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Flattr - New Micro-payment Service Lets Content Authors Make Money From Small Contributions Socially

FlattrFlattr is a new micro-payment service from the former Pirate Bay spokesperson - Peter Sunde, the service currently in invite only beta makes it possible for content makers to earn money socially collecting Flattr points.

The interesting part is how these points get monetary value - Flattr users set a fixed monthly budget they intend to donate monthly to the stuff they like, at the end of each month the donation money is shared between the creators of the content they liked, confused !, to makes things clear here's the official video demonstration :

There are very few flattr invite codes right now, to signup in the beta you need to get registered in the invite queue by leaving your email here - I would also strongly suggest keeping an eye on twitter for #flattr search tag if anything crops up there.


Guys, I would love to have a flattr invite code - pls. admin give me an invite !!

please send me an invite too .................!!!!!!!11

pls send me an invite

sure it is a good idea, but the Piratebay and such sites thrive because people DO NOT want to pay, which is why Flattr will eventually fail... best of luck to them though, decent idea I suppose.
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please send me an invitation code

please send me an invitation code

still an invite for Flattr left ? please send it to me ;-)

Please i'm looking for a

invitation code

Someone can send me one ?

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