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Download Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 Preview

IE9 LogoThe web-browser war is once again going to get interesting with Internet Explorer 9 Preview now available for public download promising impressive upcoming features, boasting 100% support for W3C Web Standards (see comparison table after the jump) IE9 will support hardware assisted page rendering, background compiled JavaScript and GPU-powered HTML5 graphics for superior performance.

Internet Explorer 9 Main Window
Internet Explorer 9 Javascript Benchmark Comparison With Leading Browsers

IE9 Javascript Benchmark Results Comparison With Leading Browsers
Internet Explorer 9 W3C Web Standards Support Comparison Table

W3C Web Standards Number of Tests Internet Explorer 9

Platform Preview

Mozilla Firefox 3.6 Opera 10.50 Apple Safari 4.0 Google Chrome 4.0
SVG 1.1 2nd edition 31 100% 84% 94% 90% 90%
CSS3 Borders & Backgrounds 33 100% 27% 88% 27% 91%
CSS3 Selectors 16 100% 75% 56% 44% 44%
DOM Level 2 Core 9 100% 89% 100% 100% 100%
DOM Level 3 Events 10 100% 40% 40% 50% 50%
DOM Level 2 Style 5 100% 80% 60% 40% 40%
CSS 2.1 8487 96% 87%

Internet Explorer 9 Preview setup sizing 14.2 MB can be downloaded from here, here are few screenshots of the setup.

Download Internet Explorer 9 Preview :


it does not supports xp??????????????

Sadly no :(

If it is true that ie9 will not work on xp, then shame on microsoft!!! have they ever done that before? in the history of microsoft, have they ever made a browser that wouldn't work on all windows versions? if that is indeed the case here, isn't microsoft completely foolish to go in this direction!!! with all the great browsers being developed, why does it look like ms is deserting their biggest fan base? if they do this, then they are cutting their own throats. sooner or later, the great majority of xp users will update their machines, but will choose the browsers that they have gotten used to. if deserted by ms, they will not come back to ie9, and, eventually, will leave windows for other new operating systems altogether.

I completely agree with you, they are stupid for not supporting XP, to quote you: "they are cutting their own throats". They lost me a long time ago though when I found Firefox and never went back, lol got in trouble at school multiple times for using it. Can't stand IE...

Run Run Microsoft . you are now at the begining !

Stopped using IE, it is very slow no compatibility with other OS & software.
At present Google Chrome is the best, next is Firefox.

XP is dead and has been for a while. Get used to it.


Submitted by Anonymous1992 (not verified) on Thu, 08/05/2010 - 14:59.

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