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HP Black Ink Is Costlier Than Human Blood

Here is an interesting info-graphic displaying how costly printer-ink is compared to other liquids.

Ink Cost Comparison Chart

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In the subject itself my comment for the same.

i only set my HP vivera jetprinter on econimic and gray scale to reduce the amount of ink im using. Last time i needed to replace my set of black ink i deside to also replace the color set. Total US price came to around $96 or sume and this was with the office depot special trade in empty ink cataridge for a new set at a instore discount. black ink was for $54, YET! color ink was for $36? worst yet I bought those ink refill kits for $60 came with a whole set of standard ink color.When i tryied to refill my HP black ink cartridge it read as if it was empty,even when it was set to full. They got smart and added a chip that reads the total amount of ink used up. They cant be manually reset and also the amount towards the end when it tells you it only has 10% ink left, Their is a 15% margin of that, which means there is a total of 25% ink still left in your cartridge. How wasteful is that, you cant use that at all. The chip wont let you. It will register empty. I say we got to fight the ink system. Its ironic, For $30 i can get a nice tattoo with black ink. Yet im paying up the back for the same amount of ink as a tattoo for my printer XD

You r is really costly......
saala Rs 1000 may ek black cartage milta hai....(27)
if we rfill it then it is cost only Rs 60 only...
But refilling is not good ...

Other brands are expensive too, $13-$14 maybe per cartridge? Very lucrative business... wonder what goes into making the ink.

They have found a way to make ridiculous profit on a necessity, now that the cost of the printers is so low.My printer cost less than the cost to replace the ink-if I buy from the "genuine source".

The ink itself is not so valuable. You can buy 10 cartridges- 4 black,2 each of 3 colors- on for $10.00-20.00. The price varies day to day and you have to browse the feedback to find the reliable sources.Walgreens refills cartridges economically. These inks seem to be of good quality.

We can them know how foolish they are for gouging us and buy ink from other sources. Then they might bring their prices down.

There are some very innovative alternatives available in the market today
One could install a CIS (Continuous Ink System) which lets you buy your ink in bulk & regularly fill up the containers (YES RIGHT AT HOME)

Alternatively some companies like EPSON have come up with printers (6 color) which are being sold by them with the CIS (of the shelf)

& yes the replacement toners / cartridges for the HP printers cost more then the printer itself, but I guess THAT is their marketing strategy

Interesting! I would definitely share with my friends.Thanks.

Fortunately we have several parallel brands including printer ink refill equipment. I still do not understand why it's so expensive. Is it because the printer is not worth much?

Thanks for this article. I’ve literally never had a good relationship with one of my past printers. Even the more expensive ones I’ve owned have still jammed or refuse to print properly.

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