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DropBoks - Simple, Free & Secure Online File Storage

DropBoks LogoThere exist quite a few well-known free online storage service providers and we have reviewed them earlier on the blog, DropBoks is a similar free secure online storage service but much simpler to use, DropBoks allows users to create personal account and store upto 1 GB of data, allowing upload/download of files upto 50 MB in size, the simple interface is very user friendly and allows uploading multiple files at once.

Free Online File Storage

Once you login the service switches to https mode (secure HTTP connection) allowing secure communication with the website, your files are encrypted and are authenticated to provide data security with ease.

The service provider plans to provide an option to upgrade your storage space for a small monthly cost in upcoming days.

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For all online backup, file sharing and storage related info, I recommend this website:


Dropbox invites are now given via referral sign-ups. Register for Dropbox and receive 250MB extra - in addition to the 2GB they start you with.

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