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Upgrading OS X To v 10.8 Mountain Lion

Apple OS X Mountain Lion is now available for upgrade, there could be three major possible scenarios for an upgrade and here are they :

  1. Your Mac was bought on or after June 11, 2012 - You will get the "Mountain Lion" upgrade for free, simply claim your free download coupon and download from Mac App Store.
  2. You have OS X Snow Leopard/Lion installed and you bought your computer in late 2009 or after - upgrade for $20 through the Mac App Store.
  3. Older computer - Check system requirements and upgrade to Snow Leopard or Lion and then procces to "Mountain Lion" upgrade.

Here are screenshots of OS X Lion to OS X Mountain Lion upgrade process.


Well, history repeats itself! If you look in Google Image Search for Mac OS 7.XX, then you'll see an "About This Macintosh ..." option. It was later changed to "About Mac OS ..." then back to "About this Mac ..." (10.7 codename Mountain Lion, snapshot above!) It has the same contents (Mac type, model, memory + sw version)!!!!


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