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Free AMV Video Converter

Many of you must have seen highly popular and very cheap chinese MP3/MP4/MTV players suamv_video_playerpporting a not so well known video format - .AMV, these S1 MP3 players claim to support MP4 videos but in reality suport the .AMV file format having low video compression ratio, low resolution and frame rate, the .AMV video file sizes are small as compared to DVD/VCD/etc. , also the encoding and decoding are less processor-intensive than other contemporary formats.

There are not many tools to encode videos to AMV format,   the most used software is freeware "AMV Video Converter" supporting following file formats:

  • AVI format file: *.avi
  • Windows Media format file: *.asf, *.wmv
  • MPEG1 format file: *.mpg, *.mpeg, *.dat
  • real player format file: *.rm. *.ram, *.rmvb
  • quick time format file: *.mov
  • MPEG2 format file: *.vob
  • Flash format file: *.swf



The AMV Video converter tool comes with AMV Convert Tool, Media Manager, AMV Player, MP3 Player Disk tool, and MP3 Player Update tool.

You can download Free AMV Video Converter Here (Size : 15.5 MB) >>


amv convert software

Thanks for your soft.

your Download in link is corrupt reupload and new link please.

thanks, works great. dagdag kita sa shop ko ang nagpapadownload ng amv files, mga imitations kasi karamihang gadgets nila. hehe.

hayz,,wala lng..=))

thanks for sharing this software :)

i no give you permission to thank me i curse you. now in the next few days you will DIE!! a very horrible death mwahaha that will teach you to thank me

thank you for sharing your software.


what the f**k are you smoking dude?

Maybe they should of Not been so nice to Thank You ..
Maybe they should of just said for you to go straight back to hell .. where you belong .. hahaha as you said Fool : )

when i play the video in my MP4 .. i cant use full screen on it.....

I have been using this avi to AMV video convertor too and it does not output a large enough file to give full screen on my MP4 player, how can one obtain full screen?

you have to click on the file and then click the setting menu which looks like a gear then you can change the output size.

i already download it in my pc but it cannot
the os is worng it said
how can i fix it please help me

how to downloads the software

ah rugi teu bisa di download waex

Works fine... many thanks...

Bleh! Is mp4 Player a AMV Player???? hahaha, note: this software is for mp3 Player only... :-)

amv format para sA mga mahirap

oo kc di kayang bumili ng orig na ipod video ehh.. 900 lang isang mp4

bakit pa ba tayo bibili ng orig...kung minsan mo lang ito magagamit....oh common...TAMA MAN


ulol ka! gago

oi pano ba e dowload ung converter nayan ang hirap hindi ko maitindihan kasi panobayan e dowload kasi pag dowload ko may kong anong kolang hindi ko maitindihan ano ba tala ung saktong pag dowload ng free

download mo muna ang "Internet download manager" para mabilis... yun unahin mo... :-)

anong karapatan mo....
kong magtatype ng words parang kong sinong mayaman..
at least ang mga mahihirap marunong magtipid...
di gaya nyo wlang alam tungkol sa kinabukasan...
walang alam sa pagtitipid...


I have this AMV and a mp4 but i can't get the videos from AMV to MP4? any answers please comment below.

coz its mp4 to amv so find a amv to mp4 converter that's all

Interested in your AMV to mp4 converter


tagal niya madownload

WOW I can See all Movies in MP4 Player
Thanks to All

can it be possible to add flv to amv conversion ability, so that YouTube videos can be converted in a one step process?

just go to this website. you can automatically convert flv to amv videos there..

wl po..wlng amv..
san ako ko pwd free download...

how can i see the video in full screen? (on my mp4 player)

after i extract the zip files, what should i do next?

install mo na pagkatapos mo mg extract

WOW I can See all Movies in MP4 Player
Thanks to All

this rocks!Q!!

how can i see the video in full screen? (on my mp4 player)

it converts the video but the video is like really small
how am i meant to watch it???

load of poop

di ko talaga alam pano to gawin.. pano install.. please help!

mas okay na lng kung wala kang computer, pati pag extract ng zip file di ka marunong. n00b

pinagmamalaki mong mga nalalaman mo tungol sa downloading at installing... tapos ganyan ka kung manglait.. mas noob ka pa sa daga tol... wag ka mang lait ng kung sino2 lang dyan.. baka computer lang alam mo..

is this really a language?

why do i can download amv converter

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