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Free VPN Traffic Account giveaway - TAP VPN for Android Featuring Servers From 35+ Countries

We have reviewed lots of free and paid VPN services on this blog and have always provided our readers with exclusive free accounts to try things out, so here we are once again with another VPN service review and free account giveaway.

With support for over 35+ country servers very few VPN service providers match anonymity offered by VPN Traffic. Vpntraffic lets users surf the internet anonymously, allowing users to visit censored websites in their region with high speed, also safeguarding against any spoofing attacks. Another feature not found in other VPN services is support for P2P (torrents) connections.

VPN Traffic

After providing applications on several devices, such as : iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Symbian and Windows mobile, VPNTraffic is now offering its VPN service to Android users.

VpnTraffic - All in one-tap vpn for Android, Unblock your Internet, Bypass location-based blocks! Select a server location to connect to 35+ Countries VPN servers worldwide. Support pptp and l2tp/ipsec.

VpnTraffic for Android features:

- 1 tap connect to our vpn server,Free setup!
- Save username/passwords,only need select a server location to connect to
- No bandwidth limitations
- Encrypts your internet traffic
- Unblock government and corporate restrictions,Bypass location-based blocks.
- Unlimited switches between VPN server locations (35+ Countries Around the world)
- Support pptp and l2tp/ipsec
- Works with wifi, 3G, GSM, and all mobile data carriers

VPN Servers around world:

- Europe:UK, France, Germany, Sweden,Russia,Spain,Switzerland,Italy,Netherlands,Norway,Denmark,Belgium,Czech,Poland,Romania
- America: USA,Canada,Mexico,Colombia,Argentina,Brazil
- Asia: China,India,Japan,United Arab Emirates,Malaysia,Singapore,Korea,Turkey,Indonesia,Thailand,Philippines,Hong Kong,Vietnam,Israel,Saudi Arabia,Kuwait
- Other:Australia

Vpntraffic site :
Android App :

We have 20 one-month accounts to giveaway for our readers - to participate in the giveaway simply re-tweet this post and comment below.


this deal looks sweet. Would love to get the vpn service.

looks like a sweet deal

nice deal

Nice Post this time. I'd love to try this VPN service.

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its awesome if i get this... yeay!

It is very usefull to have an android VPN solution.

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Will surely try this out..

Megaleecher is awesomw. I just like coming here more often than facebook. and why not it always has some surprises for me everyday. see, now i'm commenting for getting a free vPN account. oh please administrator, i want an account. i am also subscribed to your site's email. i like you on facebook.

It is very usefull to have a PPTP VPN on your Android device.

i need the account plz

Nice one!35+ country servers,sounds amazing!Count me in!
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Awesome service!

its not free
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It's a good thing,i like to try this free vpn server

This sounds great.

This is great opportunity for me. because I'm try unblock some websites like hulu. Thanks for awesome giveaway. Plz count me in.!/rusirucreat/status/167638770089328643

Here Thailand Lot's of site restricted. And It's very slow to connect to the sites outside the country because it's bandwidth limited by ISP.

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Amazing!! Hope I get one account! :)

So do we just tweet the post url?

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once again, Grat giveaway.

Thanks Megaleecher.

Hope to win an account :!/vukasinko

grat giveaway once again

thanks Megaleecher

great stuff, I need it , thanks!

I love it!

Thanks to Megaleecher

Thanks to Megaleecher

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I would be really pleased if i could have this VPN .....This is a great deal :)

Can I please have an account? My school's filter is like SOPA on steroids that even blocks wikipedia D:

wah can i get one?

Hope im can successfully grab a free account. Thanks megaleecher and you are the best site for me.

hi, pls this looks nice, Hit me with one,........

give me a try of this for this VPN =D
will buy it after this =D

Pleaseeeeee send me one

Pleaseeeee send me one

will give it a try :)

will give it a try :)

will give it a try :)

Hi, pls can you give vpn account, i would like to use it in Ghana. Thanx Stay Blessed.

Awesome. Definitely a must get!

Tweeted, Facebooked, +1 and, got my fingers crossed!

Lets give it a try..thank you so much..:)

i would like to try this out it seems like a great thing :) show the love

I want to try vnp account.........

I love vpn, i would like to try it. i cant wait to try the account. Thanx.

thanks for giving chance to participate, am thankful to free vpn and also to deepesh agarwal of for this surprise.

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i recicive your e-mail

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I won vpn giveaway..but where serial number..

i won this! thanks megaleecher!

Hey . I won this ... Thanx a lot. !!!
How can I move further in this ...!!!

please send for me a free vpn acount

Vpn acount

Vpn acount

hamed zahi iam from iran

I haven't received

I haven't received

Wont vpn acount

I have been using a canada based free vpn service for a while:

Pretty smooth connection, and most important, absolutely FREE! FYI.

plz. send me one, bro.....

I use "Hotspot Shield" Free VPN For Android to access all blocked websites. Moreover it is totally secured and your online activities will remain private. Check it out here -

Wont vpn acount

I already re-tweet this :) Thankyou so much in advance :)

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Nice VPN !! please give me an account. thankyou

Would you please give me one VPN free.
Your help would be appreciated.
Many thanks in advance.

2 days remaining to complete validity , but authentication error is showing when i connect vpntraffic. plz shut out it soon. We pay for 1 month for this service , but 1st 15 days works well then your problem start , either authentication error or bandwidth error . we write so many E-mails but not get any single reply from owner.

New World Order...

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