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View iPhone Application On TV And Fix "This Accessory Is Not Made To Work With iPhone" While Using Cheaper Non-Apple A/V Cable

TVOut2Apple restricts use of cheaper compatible composite A/V cables on iPhone and only allows TV-out support via an original Apple cable and that to for only selected applications like iPod and photo slide-shows, if you plugin an non-apple video-out cable in your iPhone you are shown an error "This Accessory Is Not Made To Work With iPhone" and TV-out does not work. Luckily if you have an jailbroken iPhone, not only you can make use of the cheaper non-apple A/V cable for TV-out functionality but also mirror the iPhone display on your TV, meaning you can enjoy all your iPhone applications and games on the big screen.

This Accessory Is Not Made To Work With iPhone Error Screen

To get the TV-out functionality on your iPhone there exist quite a few hacks on Cydia and all you need to do is to search "TVOut" there, out of the three free applications available (Landscape TVOut, TVOut and TVOut2) I have found TVOut 2 Mirror TVOut to be the best in all terms that is - ease of use, interface, performance and features.

TVOut 2 Mirror TVOut

TVOut2 Mirror For iPhone And iPad


I installed TVOut 2 Mirror.. but after 4-5 seconds of working video the picture on the tv starts disappearing and reappearing 3 or 4 times before that goddamn message appear on my iphone "This accessory is not compat....". My av cable is made in China but it looks good. Is there a way to make it work properly? Thanks!

if you have a unsupported cable just go into cydia and search for resupported4, download that and you should be ok.

This doesn't work for me either! iPhone 4 - iOS 4.2.1. SO ANNOYING!
It's worse because I can see that it works fine for a few seconds then cuts off!
I hate Apple for this type of crap!
Why wouldn't you jailbreak to get rid of their restrictive monopoly!
Anyone who says there is no point of jailbreaking has obviously never done it IDIOTS!

anyone can fix this?

iPhone has many features. this phone is useful for developer for create the mobile application.we can view TV and fix accessories application.

thank you

Thanks alot ! We wanted to watch soccer on tv via iphone and thats what kept it running! thank you very much :) greetings

i will try this and let you know..thanks for great post

Thanks for posting and we have works.
Many thanks

Thanks alot ! We wanted to watch soccer on tv via iphone and thats what kept it running! thank you very much :) greetings


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