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Google Introduces Gmail Blue And Google Nose

After self driving smart cars and augmented reality Google Project Glass, the company has announced two new extra ordinary service's - Gmail Blue and Google Nose. Coincidently, exactly on the same date as there previous two, out of the world services announced last year.

Google Nose
Gmail Blue
Google Nose


sign me up!!

j'aime ça

It's Google April fools jokes

That's April fool thing, you stupid blogger.

Thanks Super Lady.

You must also read carefully (the tags used to label) before being the smart-pants in public :)

In my opinion, you should use a slower and neutral english, in order to get through the non-english speakers.

Rosa Rieznik

Could this be an April's fool joke? I searched for New car smell..the results smelled like blue cheese, so there is still work to be done!

Hey admin, this is just fake for your informations Google was making APRIL FOOL to peoples by using these.

The good..going from science fiction to reality.
The fiction has a lot of evil minds.
Alert..Keep those evil minds out of reach of science,don'sell your soul and genius brains to them!!

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