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Free Promo Code Giveaway For iGreetingCard Holidays

Holiday season is coming and if you are looking for a tool that turns photo into personal greeting card or an easy way to make greeting card in the holiday season, then iGreetingCard Holidays would be a nice choice. iGreetingCard Holidays, a product of Softease Tech Co. Limited is a specially designed for holiday events. This version includes ready-to-use themed templates for most of popular holidays, such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, and more. Currently, iGreetingCard Holidays contains over 100 templates that are all well-designed and looks professional. Since each element can be easily replaced or adjusted, the users gets to design a completely customized greeting card of professional quality in just a few steps.

iGreetingCard Holidays

iGreetingCard Holidays provides the necessary tools for creating beautiful, highly personalized cards. The means are concentrated along two concepts: first, you get to include as many images as you like, and secondly, you can play with the predefined templates and clipart elements to reach the perfect design for each event.

Making sense of iGreetingCard and how things work is quite easy since most of the features function on basic concepts. First select a template from the collection according to the event you are going to make greeting card, or start with a blank template. Second, put photo into frame. Third, save and share. Off course, you can edit and customize the card by changing background with color, gradient, image, style pattern. Or decorate greeting card by adding clipart embellishment. Besides, iGreetingCard Holidays supports multiple text. With no exception, each element can be resized, moved and rotated. When you use multiple images you can specify their order, while the Mask panel allows you to give them amusing shapes (the templates go from blurred margins to animal designs).

iGreetingCard Holidays

Here, Softease Tech, the app provider exclusively provides 10 promo codes for Megaleecher readers. Please comment below to win a chance for a code. The app is available at Apple Mac Store for $14.99.

Winners List (Pls. comment below) :



Sure good to have one..

This sounds like a great product! I would love to win a promo code! Thank you in advance.


I live quite a ways from all of my family and sending i-greeting cards for the holidays would be a great way to wish them the best of the seasons. Having a program like i-greetings would be a great help to do so.

I've got the promo code -- THANK YOU!

Now I'd like to be able to download the program and use it. How do I do that?

Pls. email to the person who sent you the Keys to get support and resolve your query.

I received a promo code - and while the description of the product doesn't say so, it seems that this can only be used for a MAC. I wish I had one, but I only have a PC. Is their a Windows 8 version?

Pls. email to the person who sent you the Keys to get support and resolve your query.

Nice giveaway! Good luck to all the participants! <3

very nice giveaway.
I hope to win one code for the app.

Very nice software!

This giveaway is just in-time for me to create eCards! Yay! I need it!

Thanks to the team of iGreeting Cards & Megaleechers for running this promo. I'd love to get this software. Thanks

Great offer, spare one for me please. My wife love this....

Hi, thanks, I want to get a free code for this great program!!!



Thanks, I want to enjoy this great program, bye!!!

I want download for free the iGreetingCard Holidays

This is just what I have been looking for......... to be able to add a photo to a card for all my relatives....what a good idea and what a wonderful program to be able to pass on to your family.

This looks sooo cuuutee <3 would be perfect for greetings

Look Amazing !!!

Imraz's picture

A kind gesture from Softease Tech to give iGreetingCard Holidays Software codes for free and thanks to Megaleecher to provide it for the readers
Its a great software

I think the idea of a card that has multiple cclipart elements for each template will allow the average user to produce cards that are different from the same template, enabling a series of cards to have a theme. If I get a license its going to be fun sending all those cards each year instead of drudgery, i hate pointless repetition

This software would be great for the holidays to create quick cards to give yo family and friends.

For my wife.... Please....

kimbrgv's picture

I would love the free promo code, hope I'm not to late..thanks so much for the opportunity for a chance. Happy Holidays to all of you..

That 's wonderful software ! I hope I can get one !!!

nice software !!! Great offer

Thanks so much for the chance to win this great i-greeting card maker. Happy Holidays!

great product

What a great piece of software! I want to win a code. :-)

I just want to Say to All Merry Christmas.
I also wanted to say thank you Megaleecher for the News and Emails that I have gotten. I would like to that the People that donate the software THANK YOU!!! and MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL!!!

Pls. check the winner list here, if you are one of the lucky few comment below to claim your prize.

Yay; i got the email confirming im a winner, many thanks to Megaleecher & iGreetingCard Holidays (Softease Tech Co)

Imraz's picture

Thanks so much for the free iGreetingCard Holidays. I love this software. Thanks to and the developer, You people are awesome. Keep up the great work!!!!

So happy to have received a promo code. Now I'm looking forward to downloading it and using it. The timing is so great with the Holidays so close.

Thanks Megaleecher really appreciated, just in time for xmas and new year
Charles CM Bannister

Thank you again nice touch

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