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Free Online PDF To Microsoft Word File Conversion

PDF To WordWe have shared tips on how to convert Microsoft Word files to PDF and other formats using free utilities, PDF To Word is another handy free online service letting users convert PDF files to easily editable Microsoft Word format accurately.

Online PDF To Word Conversion

Using the service is very simply, just click browse to upload your PDF file, select output format (.DOC or .RTF) and enter your email address where you would like to receive the converted document, Unlike many other online PDF To Word converters this service re-creates editable tables, handles multi-language fonts, reproduce vector graphics, and retain paragraph alignments providing an accurate format conversion.

Visit : PDFToword.Com


can this converter convert the images in the word format exactly to the pdf format?

I tested this on a PDF containing images and advanced formatting and everything converted perfectly.

I prefer to have some more privacy about the pdf documents, rather than putting my documents on a site even safe one. anyway i am using lots of cracked softwares some of them are not too much bad but still looking forward for a more practical one

Very nice information!

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