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Download Leaked Official Facebook Messenger App For Windows

Official Facebook Messenger application's has been available for mobile platforms like iOS and Android since quite some time now, and Facebook soon plans to penetrate your desktops with their native application for Windows OS.

While not YET officially announced the "Facebook Chat"/"Facebook Messenger" for Windows can now be grabbed from Facebook servers, the private installation file URL which was not supposed to go public is now leaked and can be downloaded and installed by anybody directly from Facebook. Direct download links and more screen-captures after the jump.

Native Facebook Messenger On Windows

Facebook Digitally Signed Installer Assures Authenticity

Native Facebook Messenger On Windows

Download's Most Current Files Directly

Native Facebook Messenger On Windows

Ready To Login

Native Facebook Messenger On Windows

When asked for login, opens and confirms the action in your web-browser

Native Facebook Messenger On Windows
Download Official Facebook Messenger :


FacebookMessenger.exe -Application error

this occurs in XP sp2

Its not working in my pc ( windows xp).

.. It was only a matter of time before this came out...

Wow... so is it going to be supported by downgraded O.S...I see few people with win xp having issue installing.

Also didn't myspace do this? You know before yahoo bought myspace from tom and literily killed myspace for good with nothing but Ad's??

I hope i dont see a trend developing cause few less people still know about "Google plus+" yet

Like Facebook before myspace, I think once the I.M. happen after 3 short years the social network site gets bought out by a bigger company: MsNBC,Bing,Aol *cough cough*

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