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Winamp Media Player Now Available On Android - Features Wi-Fi Sync And Shoutcast Support

After RealPlayer and MPlayer yet another popular multimedia player "Winamp" has landed onto Google Android platform.

With impressive features like Wireless Desktop Sync, SHOUTcast Radio, complete Android media management with sync to desktop library, Persistent Player Controls, Play Queue Management, Widget Players & Shortcuts etc., Winamp For Android is certainly going to find it's place as the default multimedia player of choice for many.

Winamp Android

Salient Features :

Winamp For Android High Resolution Screenshots

Winamp For Android
Winamp For Android
Winamp For Android
Winamp For Android
Winamp For Android
Winamp For Android
To download Winamp For Android either search for "Winamp" in Android Market or use a barcode scanner to get the download link from the QRCode posted below.
download code


Great news guys, usually. But this is pretty old news :D. I've been having WinAMP on my Android phone for about 2 months if I'm not wrong!

Are we being taken for idiots or is there a way to actually download the programme for Winamp for Androids.
It does not seem to be there, I get showed around from page to page, but never to the program

Whats the game, folks

Have you tried searching "Winamp" in Android Market ? The one you need to download is published by Nullsoft.

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