adobe it said License expired!
Can anybody give me a reliable crack or some advice on how to do it properly? THNX

wheres the f##king download button!?!


can i get link of crack folder?
plz help me


can i get link of crack folder?
plz help me

thanks , then leave a few spaces (all on same line)
and then type activate(dot)adobe(dot)com activate.*****.com

Does this work for After Effects CS5.5?
If not, how can I block the activation server?

Friends i need a free license key for illustrator cs4 . so you can give me some information for getting that ?

Study the following:




DEMONOID - Which by the way has recently re-opened there sign up policy to the public for a short time.

I need to say one thing about my post below, it is in part not in full.
The site administrators have removed my "Host file copy" that anyone can get if they search hard enough


First of all, Adobe designers - You have done a great job! You didn't consider the poor people's pocket book and the poor who have less than 2gig's of Ram your software requires to run - which is still not enough! But the software design is worth opening from time to time for use.

To the poor and to the one's who want to "BLOCK" Adobe from calling home!

1. Copy this host file.
2. Open your "Notepad" pgm by right clicking, an open as admin.
4. Windows 7 User's must click "All files" to see host files, if not already visible.
5. Open the first file named "Host" and copy and paste the below host text
6. "SAVE" and close.




Mac Version of How to Do that
Step by Freakin step, thank me later mac users in need.

1. open terminal

2. Paste this command:
sudo nano /private/etc/hosts
You’ll be asked to enter your administrator password.

3. add the following:


4. Press control+x. Type the letter Y. This saves the file.

HI ,please help me to crack the software
the software was hotcode with the date as on Auguest 30 .if i change the time it is wokrking .

i wan make that software to run on any time.

let me know any one can do this plz send me u r email address , will send you the software .

or you can download from google / RTDF_121000_b

please .... help me

v-absal@microsoft , , this my mail address
+91-9243061110 my phone number

I installed the trial of Photoshop cs5 and had a serial given to me by a friend that said he found it on the net and try it.
I put in the serial and the program ran and works. I opened an image in it and then clicked on Help. It has the deactivate option working so I suppose the key he gave me activated the program.
I have no clue where he got the key but if this can cause me a problem then I want to uninstall it.
Will this be a problem for me?

First, thank you for all of the great tips on how to solve this problem this helps a lot not just to me but to lots of users on the globe. Unfortunately I did not go ahead and disable the pinging and so CS4 threw another tantrum and ran away – this time taking the AdobePCD and cache.db files with it.I have looked everywhere for them..even in the hidden files, but no luck.
What else do you think is the error?

You would have thought security would have been a priority for Adobe??

I have the following installed on my PC

I used this method (blocking in the hosts file and they have all been working fine until today when i went to open illustrator and got the product license has expired. I checked the host file and it;s still the same and i checked photoshop and that works so now what do i do??

To solve license expired problem. Make sure all your current cs4 projects are saved and backed up. Uninstall all cs4 programs and adobe acrobat then reboot your PC to make sure everything properly uninstalled. Download CCleaner (a free registry cleaning program that works perfectly with no errors ever) probably get the latest adobe acrobat installer too for later on when you have installed cs4 again. Run CCleaner and select the Registry option from the left hand panel, then run "Scan for Issues" and then "Fix selected issues..." and choose YES to backup and to save everything that will be removed (though you won't likely need this backup, it may may help if you accidentally remove something and it's always a good practice). Keep running "Scan for Issues" and then "Fix selected issues..." until no issues are found.

Now that the old registry entries for cs4 have been removed, you next have to browse to C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData. If you can not see the folder called AppData enable "show hidden files" for Windows folder options (Folder Options can be found in the Tools menu option or from Windows Control Panel). In the AppData folder you will see a folder named "Local" and another named "Roaming" (ignore "LocalLow" folder), backup Local and Roaming folders (copy them somewhere like a USB stick or burn them on a CD). Inside the Local and Roaming folders you will see an Adobe folder, delete them, you made a backup right, should be fine then.

Go back and run CCleaner registry cleaner again and repeat to check all registry entries are now removed. Now when you prepare to install cs4 make sure you are disconnected from the internet, turn you routers and modem off or unplug your cable from them, it must remain off until cs4 is working and your PC has been rebooted.

Make sure you add to your hosts file and that you have unselected "hide extensions for known file types" under Folder Options, hosts must not be saved as a text file, if it is rename it and remove .txt from the end of the file name. It's usually easiest to copy hosts to your desktop, open it with notepad, add the line
save it and then copy it back to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc
Alright now follow the instructions to install cs4 and this time in every cs4 single program, find updates in the program options and set to never update and block every cs4 and adobe program from connecting to the web in your firewall including C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Updater6\adobe_updater.exe.
Install adobe acrobat and set to never update or notify me before downloading and installing updates. Always download new versions of acrobat yourself and install them. You shouldn't have heaps of programs auto updating themselves anyway, it is a security risk and will always slow down your PC and boot times.
Reboot your PC and test cs4 works after the reboot before connecting to the internet again.

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How is the HOSt file supposed to look like when its edited? I can only see fragments in this thread but no solutions. Would appreciate lot of help...From A to B how to do the whole process in WIN 7.

thank you.

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my lisence is expired... plz someone help me... i m in trouble... plz someone email me the serial number... thanks.....

i installed cs master collection as a trail, now trail period is finished, i removed cs3 master collection from pc & re installed it but it is not working, plz someone send me information how to reinstall it & how to crack it, plz send ME crack also. THANK YOU

Where can i get this???

My post doesn't seem to be showing up, so I apologize if this is a duplicate.

I was given a copy of CS4 for Windows from my previous employer because I did a lot of work from home. The package was licensed for two computers. Recently my hard drive crashed and I had to have a new one installed. My copy of CS4 installed fine, but now when I open any of the programs, I get a 30-day countdown message to deactivate the product from one computer because it's already on two other computers. The second product is on my destroyed hard drive and I cannot deactivate it. I seriously need CS4 for various personal and business projects. I cannot afford my own version and I certainly cannot call my previous employer and ask them to fix things for me.

Is there some way to fool the product into thinking it's only one computer? Or generate a new serial number-validation key?

Thanks for any help. Contact me at janedoe4500 at yahoo.

thank you

I want to know how to block adobe flash. It keeps making it where I can not use Youtube, and my website for school. My computer will be fine for a few days, then start showing me the pop up on everything, even Netflix.
I don't want adobe flash or java as far as I know it keeps making where I can not look at websites instead of being useful

I just wish the original software can be cheaper for home users. If it is selling for USD29.90 or USD39.90 for non corporate use, home user, many people will support Adobe. Many years ago, when I purchased a Sony AR series laptop, it cost me USD7000++ just because I need the original Adobe Photoshop and Premier Pro. I was so sad that it was an OEM copy that was pre-installed on my laptop. I cannot take it out and install into another new laptop when I stopped using my Sony laptop. That was when I started installing trial version and "activate" it using the info I got online.

try this step


find hosts and open it with notepad
erase all contain in the bottom # and entire
this : localhost

and than save

I am trying to change my hosts file, and it says that it cannot be modified and everythign is closed except Chrome and Finder. I am on a Mac and downloaded the trial version of Photoshop CS4. I did buy the CS3 version, but I have deleted it. I am trying to follow the instructions as my Photoshop will not work since a restore from Time Machine. Anyway before that my Indesign would not work very well eithere, is said I was missing plugins. Should I just reload the whole thing or try the Edit host file, Set date back , etc. By the way to change the Hosts file I found it easier to go to FINDER MacHD/private/etc/hosts

so I got the serial number for photoshop off of here but I also want to get the rest of master collection. Where can I get the serial numbers for the rest of master collection? Thank you for your help.
think s

I use CS3 but sometime I see many of my designer friends use CS4. Are the different between each other?

It works. Thanks.

you have to remember, for newbies, this is very overwhelming. I just got here, and am trying to sift through everything...that said, it's true, best to try reading first! :-)

i cant find the steps on how to do this? can anyone help..
Thanks in Advance :)

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