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Google Fiber announced - Free internet and other services with speeds upto one gigabit per second with no data caps

Google Fiber LogoGoogle today unveiled an new era in high-speed online computing, with launch of Google Fiber service the company plans to offer free and cheap fast speed internet services to the last mile at consumers premisses.

Google Fiber offers amazing speeds of upto one gigabit upload & download with NO DATA CAPS and full TV channel lineup offering crystal clear HD multimedia at most affordable pricing.

The Google Fiber is company's attempt to get end-users connected to gigabit speed network for a complete entertainment and computing experience in cloud, the service features hardware appliances like Network Box, TV Box, Nexus 7 tablet and Storage Box with cloud services like Google Drive and online multimedia delivery services to offer a complete fully-connected lifestyle.

Google fiber
free internet from Google

The video introduction below gets things more clear.

Google Fiber :


Great just in Kansas City when will it be available in Virginia? 30yrs from now?

For now it seems so, ask your neighborhood to signup and show interest - as more users in an area wanting this service, the sooner they will have a chance to get this.

I wish I could use such an awesome amazing service in my God damn country! Probably I can never use this. Believe me or not my ISP asked for scholar proof to allow me to use 1MBps service, I couldn't provide it so I'm using 512Kbps serive!!!
I mean I have to and it's too much expensive with really low quality.My daily download limit is 2.6G!!!.What a pity I can never use such innovative breakthroughs just due to where I am obliged to live.
So disappointed.

From Iran

when it is coming to india.

Not anytime soon.

Will it reach India soon?

Since there is only 300 homes in my small town, we are lucky to have 1Mb service. One time we were hot track for better service until Obama got wind of the updates in this area, he pull the plug because we don't vote for Democrats.

Is this available in Dubai, UAE?

Hell yah, Sign me up baby... I think i can spare 25 a month to fast track this slick idea.


Oregon, USA.

we wonder the service-when can we have it in Zambia.Innovative services should be available world wide and not for the particular regions

WOW we pay US$350. a month for 4Mbps in Belize and lots of sites are blocked.
Please get his service to Belize.

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